7 Best Beer Fridge Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Millions of people like beer – this is certainly not any news. Beer is enjoyed at sports game, and often at home while watching televised events, during barbeques, pool parties and social gatherings. With the best beer fridge of 2022, you can ensure you always have a cold beer to serve to yourself and all of your friends when they come over, even unexpectedly, without ever having to worry about taking up too much space in the kitchen’s refrigerator.

What we did notice is that there are just too many fridges to choose from when it comes to buying one of these products specifically for the purpose of keeping the beer cold and ready to serve. This makes it hard for the average person looking to expand on their man cave or add a new appliance to their home bar. We also noted that a lot of these fridges are really not worth the money – what this means is if you do not do your research thoroughly and end up buying a cheap and low qualify fridge, it is likely to pack up soon and lead to a waste of your money.

We’ve researched and discovered the seven top-rated beer fridges, as well as the worst one to avoid.

Reviews of the 7 Best Beer Fridge, Plus 1 to Avoid

1. Costway Compact Refrigerator Review

Costway Compact Refrigerator Review

According to the hours we put into searching for the best beer fridge of 2022, the Costway Compact Refrigerator is an option that will satisfy you and give you exceptional performance. This product comes with an internal capacity of 3.2 cubic feet and features a very attractive exterior design. The fridge is available in three colors, including gray, white, and black.

It is a very compact option and will fit in easily with existing décor, as well as surroundings, even when space does seem to be somewhat limited. In addition to the main refrigerated compartment, this one also features a freezer for storing ice and similar items.

To watch the Costway Compact Refrigerator Review on YouTube, click here.


2. Nfinity Pro HDX Wine and Beverage Center Review

Nfinity Pro Hdx Wine And Beverage Center Review

If you are looking for the best beer fridge for the man cave and you have some extra cash to spend, then do not miss out on the exceptional quality and design that the Nfinity Pro HDX Wine and Beverage Center can offer you. Sure, this one is on the pricier side of beer fridges, but you can store more than just your beer in this fridge.

You can also add bottles of beer and wine, along with additional items that you come to rely on when you are hanging out in your man cave. The fridge offers seven shelves that can be pulled out, along with four beverage shelves with fixed positions.

To watch the Nfinity Pro HDX Wine and Beverage Center Review on YouTube, click here.


3. HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door Review

Homelabs Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler 120 Can Mini Fridge With Glass Door Review

The best beer fridge for garage in terms of a good balance between quality, capacity, and price, would be the HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door. Even though coined a “mini fridge,” this product can store up to 120 cans of your favorite beverages – including beer, of course.

The addition of a glass door also means you can determine what drink you want before opening the door and adds to the overall design of the fridge as well. The device comes with adjustable shelves that you can order according to the size of the items you wish to store on the inside – this means you can easily make space for a few bottles of beer, along with your cans.

To watch the HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door Review on YouTube, click here.


4. Danby DAR033A6BDB 3.3 Cubic Feet Compact All Refrigerator Review

Danby Dar033a6bdb 3.3 Cubic Feet Compact All Refrigerator Review

The Danby DAR033A6BDB 3.3 Cubic Feet Compact All Refrigerator is certainly the best small beer fridge that you are going to find in terms of design features. There are very few of these mini fridges out there that even comes close to the attractive and modern design offered by this particular option.

While the price is not as low as some of the other options, consider the 3.3 cubic feet internal capacity, along with the worktop that features a scratch resistance and high-quality material. On the inside, you will find a number of glass shelves. In addition to the default black color, the fridge is also available in various other colors that you can choose from.

To watch the Danby DAR033A6BDB 3.3 Cubic Feet Compact All Refrigerator Review on YouTube, click here.


5. Marshall MF3.2-NA Medium Capacity Bar Fridge ReviewMarshall Mf3.2 Na Medium Capacity Bar Fridge Review

Next up we have a classic option for those who enjoy the retro-looking products out there on the market. The Marshall MF3.2-NA Medium Capacity Bar Fridge was primarily designed to be an asset to your bar, but will also be great for a man cave and many other settings.

The product itself features a design that represents an old speaker system. The fridge features an interior LED light system, making it very easy to see what is on the inside in the dark. The product is CFC free and features a compressor cooling system with low decibel technology, which means the fridge is not going to be keeping you up at night with an unpleasant noise.

To watch the Marshall MF3.2-NA Medium Capacity Bar Fridge Review on YouTube, click here.


6. Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler Cabinet Refrigerator ReviewAntarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler Cabinet Refrigerator Review

The best beer fridge for bottles and cans that you will find available at the moment would definitely be the Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler Cabinet Refrigerator. This one comes with a very modern design, along with a convenient glass door that lets you see on the inside without even having first to open up the door.

In addition to the default 26-bottle option, you can also select from two other options, depending on your preferences and requirements – these include a 17-bottle fridge and a 37-bottle fridge. The fridge comes with a temperature regulator that can be set manually, ensuring you can set the temperature to an ideal option according to the specific types of beer that you will be stored on the inside. The product is also much quieter than many of the alternatives on the market, and its price is more attractive than a lot of the options that have similar features.

To watch the Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler Cabinet Refrigerator Review on YouTube, click here.


7. Red Garage Fridge Tool Box Review

Red Garage Fridge Tool Box Review

The last one on the list of the top options for a beer fridge is the Red Garage Fridge Tool Box. While promoted as a garage fridge primarily, we find that this one can be a great asset to many rooms around the house – perhaps you are upgrading your man cave, or maybe you simply want a separate cooler in the kitchen for storing your favorite beers.

This particular fridge has an internal capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, allowing you to store a relatively large number of both cans and bottles. The fridge comes with four caster wheels that allow you to move it around with ease. Inside the door, you will also find a built-in can dispenser, along with a drip tray, for some extra added convenience. Furthermore, there are two wire shelves on the inside of this fridge that can be easily removed and even rearranged according to the amount of space you require.

To watch the Red Garage Fridge Tool Box Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid – RCA RMIS2434 Freestanding Beverage Center Review

Rca Rmis2434 Freestanding Beverage Center Review

We’ve introduced you to some of the best beer fridges that you are going to find on today. Now, let’s take a look at one of the worst beer fridge on the market. We find that it is not only good to look at the best ones, but also to warn our readers about options that are likely to disappoint. After considering many options, we find the RCA RMIS2434 Freestanding Beverage Center an inconvenient choice for a few reasons.

Yes, this might be one of the more affordable options that you can choose from, but the overall design and quality of this particular beer fridge are not up to the same standards of some competing products that we have listed here. The product also does not fit well when it comes to built-in operations around the home bar, your man cave, or even the kitchen.

To watch the RCA RMIS2434 Freestanding Beverage Center Review on YouTube, click here.



2022 Buyers Guide to the Best Beer Fridge:

Buying a beer fridge is not an easy task. It might seem simple enough at first – you simply want to buy a fridge that you can use to store your favorite beverages, with a primary focus of beer.

Unfortunately, once you take a look at the options that are available, things start to become somewhat confusing. With hundreds of these fridges on the market – some specifically designed to store beer and over beverages, and others offering you the ability to store extra things at a cold temperature – you suddenly do not know which option would be right for you.

This can create chaos in your mind – you need to buy a fridge that will be able to keep your beer at an appropriate temperature, according to your personal preferences. You also want to ensure the beer fridge you buy will last for a long time. There is no use in spending hundreds of dollars on one of these devices if it will only keep your beer cold for a year and then start to pack up.

We’ve done extensive research in the market of fridges that are on the market right now to find the ones that will best suit your need for storing your beer at a temperature that will make them ready to serve at any given time. During our search, we found that there are some points that can be taken into consideration in order to make things at least a little easier.

We will share the most important points with you below. When you search for a beer fridge, take each of these into mind while you are filtering through your options to find that one particular device that is perfect for you.

