7 Best Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine (Updated 2023)

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Best Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine

Chocolate must be perfected in a way using just the right amount of heat, to give it that seductive, glossy look and firm snap. Whether you’re an amateur chocolate aficionado or a professional chocolatier, you need a chocolate tempering machine to perfect your chocolates and confections.

What is the best commercial chocolate tempering machine to buy in 2022? For producing chocolate with the perfect snap, and the creamiest melt-in-your mouth experience, hands down, the ChocoVision Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine is our sweetest pick! Simply place your favorite chunks of chocolate into the large capacity bowl, choose one of many unique settings and let the tempering begin! Have a large project, then let the ChocoVision Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine hold your perfect confection overnight and return in the morning to pick up where you left off without worrying about sacrificing the integrity of the chocolate!

We’ve researched and discovered the 7 top-rated commercial chocolate tempering machines, as well as one to avoid.

Reviews of the 7 Best Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine, Plus 1 to Avoid

1. ChocoVision Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine Review

ChocoVision Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine Review

If you’re looking for a set-it-and-forget-it commercial and automatic tempering machine, look no further. The ChocoVision Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine is touch control and precisely what temperamental chocolate needs to achieve shiny, crunchy perfection!

Use the Quick function for tempering chocolate easily, and cool it down quickly from the initial melt to the perfect temperature. Try the Normal feature for amazing traditional chocolate tempering. The ChocoVision Revolation finds the “Delta” or the perfect temperature for the chocolate, and will intuitively lower the temperature of the chocolate when tempering and then rise back to the perfect temperature at the completion of the process. If you have many projects happening at once, or if you have long service times, the Extended function lets your tempered chocolate remain at perfect temperature for up to 12 hours.

In addition to the 3 amazing temper controls ChocoVision has fancied this commercial chocolate temper machine with a Bowl Pause to add ingredients without spillover or splashback. Overnight function saves on cleaning up and re-melting the chocolate, as the machine pauses and creates internal temperature swings, so when you are tempering chocolate the next morning, you aren’t starting a temper from scratch.

Choose Programming for special and customized chocolate blends, or Manual with a pre-set temperature, perfect for melting non-cocoa butter compound chocolates, like Candy Melts. In addition, a digital control allows you to set the temperature, higher or lower, at 1 degree intervals, depending on the melting point of the chocolate you’re tempering.

The ChocoVision Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine arrives with a one year parts and labor warranty, is NSF certified, weighs only 36 pounds, measures 18.2” x 18.2” x 7” plugs into 110 volts, and uses 750 watts and 7 amps.

To watch the ChocoVision Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Intuitive temperature controls.
  • Low-rise “delta” temperature control.
  • Overnight tempering saves time.
  • Stores up to 26 recipes.


  • Some parts don’t fit correctly.


2. Chocolate Tempering Machine by Hilliards Review 

Chocolate Tempering Machine by Hilliards Review

Hillard’s nicknamed this compact tempering machine, “Little Dipper.” It’s claim to fame is that it can easily produce 25 pounds of tempered chocolate per day, and no tools are required to remove, replace or clean parts, other than the bowl, when starting with a new batch of chocolate.

Little Dipper works as a warmer, melter and tempering machine and uses a digital high/low one-touch temperature control within one degree. For small batches and test market trials, this mighty but tiny commercial tempering machine needs little maintenance and is constructed of high quality solid stainless steel.

Backed by a one year warranty, the Chocolate Tempering “Little Dipper” Machine by Hilliards weighs 45 pounds, measures 16” x 16” x 17”, plugs into a standard 120 V outlet, and uses 400 Watts of power.

To watch the Chocolate Tempering Machine by Hilliards Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Compact and dependable.
  • Full one-year warranty.
  • Tempers up to 25 pounds of chocolate per day.


  • Not for large tempering production.
  • More expensive than full-sized tempering machines


3. ChocoVision Revolation V Chocolate Tempering Machine Review 

ChocoVision Revolation V Chocolate Tempering Machine Review

Offering the same functionality as the Delta, and a less expensive price tag, the ChocoVision Revolation V Chocolate Tempering Machine , features a stainless steel housing and all digital LED display with Manual and Programmable features. ChocoVision touts this as the most compact in their series of commercial chocolate tempering machines. Store 26 of your favorite chocolate recipes and hold those recipes to 2/10th of a degree for perfect chocolate quality and appearance.

The Revolation V can produce up to 50 pounds of tempered chocolate per day with a 5 pound bowl capacity. The unique micro-processor uses forced hot air technology as the temperature transfer medium when tempering the chocolate. Chocovision makes sure to include the tempering bowl, solid baffle, holey baffle, dipping tool, scrapers, knobs to hold down the plastic cover, baffle brush and instruction manual to make all your tempering projects fun and easy!

