6 Best Edible Printer For Cakes (Updated 2023)

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Best Edible Printer For Cakes

When it comes to baking, there are many ways in which you can get creative with the best edible printer for cakes. As technology evolves, more-and-more options become available on the market to help you bake creative things that your children, family members, or friends will adore – or perhaps your clients, should you choose to bake professionally.

In recent times, edible printers have become quite popular, allowing you to print virtually anything on special edible paper, present it on a cake, cupcakes, or cookies; and then allow the host to take a bite without having to expose them to the toxins that are found in normal printer ink.

We’ve researched and discovered the top-rated edible printer for cakes, as well as the one to avoid.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Canon Edible Printer CW8 Cupcake and Cookie Kit
“The most popular all in one edible printing kit with wide format printing capability and pre cut icing sheets.”  
Best Value: Canon Edible Printer Elite ADF
“The perfect edible printer for those on a budget, the Canon is a compact printer that comes with edible ink and great functionality.
Best Practical: Epson Pro Edible Printer Kit
“The Epson delivers the most economical printing due to its refillable ink tanks, and produces exceptionally vibrant prints.
Best Functionality: Canon Edible Printer CW8 With Cameo Cutter Bundle
“A perfect pairing with the Canon wide printer and the Cameo cutter enabling you to print and cut the widest available sheets on the market.
Best All Around: Canon Edible Printer Elite ADF Cupcake and Cookie Kit
“A great all in one kit at a low upfront cost with the Canon Elite ADF and pre-cut cupcake and cookie edible sheets.
Best Entry Level:  Generic Cake Topper Image Printer Bundle
“The lowest upfront cost option, this bundle has just enough to print your first edible creation.”

Reviews of the 6 Best Edible Printers for Cakes, Plus the 1 to Avoid

1. Canon Edible Printer CW8 Cupcake and Cookie Kit Review

Best Edible Printer for Cakes Wide Format Canon

After we did a lot of research into the printers for cakes that are currently available on the market, we set out to find the one that would qualify as the top-rated edible printer for cakes. The Canon Edible Printer CW8 Cupcake and Cookie Kit from Ink4Cakes is the fastest and most versatile kit for cakes, cupcakes, and cookies on the market.  This bundle comes with the wireless Canon wide format edible printer, which is the only model capable of printing on the large 11×17 inch edible icing sheets.  The bundle also comes with five edible ink cartridges.    

When purchasing this edible printer kit, it comes with a curated package of edible icing sheets for any occasion.  Including everything you need ranging from large 11×17 inch icing sheets to pre cut shapes of all sizes that will fit any cake, cupcake or cookie.  Because of the size, this edible printer for cakes will handle full and half sheet cakes.  The supplier also provides software that you can use to create designs tailored to the specific size of the pre-cut edible print sheets.  Although the kit includes icing sheets,we recommend ordering some extras because they get used up quickly! 

We prefer the Ink4Cake edible ink cartridges because they use Italian ink rather than many options that are manufactured in China.  ​​The benefits of this are unmatched quality and less clogging. For the best results we recommend printing on the Supreme Icing sheets.  Depending on the amount of use, the cartridges should last well over a year.  

Since this edible printer is wireless, all you need is your mobile phone or computer to get going.


  • Uses 250 cartridges, which are refillable 
  • Wide format edible printing
  • Capability for cookies, cupcakes, and cakes 


  • Only one way to feed paper with rear feeding tray 


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2. Canon Edible Printer Elite ADF Review

Best Edible Printer For Cakes Canon

If you are looking for the best edible ink printer that would suit a smaller budget, then consider the Canon Edible Printer Elite ADF from Ink4Cakes.  Along with the edible printer, this bundle includes icing sheets and a five pack of edible ink cartridges.  Unlike some of the other options in this list, the ink cartridges used with this Canon model are refillable, reducing the price per print over the long-term.  

The Elite ADF is a more compact edible printer with a max print size of 8.5×14 inches. Nonetheless, the print quality is still outstanding.  The printer is able to print with the edible ink in vibrant and vivid colors, so there is no need to worry about photos coming out dull.  Its five edible ink cartridges included are the Ink4Cakes clog free formula. The five cartridge system means you only have to replace an individual tank that runs out, not all five. 

An additional benefit is it has two different printer trays to feed paper.  This comes in handy in case one tray jams, you still have a backup.  Despite coming with some edible sheets, we recommended getting some extra out of the gate because they go fast.  