5 Main Points to Consider:

  • Quality: No matter what you are buying – be it a beer fridge or a beer dispenser, or any other product for that matter – the quality of the item you want to buy should always be a priority on your list of factors that you look at when you shop around. Now, when it comes to beer fridges, you will find that quality tends to vary a lot. One issue that comes into play here is the fact that you cannot always tell the quality of a product through a picture posted on the internet. You will need to do some digging. To thorough research in order to help you identify the reviews and testimonies that are related to a particular beer fridge that you might be interested in. It is often a good idea to take into consideration any reviews that you are able to find on the internet related to the specific beer fridge that you are interested in. There are also several factors that you can take into account when trying to determine the overall quality of a beer fridge that you might want to buy. Look at all of the factors that the manufacturer lists on the product’s page – they will often tell you information that can help you determine if a particular product is of high quality or not. A manufacturer’s warranty is also a useful option to look for. In this case, you might sometimes be able to return the product if it becomes faulty after some use. This type of feature offered by the manufacturer of a beer fridge you wish to buy can definitely come in handy when you end up with a poor quality product that fails to keep your beer at an adequate temperature so that you can serve it chilled at any time.
  • Material: This particular point that we wish to discuss really goes hand-in-hand with the previous point that we looked at. The material of a beer fridge that you are interested in and might be considering buying has a significant role to play in the overall quality of that product. Fridges are made from a large variety of materials, and this can sometimes complicated things. Additionally, when it comes to looking at the materials used, it is important to take note of the fact that the exterior of a fridge is often not made from the same materials as the inside of the fridge. You will often find that a fridge may offer a stainless steel exterior, but when you open up the fridge, the interior will be made from a plastic material. Take a close look at the materials used inside and outside. This can help you better determine if the beer fridge that you might want to buy will quickly start to rust, or rather be able to keep up a good appearance, as well as functionality, over a more significant period of time. If you find that the manufacturer does not list the materials used in the product’s manufacturing on the official product pages, it might be a good idea to seek out technical specification documentation. Alternatively, you can always see if you can get in touch with the supplier or even the brand themselves in order to request more details on the materials that the product is made from.
  • Brand: Yet another factor that plays a role in the quality of the fridge that you are interested in would be the brand that manufactured the beer fridge. There are thousands of brands out there that manufacture cooling appliances like fridges. Some of these brands offer fridges that are specifically made for the storage of beer cans and bottles, while others rather offer a more generic approach and will allow you to store different types of items on the interior storage unit. When you come across a particular fridge that you might consider buying, then take a look at the brand that manufactures the fridge. If you already know the brand, then this will help you quickly determine if the brand is known for producing high-quality products, or if the brand does not have a trustworthy record behind them. There might be cases where you do not know the brand that is behind the manufacturing of the particular refrigerator that you want to buy. In these situations, you will likely have to do some research and background checks to see if the brand is known to produce quality products, or rather known to be a brand that is often complained about by consumers. Do a simple search on Google for the brand, perhaps adding a word like “review” to the end of the brand’s name. This way, you’ll be able to find some information left behind by people who have used products from the brand in the past. Read through some of these reviews to get an idea of whether or not the products that the specific brand manufacturers are of high quality and last, or whether they tend to pack up and break down in just a few months.
  • Capacity: You should avoid overlooking the importance of taking the capacity into account as well. It really is no surprise that fridges come in a large variety of sizes. Beer fridges usually tend to be much smaller than the normal refrigerator that you install in the kitchen. Standard kitchen fridges are designed to hold a much more significant number of items, and often also includes a small compartment, or sometimes even a second equal-sized compartment, to freeze items in. With a beer fridge, you get a more portable option that can be moved around more easily if needed. Still, you should consider how much capacity you need before you set out to buy a beer fridge. You get options that can store under 30 cans at a time, giving you maximum mobility, but there are also options that can store well over 100 cans simultaneously. In the end, there is no correct answer for taking capacity into account. Instead, this is a particular point that you will have to decide from your side. You will have to take into consideration how many cans of beers you wish to store, as well as whether you would like to store a few bottles as well. Not everyone buys beer in cans – some people only prefer those options that are sold in bottles. This is another thing that you need to take into account. Additionally, consider whether you would like to be able to store additional items in your refrigerator. For example, if you are storing the fridge in a location that is not close to your kitchen, you might want to consider opting for a product that allows you to store some ice and perhaps a snack or two. In such a case, it might be better to opt for a mini fridge that comes with a built-in freezer, instead of opting for a device that was built specifically for storing cans.
  • Price: The last point that we really want you to take a look at and not overlook is definitely the price of the particular fridge you are interested in. You should be very careful when it comes to determining what price to ideally pay for a product like this. You will have to consider two things here in order to make the right choice when it comes to determining the most appropriate price. You need to take into account how much you can really afford to be paying for a product like a beer fridge. If you are very low on a budget, then you will search for budget-friendly options. If you have a higher budget, however, then you will be able to explore more options and perhaps even opt for a fridge with some fancy and convenient features. Since there are some brands that tend to overprice their products when it comes to a product such as a beer fridge, you should also consider the actual price of a product that you might find a potential option. Additionally, you might sometimes find that the same branded product is available at two different suppliers for various prices – with this in mind, and you should make sure you thoroughly do your research so that you can find the product you want to buy at the best possible price.