With a one-year parts and labor warranty this commercial tempering machine weighs 28 pounds, measures 15.5” x 15.5” x 6.5”, and is NSF certified.

To watch the ChocoVision Revolation V Chocolate Tempering Machine Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Precise temperature controls.
  • Lightweight, compact and powerful
  • Holds tempered chocolate to 2/10ths of a degree.


  • Does not ship internationally.
  • Problems returning a defective machine.
  • Tempering Bowl doesn’t fit correctly.


4. ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot Digital Control Chocolate Tempering Machine Review 

ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot Digital Control Chocolate Tempering Machine Review

With its compact design large capacity holding tank, the inexpensive ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot can produce 18 pounds of quality tempered chocolate. A specially designed heating tube in the base of the machine covers the entire surface area to prevent chocolate from burning, overheating and discoloring. The attractive, solid stainless steel housing unit holds a 12” x 11” x 4” insert (pot). Digital one-touch controls let you heat, temper and hold chocolate between 32-176 degrees F.

Quality stainless steel exhaust and drain valves as the base of the housing make for easy maintenance and cleaning. This ALDKitchen product is the best chocolate tempering machine for home use or for small-commercial kitchen operations. This commercial chocolate melting pot and temper machine is backed by excellent customer service, a flexible return policy and a money back guarantee.

A mere 16.5 pounds, measuring 19” x 14” x 7” the very portable ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot Digital Control Chocolate Tempering Machine uses 110 V and 1 KW of power. Trust all your chocolate projects with this mighty, solid and reliable chocolate melting pot-temper machine!

To watch the ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot Digital Control Chocolate Tempering Machine Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Large capacity chocolate holding talk
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Heated surface area for uniform tempering
  • Customer service and easy claim warranty process


  • No auto-stir feature
  • Longer melting time


5. VEVOR Commercial Electric Chocolate Tempering Machine Review 

VEVOR Commercial Electric Chocolate Tempering Machine Review

If you have 4 different flavors of chocolate to temper, VEVOR offers this unique quad-chamber design. The VEVOR Commercial Electric Chocolate Tempering Machine capacity melts and tempers up to 22 pounds of chocolate between 32-194 degrees F.

A solid housing constructed of the very best grade 304# stainless steel makes this machine easy to clean and rust and oxidation resistant. Digital one-touch controls rapidly heat the chocolate. Unique high-grade aluminum exhaust steam release and drainage valve make for safe and easy chocolate tempering. VEVOR recommends this tempering machine for candle and soap making too!

Simply filling the chamber at the base of the unit and water-generated heat provides even and consistent energy, which keeps the chocolate from scorching and burning. A specially designed water-barrier keeps moisture and splashback, and keeps 100% of moisture from coming in contact with the tempered chocolate.

VEVOR offers fast delivery, a 12 month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. The VEVOR commercial electric chocolate tempering machine weighs 20.4 pounds, measures 20” x 16” x 9” and uses a common 110 V and 1500 W of energy.

To watch the VEVOR Commercial Electric Chocolate Tempering Machine Review on YouTube, click here.


  • 4 chamber multi-use temper.
  • Digital temperature control to 192 degrees F.
  • Water-generated heat and water barrier feature.


  • Similar to a chafing dish
  • No auto-stir feature
  • Arrives not like the machine advertised.


6. ChocoVision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine Review 

ChocoVision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine Review

Like the V series and the Delta, this ChocoVision chocolate tempering machine has all the working pieces and intuition of it’s more illustrious counterparts. Serious chocolate lovers will find this pint-sized machine a great addition to their home cooking and baking appliance collection. Smaller in size and dimension, but packed with great features, the Mini is full automatic.

Forced hot air tempers up to 1.5 pounds of chocolate to perfection in as little as 25 minutes. A scaled down digital control system has easy to follow instructions written on the top of the tempering machine and actually prompts you, with a flashing red light, indicating the perfect time to add the chunks and chips of chocolate to begin the melting cycle.

The affordable ChocoVision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine weighs just over 7 pounds and measures 12.5” x 10.5” x 5.2”. A standard 110 V, but ChocoVision recommends not plugging the Mini into 220/240 V to avoid shorting out the machine. The Mini comes with a full one year warranty, but only covers some parts. Compact tempering abilities housed in an attractive plastic lacquered ivory color, with a shiny stainless steel removable bowl and baffle, it’s a combination of professional and chic at the same time! You’ll definitely want to leave it out on the counter!

To watch the ChocoVision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Works as hard as it’s larger ChocoVision counterparts.
  • Rapid melting within 25 minutes.
  • Tempering instructions listed on the machine.


  • Plastic housing can crack.
  • Limited temperature control.
  • Not all parts are covered under warranty.


7. ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine with Manual Control Review 

ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine with Manual Control Review

If the concept of chocolate tempering is intriguing, the ALDKitchen melting pot is a fantastic starting point. The base of the melting pot is about the size of a toaster. A dial on the front of the housing, in Celcius gradients, heats the chocolate between 30-85 / C or 86-185 F. A handled non-stick pot, around 6.2” in diameter, and similar to a 2 quart sauce pot serves as the insert for melting about 1-1.5 pounds of chocolate. Tempering the chocolate in the ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot may require constant stirring to achieve optimal results and keep the chocolate from scorching and burning.

For the most part, this chocolate melting post is perfect for chocolate and cheese fondue and for anybody ready to experiment in very small scale chocolate tempering. Perfect for parties, the stainless steel housing is painted white; a perfect complement in the kitchen. The 80W, 110 V, 9” x 6.5” x 6” base is counter and table-top friendly; weighs in at under 6 pounds, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, free shipping and extended manufacturer warranty, if purchased through the ALDKitchen website or official dealer.

To watch the ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine with Manual Control Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Perfect “starter kit” for those curious about chocolate tempering.
  • Lightweight stainless steel base and quality constructed heating element.
  • Melting pot built with a handle.
  • Great warranty and customer service


  • No auto-stir feature
  • Dial and On/Off switches are not very durable.
  • More fondue pot than tempering machine.
  • check-price

Avoid – ChocoVision Rev 2B Chocolate Tempering Machine Review 

ChocoVision Rev 2B Chocolate Tempering Machine Review

Before considering the ChocoVision Rev 2B Chocolate Tempering Machine, consider this: the heating element for this tempering machine is a 100 W light bulb, which doesn’t allow the machine to heat an even surface area in the base of the tempering machine.

The Rev 2B features an LED temperature display, with gradient settings to within 1 degree. The unique Overnight chocolate tempering feature is built in, but the temperature control is strictly manual, and the instructions in the manual indicate Temper 1 & Temper 2 two settings, which limits the types of tempering unique to other commercial tempering machines.

Pre-programming is also limited to dark chocolate, milk and white chocolate as indicated by a button labelled “Chocolate Type,” and may not be ideal for tempering the dense and delicate, varying and sensitive cocoa-butter chocolates. The baffle used to stir the chocolate isn’t flush with the bowl, requires constant pausing and scraping, and leaves crumbs and small pieces of unmelted chocolate in the finished product.

Some of the parts on the Rev 2B are made of plastic and may need replaced repeatedly or upgraded with another more durable ChocoVision part.

To watch the ChocoVision Rev 2B Chocolate Tempering Machine Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Digital temperature control is precise to 1 degree.
  • Great for the amatuer chocolatier and “hobby confectioner”


  • Too much guess work.
  • Limited tempering features.
  • Light bulb heating element.
  • Plastic housing unit


Best Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine

2022 Buyers Guide to the Best Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machines:

Some people prefer dark chocolate, some milk, others white. But no matter your preference, chocolate makes a long journey from cacao seed to candy bar before it ends up melting in your mouth. At the end of that journey; chocolate, with all its enticing confectionery allure, and its hypnotic relationship to our palettes, must be tempered. Before making an investment in an industrial machine that can handle this task, give some thought to the following points.

3 Main Points to Consider:

  • Performance – Chocolate is sensitive to heat and moisture. Tempering chocolate to perfection requires precise timing, optimal temperature, and constant movement. Research a chocolate tempering machine which features: programmable settings; including a pause and overnight setting, auto and manual temperature controls for a perfect temper based on your project, and a sturdy bowl coupler and scraper/baffler for consistent stirring and uninterrupted performance when adding additional chocolate during the tempering process.
  • Capacity – Tempering chocolate is not a one-size-fits-all. In our reviews of the best chocolate tempering machines, we’ve discovered the capacity of the machines are notably different. Before making a purchase, ask yourself, “What is the ultimate goal of my project, how much chocolate can the machine temper, and can the commercial tempering machine hold the chocolate for a period of time, so I am not wasting product?” Smaller commercial chocolate tempering machines have a 2 pound capacity, while the larger commercial machines can temper up to 20 pounds. And the price tag of a commercial chocolate tempering machine increases significantly, as the capacity of the machine demands a more intricate and reliable set of features and working parts.
  • Investment – Quality commercial chocolate tempering machines are a considerable investment. Once you’ve considered the first two important factors, it’s time to consider the price. Inexpensive commercial chocolate tempering machines are fantastic for first-time small business owners and new or pop-up shops. For enrobing delicious strawberries and small-batch confections and experimenting with different types of chocolate and the cocoa butter relationship to temperature. Smaller commercial chocolate tempering machines are also great for home use too, for holiday treats and special occasions. They store easily, and these commercial tempering machines don’t break the bank. However, if you run a large commercial business, or busy restaurant, or have a chain of stores, and your customers have come to expect excellence in your confections; if you pride yourself on consistently producing memorably tasty chocolate candy coatings and shells, or exquisite truffles and ganaches, and you need those consistent results in bulk, do some research before taking out the credit card. Talk to a local chocolatier about their tempering methods, and visit a retailer to see the machine or call the manufacturer and have a list of questions about your choice of a commercial chocolate tempering machine based on your business’s needs. Always ask about a warranty, especially the warranty on parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does a chocolate tempering machine do?