Since this is a bundle that comes with a Canon branded printer – instead of just a printer, this canon device also allows you to scan photos that you would ultimately like to print on some edible paper.  You can also print straight from your phone, tablet, or laptop with wifi or bluetooth.  


  • Low upfront cost
  • Includes fax and scanner
  • Refillable edible ink cartridges 


  • More compact model means smaller max print size


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3. Epson Pro Edible Printer Kit Review

Best Edible Printers for Cakes Epson

Another great option for those looking into the best printer for edible ink on the market is the Epson Pro Edible Printer Kit from Ink4Cakes. This bundle comes with a high-quality Epson printer that also has scanning capabilities and wireless technologies.  You can easily send photos from a smartphone or even some types of digital cameras to the printer and have them printed onto edible paper. The bundle also comes with edible icing sheets and wafer paper.  

A unique aspect of the Epson is the refillable ink tanks, making it one of the best values on the market.  The edible ink tanks can be easily refilled with specialized ink, so there is no need to worry about having to buy new ink tanks every time you run out of ink.  The edible ink refill bottles are included for up to 24 months supply.  Ink cost per printed edible icing sheet with the Epson Pro average between only $ 0.08 – $0.10 according to Ink4Cakes.

Functionally, the Epson creates some of the most vibrant and clear prints on edible sheets because it uses an absorption pad. 


  • Refillable edible ink takes
  • High quality image quality
  • Wireless capability


  • Absorption pad can get messy


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4. Canon Edible Printer CW8 With Cameo Cutter Bundle Review

Best Edible Printer for Cakes Canon Wide Format

The Canon Edible Printer CW8 With Cameo Cutter Bundle from Ink4Cakes is the ultimate package if you are looking to buy the best edible image printer, especially if you have a little more to spend on a higher quality product that includes a wider range of accessories that will help make the process of printing edible photos easier. Similar to the other printer bundles, this professional edible printer system also comes with a Canon printer but includes more accessories than most of the other bundles. 

Apart from including the main printer that is used to print with the edible ink cartridges, you also get the Cameo Cutter, along with the Silhouette Studio CD software and a one month subscription for more designs.  The Cameo electronic cutter allows you to create and cut custom designs for your cake, cupcakes and cookies. 

This pairing is a perfect combo because the Canon Edible Printer CW8 is able to print wide 11×17 edible icing sheets, while the Cameo Cutter is the only cutter that cuts that large of size.  And because the edible printer for cakes is able to cut up to 13×19 inch sheets, it is capable of working on both full and half sheet cakes.  We recommend using the Supreme Icing Sheets with the Cameo because the sheets come with a backing on them so you don’t need to use a mat with the cutter. 

The bundle also includes five edible ink cartridges, icing sheets and wafer paper, and a complete instructions manual that will make it much easier for you to get started printing your favorite photos on paper, which you can then use while baking cakes.


  • Wide cut capability up to 13×19 inches
  • Cameo cutter included
  • Custom design software included


  • Slightly more expensive bundle


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5. Canon Edible Printer Elite ADF Cupcake and Cookie Kit Review

Best Edible Printer for Cakes Canon

Fifth on our list of the best options that you can opt for if you are looking to buy a printer would be the Edible Printer Elite ADF Cupcake and Cookie Kit from Ink4Cakes.  If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, this is a perfect way to get everything you need in one bundle.

Aside from the edible printer, this one comes with five clog free edible ink cartridges, icing sheets and wafer paper sheets, and all the pre-cut icing sheets for cookies and cupcakes.    

The Elite ADF edible printer offers outstanding printing quality.  While it also offers front and rear paper trays, just in case one jams.  Sending photos to the printer is simple with the wifi and bluetooth enabled connection.  The Canon printer has a 4.3 inch LCD touch screen, which means the moment you receive the package you can set it up and start printing. 

When you purchase this bundle the supplier provides software you can use to create designs tailored to the specific size of the pre-cut edible print sheets.  Overall, this is a very affordable way to get everything you need to get started.


