8 Best Cola Syrup for SodaStream (Updated 2023)

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Best Cola Syrup for SodaStream

The unique flavor of the best cola syrup for SodaStream machines can help you craft tasty and original cola blends. If you’re a true soda lover, or are mostly into sparkling water, making fizzy drinks at home, including classic soda flavors, can be fun to do. Whether you’re looking for a traditional best cola syrup for SodaStream models or the best diet cola syrup for SodaStream drinks, we have you covered!

We’ve researched and discovered the eight top-rated cola syrups for SodaStream of 2022, as well as three you should avoid.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: SodaStream Cola Flavored Syrup
“The most popular option for cola flavored syrup for your SodaStream at home”  
Best Diet Cola: SodaStream Diet Cola Flavored Syrup
“SodaStream’s original diet cola flavored syrup
Best Premium: Monin Sugarcane Cola Syrup Review
“The go to premium syrup that has a reputation for great flavor and consistency.
Best Throwback: ICEE Brand Cola Flavored Syrup Four Pack
“The nostalgic ICEE brand is now available for your favorite flavors at home!
Best Craft Cola: Syrup Mixer Cola Syrup by Tippleman’s
“A classic cola syrup perfect for entertaining with soda drinks and craft cocktails.
Best Health Conscious:  Ralph’s Sparkling Water Soda Maker Pure Cane Sugar Cola
“No high fructose corn syrup and pure cane sugar make this a healthier choice”
Best Bulk: TableTop King One Gallon Cola Syrup
“The one gallon bulk is a great value and perfect for soda or slushie machines.
Best Caffeine Free: Baar Caffeine Free Cola Syrup
“Uses pure cane sugar and caffeine free for high quality taste.

Reviews of the 8 Best Cola Syrup for SodaStream, Plus 3 to Avoid

1. SodaStream Cola Syrup Review

Sodastream Cola Syrup Review

After going through extensive research we have found out one amazing cola flavor in the form of this product. The thing makes it exceptional is it’s being free of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and Aspartame that is an artificial sweetener. Though the SodaStream Cola Syrup is a carbonated classic soda, it is still a healthier option compared to other drinks available in the market. It is because of its low sugar leading towards low calories. On purchasing one bottle of this cola syrup, you can make 9 liters of fresh drink. It can serve almost 36 people. In short, it is a complete package for a gang of diet-conscious people craving for bubbly drinks.

To watch the SodaStream Cola Syrup Review on YouTube, click here.


2.  SodaStream Diet Soda Flavor by MonstaDeals Review

Sodastream Diet Soda Flavor By Monstadeals Review

Here is another suitable option for people looking for diet alternatives. The SodaStream Diet Soda Flavor by MonstaDeals will arrive to you in the form of a four bottle package. The flavors are Diet Root Beer, Diet Dr. Pete, and Diet Cola. So now, you can enjoy this best diet cola syrup for SodaStream with different tangs. Moreover, this 14.8 fl oz. of syrup is enough to make multiple liters drink with a single syrup bottle. This whole package will spare you for a good time from the difficulty of purchasing syrup repeatedly.

To watch the SodaStream Diet Soda Flavor by MonstaDeals Review on YouTube, click here.


3. Monin Sugarcane Cola Syrup Review

Monin Sugarcane Cola Syrup Review

It is very hard to find any natural products that taste similar to your guilty pleasure item. Here, we have found this Monin Sugarcane Cola Syrup for you. Being made up of all natural ingredients, it provides genuine cola flavor with bona fide Kola nut extracts. Another eminent feature of this syrup is its multiple uses. You can use it with your favorite SodaStream model that you use to create fizzy beverages. It is appropriate for frozen items like slushes and granites too. In order to prevent health issues, it contains pure cane sugar and natural flavors. With its single bottle, you can make almost 33 servings each with 30 ml drink. All these exceptional features make it the best cola syrup for SodaStream of 2022.

To watch the Monin Sugarcane Cola Syrup Review on YouTube, click here.


4. ICEE Brand Cola, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Grape Syrup Flavor Review

ICEE Brand Cola Syrup Package

Time for a throwback!  These flavors are just as good as remembered when we were young.  Now you can enjoy the fresh ICEE drinks at home anytime you want. This ICEE flavored syrup bundle comes with four flavors, including: cola, cherry, blue raspberry, and purple grape. This is a great value because each 6 oz bottle makes 32oz soda water or slushies. If you want to take it a step further with the fun, ICEE also makes a matching slushie machine.  While ICEE is somewhat of a novelting, don’t let it fool you,  the cola syrup has a genuine flavor.  

The four pack also comes in a nicely designed ICEE brand box so it is perfect for a gift. Overall, we found the perfect mix of modern cola syrup with throwback nostalgia in the ICEE Brand flavors.   


