7 Best Cake Pop Maker Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Best Cake Pop Maker Reviews

Cake pops, often found at coffee shops like Starbucks, are a favorite treat amongst both children and adults. The best cake pops can be made in virtually any flavor and color, and they can be decorated in a custom fashion, making them not only perfect for having some snacks readily available at home, but also a great way to treat people at a birthday party, wedding, reunion, company holiday party, or any other event that you might be planning. Not all cake pop makers are constructed the same way. Some will deliver a consistently moist dessert, while others are likely to burn your pops during the baking phase, leaving them dry and crusty. We’ve researched and discovered the seven top-rated cake pop makers, as well as the one to avoid.

Reviews of the 7 Best Cake Pop Maker, Plus 1 to Avoid

1. Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker Review

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker Review

We’ve considered the full spectrum number of options that are currently available on the market to bring you the best cake pop make of 2022 – the Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker. This appliance is perfect if you do not want another appliance that is simply going to take up too much space in your kitchen. It features a compact design and produces perfectly bite-sized cake pops for those moments where you simply desire a quick treat.

This cake pop maker can give you up to nine cake pops at a time, making it a time-saving and more cost-effective solution compared to those options that only make two, three, or maybe for pops at a time. The machine comes with a power indicator light, as well as a cord wrap. In addition to these features, the baking plates are also non-stick, which means you do not have to worry about cake pops sticking to the sides of the appliance when you remove them after baking. The rubber feed also ensures the product stays firmly on the countertop while in use and avoid slip-ups such as the appliance slipping off the table and onto the floor.

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2. Brentwood Cake Pop Maker Purple Review

Brentwood Cake Pop Maker Purple Review

Brentwood is known as a manufacturer of high-quality cake appliances and electronic devices, which is why we decided to include the best Brentwood cake pop maker next on our list. The Brentwood Cake Pop Maker is an 11.1-inch maker that comes in a beautiful subtle purple color, and the price is certainly just as attractive as the machine itself. This cake pop maker allows you to bake a batch of your favorite flavored cake pops in as little as four minutes and features a non-stick internal surface to ensure every cake pop you bake comes out perfectly.

The Brentwood Cake Pop Maker features a 750-watt internal power supply. The device can make up to 12 cake pops at a time, with the cake pops being relatively small in size, making this the perfect appliance for baking up a batch of bite-sized cake pops. A range of recipes comes included in the package when you decide to opt for this product, allowing you to make vanilla cake pops, lemon cake pops, donut holes, and even pancake bites, all with ease.

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3. CucinaPro Multi Baker Deluxe Review

Cucinapro Multi Baker Deluxe Review

Next up is quite a unique cake pop maker – while the CucinaPro Multi Baker Deluxe is a cake pop maker, it really is more than just that. This is the ultimate utility for baking up a perfect batch of cake pops – and when you feel like having something salty instead, whip up a batch of meatballs, or switch out the tray for one that is more convenient for baking up some sandwiches or perhaps a few pancakes for breakfast.

The CucinaPro Multi Baker Deluxe is one of the most versatile products that you are going to find on the market, and the price of the product is certainly to your advantage. At just under , you get a complete kit, with three different exchangeable sheets, that gives you the power to bake and cook a large variety of treats, as well as food.

The three skillets that come included in the kit can easily be exchanged for the main one fitted in the machine. The machine is powered by a power adapter that comes included with the kit. The product is perfect for both baking and grilling and even comes with a convenient range of recipes that you can get started with the moment you have unboxed your cake pop maker.

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4. Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker Review

Babycakes Cp 12 Cake Pop Maker Reviewew

If you like the Babycakes brand, then you probably know already that they have a few different cake pop makes out there at the moment, so it can be a little hard to know which one you should buy. If you are looking for the best babycakes cake pop maker, then consider the Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker. This one comes in a purple color and a very affordable price – you pay less than $20 for this cake pop maker, yet it delivers an outstanding performance that gives you the ability to bake cake pops at any time. The compact size of the product also makes it more portable, allowing you to take the appliance with you on your travels.

Along with the cake pop maker machine, you also get a fork tool, a cake pop stand, as well as 50 sticks that you can use to start making cake pops right away. The package also comes with a convenient range of recipes that you can try out to serve up deliciously impressive cake pops – not only to yourself, but to your kids, family members, and, of course, to impress your guests.

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5. VonShef 12 Cake Pop Maker Machine Review

Vonshef 12 Cake Pop Maker Machine Review

The VonShef 12 Cake Pop Maker Machine is a convenient, small and compact device that gives you the ability to bake small-sized cake pops in a matter of minutes. This maker is reasonably priced and made from top-quality materials. The internal baking plate that is fitted on the inside of the machine has a non-stick coat, which means your cake pops will come out easily and smoothly after it has baked for the specified time period. You can make up to 12 cake pops at a time with the VonShef 12 Cake Pop Maker Machine.

The device features an attractive and modern design, coupled with a deep red color. You get 50 cake pop sticks for free when you buy the machine. The machine only takes a few minutes to bake up a batch of 12 cake pops, which means there is no need for you to stand in front of an appliance for hours to bake up some delicious treats for an event.

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6. Disney DCM-8 Cake Pop Maker Review

Disney Dcm 8 Cake Pop Maker Review

Who doesn’t love Disney? If you want to get a little creative and you are looking for a cake pop maker with the best cake pop mold installed in the cake pop maker, then you should definitely take a look at the DCM-8 Cake Pop Maker from the Disney brand. This machine takes advantage of the popular Mickey Mouse character and gives you an opportunity to design cake pops that resemble the shape of this world-famous mouse. You can make up to four cake pops at a time, and they are larger than the usual cake pops you get when you buy a standard cake pop maker machine.