  • Best bundle value
  • Front and rear paper trays
  • Includes software to create designs on the pre-cut edible sheets


  • Slightly smaller so max printing size is limited


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6. Generic Cake Topper Image Printer Bundle Review

Best Edible Printer For Cakes Canon

If you are looking for the best edible printer for cakes on a budget, the Generic Cake Topper Image Printer Bundle is an excellent choice.  Aside from the edible printer, this bundle includes five edible cake ink cartridges, fifty edible wafer sheets, edible color markers and a printhead cleaning kit.  The Generic Cake Printer is an excellent value, although it does not come with as many accessories as the other bundles in this list.  Consider what projects you want to do with your edible printer, as your value could slip away quickly if you have to buy additional items down the road.  Additionally, we did not find the wafer paper included with this model to be as high quality as the others reviewed.  That’s not to say the Generic Cake Topper Printer does not print excellent quality images for your cakes, cookies and cupcakes.    

The cake printer includes wireless connection for wifi and bluetooth to make sending and editing images easy.  Additionally it comes equipped with scanning functionality.  


  • Least expensive upfront option
  • Wifi and bluetooth capability
  • Solid starter kit


  • Bundle does not come with as many accessories


Avoid: Edible Printer Bundle Includes XL Edible Ink Cartridges Review

Best Edible Printer For Cakes Canon

This printer bundle has been perennially out of stock and difficult to purchase or service.  We’ve considered the best options on the market in terms of buying a printer for cakes that you can use to print on specific types of paper and place these printouts on a cake. We also want to take a quick moment to share with you one of the worst edible printers for cakes on the market at the moment. After some research, we determined that the Edible Printer Bundle – Includes XL Edible Ink Cartridges – is a particular bundled product that you may want to avoid. The bundle is overpriced for the quality of the ink that comes with the printer does not seem to be up to standards when compared to similar products.

To watch the Edible Printer Bundle – Includes XL Edible Ink Cartridges Review on YouTube, click here.



Buyers Guide to the Best Edible Printers for Cakes:

After the release of the very first edible printer for cakes review, many brands who specializes in baking goods and printers, in general, have decided to make their own versions of these printers. Today, there are too many options on the market to choose from, and it is often very difficult to determine exactly which brand to opt for and which particular edible printer to buy. We’ve reviewed a number of these products and found some important points to consider, which ultimately makes the process of filtering through these products and finding the right one a breeze. Let’s take a look at three crucial points you should keep in mind while shopping for a new edible printer.

4 Main Points to Consider:

  • Features: When it comes to buying an edible printer for cakes, our first priority should be to take a good look at the specific features that the device offers. With so many options out there and different brands each making their own promises, you can quickly start to drown in all of the promotional material they use to draw in buyers and get you to hit that buy button. Instead of being too hasty, make sure you look at the technical specifications of the device, and not just the promotional messages that the brand throws at you. There are some brands who will sell a standard printer to you and promote it as an edible printer. Yes, it might be possible to use a standard Jet printer, equip it with some edible ink cartridges, and then print on edible paper, but the performance and resolution will not be the same compared to buying a device that was specifically built for this particular purpose. Also, consider what’s included in the printer’s box. You will sometimes need special kinds of software to use the printer – make sure the manufacturer includes a CD in the box in order to give you instant access to the software the moment you open the box.
  • Ink Type:  Not all ink is FDA approved.  Make sure that whatever ink you are choosing is FDA approved and safe for consumption.  Secondly, the economics of your printer will depend on whether the ink is refillable or not.  Take into consideration that one option may be more expensive upfront, but cost far less over the long run because the ink is refillable.
  • Quality And Safety: Both the quality and the safety of an edible printer should also be a priority when you look at these devices. In terms of quality, consider how the printer was built and take a second look at its features. There really is no use in opting for the cheapest product on the market when it will only seize to operate correctly after you have printed just a couple of photos – or perhaps not even work at all from the very start. In terms of safety, make sure that the ink that comes with the printer really is edible. Standard ink is dangerous for your body and extremely toxic. Do not look for words like “non-toxic ink.” Make sure the printer you want to buy comes with “edible” ink – look for this word. This will ensure that the ink used was made from edible compounds and not toxic materials that could harm you and all other people who will be diving into the cake once you decide to level it. It would be a good idea to do some background research on the brand that manufactures a particular printer you feel keen on buying. If you do some research on the brand, chances are you’ll discover at least a couple of reviews that have been left by previous buyers. Use these reviews to your advantage, as they will allow you to see if the printer would be a good quality product and if the ink really is safe to eat.
  • Price: Don’t forget to look at the price of the printer you want to buy. Avoid just entering your credit card details and hitting the order button – you will easily find yourself paying much more for a device like this than necessary. Many brands might try to exploit the fact that the technology of printing with edible ink and paper is still relatively new to the general public – they will throw a range of promotional messages in your face and then charge you much more than you should really be paying for the device. Look for brands that are reputable and trustworthy, and then consider how much they are charging for an edible printer. While we are advising you to be careful about paying too much for one of these printers, you should be wary of the cheap options on the market as well. If a particular option you might be interested in seems to have a price tag attached to it that is too low, then it will most likely be a product that will leave you disappointed.