You would think that melting chocolate is as easy as placing it in a pot on the stove. Think again. A lot of guesswork goes into melting chocolate if you don’t have the right tools and temperature gauges. From the bittersweet of dark chocolate, to the lightest of milk, chocolate contains fatty acids, commonly known as cocoa butter. Melting chocolate requires the cocoa butter to break down and form crystals. Without cocoa butter’s ability to beautifully assert itself into five different polymorphic forms (2 or more chemical variations) and crystallize, chocolate; the amazingly diverse and delicious sweet treat we know today, wouldn’t exist. So, melting chocolate with its complex cocoa butter, involves some patience and a lesson in chemistry. Chocolate tempering machines are master chemists in a way. These machines can be programmed to melt, cool, reheat blends and stir chocolate until it reaches a perfect shiny appearance, has the perfect snap and crunch, with a creamy, melt-in the mouth texture. This means zero of your minutes standing over the stove tending to a pot of chocolate, wondering if it will temper correctly.

Chocolate tempering machine vs enrober vs melting pot?

Chocolate tempering machines adjust the molecular structure of chocolate by using the perfect amount of heat while constantly stirring the chocolate. Fatty acid in cocoa butter solidifies at varying temperatures. As the fatty acids warm, crystals form and then separate which helps stabilize the chocolate. By far, a chocolate tempering machine yields the best results.

If you’ve ever attended a party or celebration and used a wooden or metal skewer to pick up a strawberry or fresh chunk of pineapple and held the fruit into a fountain streaming with chocolate, then you’ve enrobed the fruit. Enrobing machines were invented at the turn-of-the-century. They can do the work of 20 people manually enrobing chocolate. Ingredients are added to the chocolate to set faster, accelerate production and extend the chocolate’s shelf life.

Much like the concept of a double boiler, a melting pot works in similar fashion without hot water. Melting pots are designed with an external warmer; a pot with a temperature gauge featuring a melting stage and 2-3 holding temperatures. An internal pot, with a handle, not unlike a saucepan, fits snugly inside the external warmer. Specially formulated “Candy Melts” must be used in melting pots. Not considered chocolate, these sweet discs incorporate sugar, vegetable oil, soy protein, milk protein and salt to keep the “chocolate” stable.

What is the easiest way to temper chocolate?

You make a significant investment when you decide to use a professional chocolate tempering machine. They’re exclusively designed to perfect every type of chocolate. After all, quality chocolate can be expensive, and you want a chocolate tempering machine to understand the perfect melting points for the smoothest, glossiest and crunchiest look and feel in the mouth. Once you buy a chocolate tempering machine, and understand it’s automation and intuition you’ll love using it for all your confections. Pre-chocolate tempering purchase, here are some tempering hacks, which require patience and constant babysitting.

Chocolate tempering can be achieved simply by placing chunks of chocolate in a metal bowl, and constantly stirring the chocolate over a pot of simmering – never boiling – water. Chocolate has a low melting point; and high temperatures will cause the chocolate to “bloom” and appear a gray unattractive color. Chocolate doesn’t like water, either, so it’s imperative not to allow any water from the simmering pot escape and land in the bowl of melting chocolate, as this can cause the chocolate to stiffen.

Using a food processor is another easy way to temper chocolate. In a 7-step series of blending and scraping, forming the chocolate into a dough like ball, and continuing to blend, the molecules in the chocolate break apart and rebond and eventually liquify to a smooth shiny consistency. Place the chocolate into a dry, piping hot glass bowl, and if it registered 90 degrees F, you’ve got tempered chocolate. You can hack temper chocolate all you want, but, if you want the best, consistent results, a chocolate tempering machine is the way to go.

Best Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine (2022 Buyers Guide)

Final Thoughts on Buying a Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine:

It’s a fact that chocolate is magically divine for so many reasons. We dip it in peanut butter, pour it over ice cream, buy it in bricks and bars. We make cookies, fudge, truffles, toppings, cakes, cream pies, puddings and mousse. Who doesn’t love a fondue party! Chocolate has been around for centuries. The first known chocolate was introduced by the Aztecs in 450 BC.

We associate a heady multi-layered aroma, a sweet velvety taste and texture, and a crisp, hard snap when we think of chocolate’s personality. These attributes have made chocolate one of the most popular sweet treats in the world. And it’s all thanks to the commercial chocolate tempering process and the machines that make it happen!

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