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7. Pretty Cake Multi Treat Baker Review

Pretty Cake Multi Treat Baker Review

Last on our list of the top-rated options in terms of cake pop makers would be the Pretty Cake Multi Treat Baker. This one is another flexible option from the Lightborne & Riverwick brand that gives you a range of options to choose from when you are looking to bake up some treats for the kids, for everyone in the house, or maybe for some guests that you will be having over soon. The device comes with four different baking plates that give you the option to bake cake pops, waffles, mini donuts, and pancakes. A large variety of recipes are included for added convenience.

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Avoid – HCP Cake Pop Easy Roller Review

Hcp Cake Pop Easy Roller Review

We’ve introduced you to some of the best options on the market when you want to use an appliance to make the process of baking your own cake pops easier. Now, it is time that we also consider the worst cake pop maker on the market – we certainly do not want you to waste your money on a product that will not deliver the results that you demand or desire in terms of making these little cake balls at home.

The HCP Cake Pop Easy Roller is a non-electronic device that allows you to roll out these balls. The product is not really like the usual cake pop maker you would find on the market, yet presents itself as an effective and top-quality option for making cake pops. With the HCP Cake Pop Easy Roller, you still have to go through all the processes of making your own cake pops without a cake pop maker – the only part that becomes easier is the part of rolling the batter into balls. The product only has a single size option available and costs more than $170.

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Best Cake Pop Maker

2022 Buyers Guide to the Best Cake Pop Maker:

If you want to make some cake pops at home, just like you would make cupcakes and display them on a cupcake stand to entertain guests or to give your children a nice treat during the day, you’ll notice that there many different options available. You need to make sure that you buy a good one that can make your cake pops without causing them to burn or come out too soft – you want cake pops that are just right. To ensure you buy the right cake pop maker, we want to look at some important factors that should be taken into account during the process of deciding on a specific appliance to buy.

3 Main Points to Consider:

  • Quality and Brand: The first factor that you should look at when you want to buy a top-quality cake pop maker is definitely the quality, as well as the brand that manufactures the device. There really are dozens of options available that you can choose from, but they do not deliver equal quality in terms of durability, operation performance, and how long they will last you. These are factors that you definitely want to consider if you are not looking to waste your money when making them at home, versus buying them at a place like Starbucks. Start by looking at the brand. Some brands are known to produce better quality appliances than others. If you are not very familiar with the brand that manufactures a particular cake pop maker that you are interested in buying, then simply do some research on the brand. You’re likely to find some details of the brand on the internet, and perhaps even reviews from people who have purchased products that have been made by the brand – including the cake pop maker that you are interested in buying.
  • Pops-Per-Batch: Another factor that people tend to overlook when they are interested in buying one of these appliances is the pops-per-batch ability of the appliance. This factor has a major impact on both the cost-efficiency and the convenience of the product that you want to buy – when you opt for a cake pop maker that will only make two or three pops at a time, it means you’ll have to stand in front of it for hours, as you certainly do not want to make such a small batch of cake pops. There are many cake pop options on the market that will allow you to make six or nine pops per batch. This means you’ll get the job done much, much faster compared to making about two at a time, and you’ll end up saving both time and money – each batch requires electricity, after all.
  • Price: And finally, don’t forget to look at the price of the options that you find on the market. These devices can be quite costly if you tend to opt for certain brands, but there really is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on such a simple machine. You can easily pick up a cake pop maker for a price that is under $50 and still has an appliance that will give you a perfect batch of these delicious pops every single time. While you don’t have to opt for one of the more expensive options on the market, also don’t try to be too cheap. When you opt for the cheapest cake pop maker on the market, you might end up with a maker that will break down and stop working after one or two times, or one that is going to cause your cake pops to come out imperfect, burns, or perhaps undercooked.

Cake pop maker vs homemade cake pops: differences and similarities between making them with an appliance or by hand?

There are thousands of different recipes for cake pops on the internet – ones that you can make with your own hands and without the need for a special appliance. So, the question now is – why buy a cake pop maker when you can make these special cake treats yourself? Wouldn’t this just be a waste of money?

The truth is, you can make your own cake pops at home without having a cake pop maker. The problem, however, is that it is much more difficult, it takes a lot more effort, and it is a much more time-consuming task if you do not have one of these handy machines to help you along the way.

Cake pop makers have special baking plates on the inside that allows you to heat up your special batter to the perfect temperature in order to bake your cake pops. They also have more ideal shapes – try forming a perfectly round ball with your bare hands… it is usually much harder than it might look.

With a cake pop maker appliance, you get the convenience of preparing a batter, pouring it into the machine, and then you can sit back and wait for the appliance to bake your cake pops to perfection. It’s really quick and easy – and you won’t have to go through the extensive steps that are often required to make cake pops without one of these appliances.

Best Cake Pop Maker Reviews (2022 Buyers Guide):

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Cake Pop Maker:

When it comes to baking up a batch of cake pops, one thing is for certain – using a cake pop maker designed for this job makes things much easier, and gives you the best results in terms of preparing the perfect cake pops for an event that you will be catering for. With so many options that you can choose from you have a choice to make here – the cake pop maker you choose will eventually determine the quality of cake pops you are able to make, how good they will taste (yes, these devices can burn your cake pops if you are not careful in your selection), and this will also determine how long a single maker will last, as some of them are made better than others. You could get extra creative and create designs with an edible printer to be able to fashion your cake pops! We looked at the best cake pop maker of 2022 in this guide to help you in your selection.

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