What is an edible printer?

Let’s consider what an edible printer really is. First off – no, we are not referring to a printer that you can actually eat. Instead, we are talking about printers that are designed to help you print with ink that is safe to consume. An edible printer is basically just like a normal printer, but it was designed to print on a special type of paper that can be consumed – and it was also designed to use a special type of ink that does not contain any of the toxins that are found in the ink you usually use to print out documents. This is considered a more advanced cake decorating tool.

There are different options on the market in terms of edible printers, but they really are all the same when it comes to looking at their functions – to print with edible ink on edible paper.

Some of these products are, of course, better made than others. Even some of the popular brands that usually specializes in manufacturing standard printers have delved into the world of edible printers – look out for these as they are made by reputable brands that know how a printer should really work.

Do you need a special printer to print edible images?

We would not recommend buying a printer that is not specifically prepared and sold by an edible printer distributor.  This is because most specialized edible printer distributors feature a modified print head treated with a solution for edible ink use and may swap the ink holder sponge for safety.  

When you already have a standard printer at home that you frequently use to print out documents and even photos, you might be wondering if you really need to go out and buy a special type of printer in order to print with edible ink. This would essentially be another expense for you, so you want to make sure that it is absolutely necessary if you are planning to print out some edible photographs, or a cake airbrush, for a special cake that you might be planning to bake.

In reality, the simple answer is no. It is possible to use certain types of printers in order to print with the edible ink that you can buy at a variety of places in your local area. Both jet printers and bubbler printers usually tend to work just fine with edible ink.

On the other hand, there are two major issues that we need to take into consideration here. First of all, a standard printer has not been tested to work with edible ink or to print on edible paper. Canon, a particular brand that has a number of edible printers out on the market, has noted that people are not advised to use their standard printer line to print with edible ink.

Secondly, there is always a risk of the edible ink being contaminated with some of the old ink left behind by previously used cartridges. When this happens, you are “poisoning” the edible ink, and the end result will be toxic.

How to use an edible printer to print edible images?

Using an edible printer to print out some photos that you can add to a cake you want to bake is relatively simple. In fact, most companies have made their printers very similar to standard printers – what this means is that if you know how to use a standard printer, you’ll instantly feel familiar with an edible printer as well. This, however, really depends on the specific printer that you decide to buy and the way that the manufacturer decided to design the printer.

The majority of edible printers are simply plugged into your computer – usually through a USB connection – and then also connected to the appropriate power cord, which should come with the printer when you buy it. Once connected, your computer should pick up the printer and add it to the list of devices you can print documents and photos too. Now, when you want to print out something onto the edible paper (using the edible ink, of course), you would simply open up the photo or design, click the print button, and choose your edible printer from the list of available printers.

There are, however, cases where printers come with special software that you will need to install in order to use the printer. These are often available in the form of a driver that comes loaded on a CD, which should be included with the printer in its box. Sometimes, you would also be provided with special software that will help you create beautiful designs and edit existing photos so that they can look great when printed.

How long does edible ink last?

Depending on image size and coverage area, you could print 80-120 pages with one edible ink set.  The shelf life for edible ink is usually over one year, but typically not more than 24 months.  

How do I clean my edible printer?

We wouldn’t recommend use of a cleaner kit unless is absolutely necessary since good quality edible inks should not clog, however you can order a set of cleaning cartridges as a more efficient and healthier solution.  Alternatively, you may take your edible printer into a local supplier that is able to service it professionally. 

✅ Edible Printer: Reviews of the 5 Best Edible Printer for Cakes, Plus 1 to Avoid ❎:

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Edible Printer for Cakes:

Edible printers have become relatively popular and allow you to print out pictures that can be added to cakes. Whether you are planning to create a Spongebob cake for your child or perhaps a more adult-themed cake for friends who are coming over to enjoy a special event with you – this type of device will really allow you to push your creativity and create something truly magnificent for those moments you will be sharing with others. In this post, we introduced you to many quality edible printers for cakes to make the process of choosing the right device faster, easier, and safer for you. 

If you are looking for a great way to display your hand-crafted cakes, please check out our other review on some of the best cake turntables.

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