5. Syrup Mixers Cola Syrup by Tippleman’s Review

Syrup Mixers By Tipplemans Review

In our quest to quench your thirst for cola syrups, this Syrup Mixers Cola Syrup by Tippleman’s is undoubtedly the most unique one with astonishing ingredients. This natural product is manufactured using hand peeled limes, oranges, and lemons. Their outer covering is combined with spices, vanilla bean, and cane sugar. The spices are ground freshly in order to ensure the maximum taste. It can be a good addition to your sodas and non-alcoholic drinks. It is manufactured in the USA. The size of this bottle is 13 oz.

To watch the Syrup Mixers by Tipplemans Review on YouTube, click here.


6. Ralph’s  Sparkling Water Soda Maker Pure Cane Sugar Flavors Pack Review

Ralph's Sparkling Water Cola Syrup Flavor

This four pack of Ralph’s Sparkling Water Soda Flavor is a great alternative to traditional options and is made with pure cane sugar. It covers all your cola flavor needs with the four options, including: homemade root beer, cherry cola, cream soda and vanilla Cola. The four 12oz bottles represent a tremendous value as they can make between 12-14 liters of soda. 

For the more health conscious folks, this flavor option is a healthier choice.  There are no high fructose corn syrups and are sweetened with pure cane sugar.  This also means the flavor of the syrup is exceptional.   

Ralphs premium sparkling water flavors are compatible with all SodaStream and sparkling water makers.  Just mix a little in with your soda water at home and enjoy!


7. TableTop King One Gallon Cola Syrup Review

Carnival King Cola Soda Flavor

This cola syrup is quite affordable relative to the other options on the market. This TableTop King 1 Gallon Cola Syrup is ready to use liquid syrup. All you need to do is to add it in your drink. Besides being suitable for SodaStream it is equally useful as a slush machine flavor. For that purpose, however, you would need to add one part with five parts of water. It also gives benefits to the users because of its bulk size. It provides 96 servings with a single container. In this way, it’s more environmentally friendly because it prevents discarding more syrup bottles with a small capacity. This cola syrup is also gluten free. 

To watch the Cola Syrup Syrup 1 Gallon Review on YouTube, click here.


8. Baar Caffeine Free Non-Carbonated Cola Syrup with Pure Cane Sugar Review

Caffeine Free Non Carbonated Cola Syrup With Pure Cane Sugar Review

The worth mentioning a feature of this syrup is it’s being caffeine free. There are very few cola syrups, and SodaStream syrup alternatives, available in the market that don’t contain caffeine. In this regard, the Baar Caffeine Free Non-Carbonated Cola Syrup with Pure Cane Sugar is equally useful for those people who don’t consume caffeine. In order to make its ingredients further healthier, manufacturers have added pure cane sugar instead of artificial sweeteners. With its safe ingredients, it provides relief from certain ailments like nausea and upset stomach as well. You can add it in your beverages to enhance the taste.  Baar also offers a 16 oz bottle of their cola syrup.

To watch the Caffeine Free Non-Carbonated Cola Syrup with Pure Cane Sugar Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid: Ralphs Cherry Cola Sodamix for Sodastream Review

Ralphs Cherry Cola Sodamix For Sodastream Review

Ralphs Cherry Cola Sodamix for Sodastream is considered the worst cola syrup for SodaStream on the market. While reading its features, you might consider it more or less the same as other worthy brands. But once it will be mixed with the drink, you will be left with sheer disappointed after tasting. Its tang has nothing to do with cola. It feels like cough syrup instead of cherry. You can only make it taste a little bit acceptable by mixing some other flavors in it along with plenty of ice. Otherwise, it is just a waste of your money.

To watch the Ralphs Cherry Cola Sodamix for Sodastream Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid: Heritage Products Cola Syrup Review

Heritage Products Cola Syrup Review

Heritage product had a great offering for all natural cola syrups.  Unfortunately, it is getting hard to come across and has been out of stock for some time.  In this world of trendy items, you can enjoy a customary old cola flavor with the Heritage Products Cola Syrup. Besides satisfying your taste buds, it can help you to soothe your stomach as well. In the past, many people have been using it as a remedy for nausea, disturbed digestion system, and similar problems. Its ingredients are pure and natural and free of high fructose corn syrup. You can get the benefit of lower sugar and natural kola nut. This syrup also works well with the plain water for treating these ailments. It is a beneficial option for those who are not a big fan of sparkling water. It tastes more or less like a classic coca cola flavor. With the single bottle, you can obtain 16 servings with 30 ml drink in each.  Some retail stores may still have some in stock if you are able to come across a bottle.

