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Our Mission

Freshnss was founded in 2018 with the mission of providing unbiased educational resources for water treatment solutions.


We are fierce advocates that everyone deserves access to pure and healthy drinking water.  Here you will get detailed guides that cut through the noise so you can make informed decisions. 

How We Make The Best Product Reviews

Freshnss values transparency and integrity. We do the research and testing so you don’t have to!

Our focus is to provide you with the exact information you’re seeking to make an accurate and satisfying purchase decision. To accomplish this mission, countless hours are invested into researching each topic before providing recommendations.

Within each published review, you’ll find a ranking of the products organized from the most highly recommended or based on the best option for for a particular situation.

Each review will identify the most popular features, benefits, pros and cons, of each product listed, while combining this data with pertinent product information and user or manufacturer feedback that may be useful in making an informed purchase decision.

Each published review is treated as a ‘living document’ that is revised and updated on a consistent basis to reflect the most up-to-date information.

We are reader supported and may receive affiliate commissions via referral links, but we do not receive compensation from any brands referenced in our content in exchange for preferential reviews or placements. This allows us the freedom to discuss the pros and cons of each brand and product without a conflict of interest.

We always value your comments and feedback and often utilize recommendations and insights provided by our community as we reevaluate and update our reviews on a regular basis.  To see our full review policy, please read our Product Review Guidelines

Market Research
We endlessly scour the market landscape to find the best and newest products.
Identifying Key Features
Identification of key features that matter to the user to contrast them against alternatives.
Manual Testing
Rigorously examining products, installing them, and testing for durability and effectiveness.
Analyzing Reviews
Surveying the market pulse of the consumer for real-time feedback.
Selecting Products
Narrowing down the list to only the very best products for each specific use case.


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Richard Arconti

Founder and Content Creation

Ricky is an expert on the topic of water filtration, home, and kitchen. He enjoys implementing digital marketing strategies and project management to deliver the best solutions for Freshnss users.

Erik Ritland

Chief Water Nerd

Erik is passionate about water filtration and advocating for clean drinking water in developing countries. He has over 10 years of water treatment and testing experience.

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Kelly Gajer

Content Creation

Kelly specializes in blog article creation on water filtration and water treatment solutions. He is experienced in SEO and keyword research to write the perfect posts for Freshnss readers!

Freshnss About Us_Water Review Board

Craig Phillips

Water Review Board

The Founder of Quality Water Treatment, also known as “the water guy”. Over 30 years ago, Craig helped families experience the true benefits of safe, healthy quality water. Craig continued his passion to recommend the best water treatment solutions to families and businesses.

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Mark Timmons

Water Review Board

Mark is the President and Co-Founder of US Water Systems. Also known as the "Water Doctor", he has 50 years of water treatment industry experience. His specialities include sales & marketing and commercial-industrial water treatment.

Tommy Stricklin

Water Review Board

Tommy Stricklin brings more than 20 years of experience and knowledge working in the residential water treatment industry. He is the Chief Water Specialist of Springwell Water.

Madison Wilfred

Madison Wilferd

Health & Wellness

Madison's undergraduate degree in exercise science laid the groundwork for her health and science knowledge. She graduated with distinction with an MSc in Nutrition, Physical activity, and Public health, which trained here to think critically and deliver evidence-backed content.

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