What is the difference between a compressor and thermoelectric cooling system?

There are different kinds of cooling systems that can be installed in a beer fridge or cooler in order to keep the interior compartment at an appropriate temperature and to ensure you can serve up cold beer any time you are in the mood for one. Two of the most common options that are used include compressor cooling systems and thermoelectric cooling systems.

Understanding the difference between the types of these cooling systems can help you make a more appropriate choice when it comes to choosing a particular fridge that will be best for your specific environment.

The primary benefit that a compressor cooling system has over a thermoelectric option is the fact that they can reach a much lower temperature. They also generally take up less energy, which means you will end up saving on your electricity bill at the end of each month.

These fridges work through a compressor that utilizes gas that has been pressurized. A condenser, expansion valve, and an evaporator also form crucial parts of a beer fridge that utilizes a compressor cooling system.

A thermoelectric cooling system, on the other hand, is generally much more silent than a compressor type and tends to be vibration-free. Furthermore, for those who are trying to “go green,” thermoelectric cooling systems are also considered to be more eco-friendly.

How many cans does a mini fridge hold on average?

Beer fridges come in different shapes and sizes. While there are some of these products on the market that was designed specifically to store a number of cans, others do not have specific locations where cans can be stored, but rather a larger open-plan interior where cans can be stacked, along with bottles, as well as other items.

The ones that do offer the facility to store cans specifically often vary in size. There are some of these options on the market that can hold over 100 cans at ones, giving you the ability to stock up for a party or another big event that you might be planning. Other options can hold only a few cans and sometimes allow you to adjust the internal racks in order to accommodate additional items, such as bottles of beer or wine.

Essentially, the choice in terms of how many cans your fridge should hold lies with you. You should opt for a larger beer fridge if 0you intent to stock up with a larger number of cans at once. On the other hand, if you are rather planning to only buy a pack or two of beer at once, then you might want to consider a smaller option.

What is the ideal beer fridge temperature?

There is a lot of controversy in regards to the specific temperature at which beer should be stored and, of course, served. Some people like their beer as cold as possible, others would refer to prefer beer served at a cold temperature that is not too cold, while others are perfectly fine with beer that is served at room temperature. For most, however, beer is usually stored at an exceptionally low temperature – on average, people tend to set their fridges to roughly 37 degrees Fahrenheit to keep these bottles of beer cold.

The truth is, this is a completely wrong way to serve beer. Consider this for a moment – beer is a carbonated drink. The colder the temperature, the slower the carbonation of a drink is released. When you store your beer at a too cool temperature, then the aroma and true flavor of the beer will also not be present.

Different beers need to be stored at different ideal temperatures in order to get their full taste, aroma, and carbonation levels – and to truly experience them when you decide you are in the mood for a beer.

A larger is the type of beer that can be stored at the lowest temperature compared to other types of beer. With a larger, you can go as low as 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything lower than this, and you won’t get that full aroma and the true taste of the larger. The highest recommended temperature for storing larger beers at is 48 degrees Fahrenheit. You can play with this range in order to find the temperature that best suits you.

Ale has a recommended ideal temperature that is a little higher than a larger. With an ale, try to limit your minimum temperature to around 44 degrees Fahrenheit. You can go as high as 52 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a stout, you should really try to avoid a temperature that is too cold, as this will really take away from the authentic taste that the stout has to offer you. For a stout, try to keep the temperature of the fridge to approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The majority of beer types allows some flexibility in terms of the ideal storage temperature, giving you the ability to play around a little bit with different temperature settings up to the point where you find the temperature that is most ideal for you. This temperature will give you the most authentic taste, and be appropriate for how cold you really wish to serve your beer.

Best Beer Fridge Reviews (2022 Buyers Guide):

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Beer Fridge:

With so many options to choose from, people are often finding it very hard to find the best beer fridge of 2022 that they can buy and install at home. These products defer in price and quality, as well as the size and overall features. With the right advice, however, the process becomes significantly easier, and you are able to ensure you buy the right product that will not end up disappointing you after you have spent hundreds of dollars on a fridge for keeping beer cold.

In this review post, we offered you an overview of the best beer fridges that are currently found on the market. In addition to giving you a look at these top options that you should consider if you are looking to buy a new fridge for your beer, we also offered you some solid advice that will ensure you know what to look for the next time you go out to look for an appropriate beer fridge – whether it is for your man cave, a home bar, or simply an extra appliance to install in your kitchen.

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