To watch the Heritage Products Cola Syrup Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid: Prat Syrups Review

True Syrups Review

We were a fan of the Prats Branded cola syrups, or Kola as they call it.  However it has been impossible to get lately!  For those wanted to spice up their cola taste, Prat Syrups was a go-to product. In order to prevent you from the guilt of consuming an unhealthy food item, it is manufactured using good quality components. You will see authentic kola nuts, vanilla, ginger, and cassia in its ingredients. One more distinguishing aspect of this syrup is its sweetener. It contains demerara for profound molasses tang. In this way, you can use it with your cocktails too. This product offers value to your money as well. You can obtain 30 drinks if prepare classic soda, and 60 drinks if you make Old Fashioned. Moreover, it gives nice look to your drinks while being used for a long time period of 6 months even after opening. If you are able to find some Prat cola syrup on shelves, don’t be afraid to snag it.

To watch the True Syrups Review on YouTube, click here.


Popular Accessories With These Cola Syrups

SodaStream Black Cherry Cola Flavored SyrupSodaStream Black Cherry Cola Flavored Syrup
Cream Soda Flavored SyrupSodaStream Orange Soda Flavored Syrup
SodaStream Diet Cafine Free Cola Syrup 500 Ml
SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker

Best Cola Syrups for SodaStream

2022 Buyers Guide to the Best Cola Syrup for SodaStream

There are different factors associated with each product you purchase. These aspects decide the worth of that item. Same is the case with cola syrups. Thorough consideration becomes more important in this case, as it is the matter of beverages’ taste and your health. Below section provides assistance in this regard:

3 Main Points to Consider

  • Ingredients: Cola syrups are supposed to add in your drink in order to enhance its taste. Most people who purchase SodaStream are those who are going to consume these drinks more often. Therefore, it is very important to check for the ingredients of your cola syrup. There are many flavoring products available on the market that contain such components which you would not like to add in your drink. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who understand customers’ concern. They add all pure and natural components in their syrup. Though these syrups only contain natural ingredients, they taste no way less than those containing unhealthy options. Therefore, it is advisable to read the ingredients of your cola syrup first, and then decide the final option.
  • Cost Effective: Most people who purchase a home sparkling water maker, a SodaStream alternative, or a classic soda siphon, are looking for either cost-effective, healthier, or convenient options for consuming fizzy drinks. Affordability is often the first factor considered when it comes to finding a home fizzy beverage machine. This is also true of the cola syrups and extra flavoring needed to mix classic and creative concoctions. There are huge varieties of soda syrups available in the market. Few of them are relatively expensive while others are available in the nominal price range. You should opt for not spending more money on even more convenient ready-to-drink options and instead factor in the saving you get with homemade versions of cola and beyond. Also, purchasing items in bulk can often give you the benefit of some discounts.
  • Health Benefits: There are many controversies associated with carbonated drinks. Different people define their dissimilar health hazards. They can pose threats to your health with their high sugar and calories quantity. However, when you are opting for your home-made soda options, you would definitely like to keep your drink healthy. Few cola syrups available in the market contain only healthy elements with low sugar and calories. These are the syrups you should choose in order to keep yourself in the good health form. However, there are certain things that you should check before purchasing your syrup. Your cola syrup should be allergen-free, HFCS-free, alcohol-free, and should not contain other artificial sweetener and harmful chemicals. You should also look for a number of calories in each its servings.     

How do I add syrup to my SodaStream?

The SodaStream basically works by carbonating water first. Therefore, you would first need to fill a water bottle to its required level and start carbonating. Here, it is important to remember that you should not add syrup before carbonation. Your machine is not designed to carbonate flavors.

Once your water is carbonated, you should add syrup in it. The quantity ratio of water to syrup depends entirely on your choice. However, in most cases, the recommended ratio is one cap for one-liter liquid. If you want your SodaStream fizzy drink to be more concentrated with flavor syrups, you can add up to one and a half more caps full.

After pouring syrup to carbonated water, stir the mixture in order to mix them well. It might take some time, as you are mixing gas with a liquid. You can add a variety of syrups to your SodaStream. Besides ready-made flavors, you can also make them at home.

Do SodaStream syrups need to be refrigerated?

SodaStream syrups don’t need refrigeration as long as they are sealed. You can keep them at a cool dry place for as long as you want. However, once you open its cap, there are few restrictions.

You should give them a cool and dry environment. The right place for this environment is your refrigerator. Normally, it is assumed that these flavors can give their top performance until the date mentioned on their bottles. It might be true with the case of few brands. The mentioned time period is of usually two to three months only.

However, in the case of most syrup, they maintain their taste and aroma for the time period as long as one year even after opening their seal. Regarding its being kept in refrigerated, it is important if you cannot provide cool and dry place otherwise.

✅Cola Syrup: Reviews of the 8 Best Cola Syrup for SodaStream, Plus 1 to Avoid ❎:

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Cola Syrup for SodaStream

You can take the joy of your favorite soda maker to the next level by adding unique cola flavors in it. However, the requirement is you should choose the best cola syrup for SodaStream of 2022. These syrups with their astonishing taste are widely available in the market. They add more fun to your carbonated drink.

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