5 Best Electric Brewing System Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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You’ve started out small, with just a kettle and the stovetop. This is a great setup when only starting with homebrewing. Maybe you eventually moved on to a propane burner along with an appropriate kettle, and started to operate your homebrew operation on the outside – this reduces the smell in the house and provides for a better and cheaper way to get this all done.

Now, it is time for an upgrade to a more automated system – if you have this on the mind, then be sure to buy the best electric brewing system of 2022. This will help to make things easier than ever before, and heat will be distributed in such a way to provide a more thoroughly boiled wort that will ensure the final steps of your homebrewing will lead to a much better-tasting beer.

We’ve researched and discovered the five top-rated electric brewing system, as well as one to avoid.

Reviews of the 5 Best Electric Brewing System, Plus 1 to Avoid

1. Brewers Edge Mash and Boil Review

Brewers Edge Mash And Boil Review

After we have done extensive research and looked at various options, we found the best electric brewing system of 2022 to be the Brewers Edge Mash and Boil. For just under $300, you would have a very hard time finding another product that will offer you the same performance, durability, and functionality at the same price. This brewing system can be purchased as a tableware option, or with the inclusion of a pump, should you not have an existing pump that can be used with the product.

The Brewers Edge Mash and Boil electric brewer system can mash a maximum of 16 lb Malt at a time, with a capacity of up to 7.5 gallons in the internal chamber. The product is made from stainless steel, providing exceptional quality and durability, along with double wall construction. A half-inch valve is installed externally, also made from stainless steel material.

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2. Robobrew V3 with Pump Review

Robobrew V3 With Pump Review

The best-automated brewing system on the market for anyone looking to spend more money on a higher quality product would be the Robobrew V3 with Pump. This is a complete system that does not only include the main electric brewer, but also an additional pump for improved recirculation. This, in turn, will lead to a batch of craft beer that simply tastes better. The product has a maximum capacity of 9.25 gallons and is the latest option from the popular Robobrew brand.

The Robobrew V3 is made from a quality stainless steel material for improved sturdiness and durability. It also comes with a full control panel built in, which allows you to easily navigate the menu of the brewing system and set the temperature to an appropriate heat level to boil the wort according to the beer that you are crafting.

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3. The Grainfather Connect Review

The Grainfather Connect Review

For those looking for the best automatic brewing system that can be used for both homebrewing and commercial operations, the Grainfather Connect would be a perfect option. This is one of the more expensive options that are currently available on the market, but it is a great investment if you are looking to buy an electric brewing system once and not have to worry about thinking to replace it anytime soon.

The Grainfather Connect is made from an exceptionally high-quality stainless steel material. This makes the automatic brewing system more hygienic than some of the alternatives out there. The Grainfather measures 18 inches in height with a one-inch internal diameter. You can boil up to 7.92 gallons of liquid in this particular system at a time, making it an ideal option for larger volumes of beer brewing.

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4. MegaPot 1.2 All Grain Beer Brewing Equipment Kit System Review

Megapot 1.2 All Grain Beer Brewing Equipment Kit System Review

Another excellent option for those looking to buy the best electric beer brewing system that can be found on the market right now would be the MegaPot 1.2 All Grain Beer Brewing Equipment Kit System. This one comes in a variety of sizes that you can choose from, ensuring you can select a system that is appropriately sized according to the volume of beer that you are planning to brew. The specific options that are available include an eight-gallon, ten-gallon, 15-gallon, 20-gallon, and 30-gallon brew system.

The entire system is made from commercial-quality parts and components to ensure the product is durable and will not break down after one or two uses. The system comes with a built-in thermostat that provides an accurate view on the temperature, along with an easily adjustable system that allows you to control the temperature of the internal compartment where your wort will be boiled.

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5. Complete Homebrew Beer Brewing System Review

Complete Homebrew Beer Brewing System Review

The last option that we want to include in our list of top-rated electric brewing systems you can choose from when you wish to upgrade your boiling operation to an electronic system would be the Complete Homebrew Beer Brewing System by the Clawhammer Supply brand. Often a top choice in any Clawhammer brewing system review, this one is also on the pricier side, priced at just under $900, but its quality does surpass many of the competing products that we have reviewed in this post.

The Complete Homebrew Beer Brewing System comes with a range of features that make it a great choice for homebrewers that are taking their operation very seriously. The brewing system is made from stainless steel and includes digital controls to provide you with maximum control over the temperature.

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Avoid – 35L Robobrew with Pump Review

35l Robobrew With Pump Review

We would not only like to share with you the best options you can choose from if you wish to upgrade your homebrew operation by adding an electric brewing system, but also take a look at one of the worst electric brewing system on the market. After careful consideration and taking several factors into account, we found the 35L Robobrew with Pump by the Homebrewers Outpost brand to be a particular option that one should really not opt for.

This product is way overpriced. At just under $500, you can truly get a much better electric system for your homebrew operations at even a lower price. The product does feature a stainless steel design, which adds to its durability, and has a nine-gallon capacity. The electric brewing system is powered by a 100V power port and has a built-in digital controller. Additionally, the Homebrewers Outpost 35L Robobrew with Pump comes with a built-in pump, which means recirculation will be better with this particular automatic brewing system.

To watch the 35L Robobrew with Pump Review on YouTube, click here.



2022 Buyers Guide to the Best Electric Brewing System:

When we started to look at the various electric brewing systems that are available on the market at the moment, we were surprised at just how large of a variety there are. This is why we developed a system that helped us determine which options are appropriate and worth the money, and which ones should be filtered out of the list that we used to determine the best options that are on the market.

Below, we share with you the most important points that you always need to take into consideration when you decide to buy an electric system as an upgrade from the current system that you are using. These will help you filter through the options you find and will ensure you do not opt for a device that will waste the money you are about to spend.

3 Main Points to Consider:

  • Brand: The very first factor that you should take a good look at when you wish to buy an electric brewing system is the brand that manufactures a particular option that you might be interested in. There are multiple brands that have started to manufacturer their own electric systems, but as with any other type of product, these are not all appropriate and will not all give you the same performance in terms of brewing beer. You can also do research on the various brands that manufacture electric brewing systems first and then start to look for products that are made by these brands. This can greatly reduce the effort needed in order to find the right brewing system for your particular homebrew operation, and make the search for finding that “perfect” one faster. To understand if a particular brand will be able to provide you with a quality product that can offer you the performance required to brew up a batch of beer that tastes great, you should consider taking a look at some reviews on the internet associated with a particular brand. When you find reviews – look at what customers are saying about all of the products that the brand manufactures. It would also be a good idea to see if customers have anything to say about the customer service offered by the brand – you want to opt for a brand that will not take your money and then leave you struggling with a product that is faulty. If anything goes wrong with the system you buy, you want a prompt response and a fast turnaround for a refund or replacement.
  • Quality: Apart from considering the brand that is responsible for the manufacturing of the particular electric brewing system that you are interested in, consider the quality of each device that you are adding to your list of products that you might want to buy as well. Quality really does matter when it comes to electric brewing systems. If you buy a poor quality system, it means your wort will not be thoroughly heated, and the boiling process may not be done as it should be. This will, in turn, have an adverse effect on the taste of your beer. People often find that a poor quality electric system results in a beer that they really do not enjoy – and you would certainly not want to share your craft beer (or brag about it) with friends if it does not taste great. Quality lies with a number of different factors related to the brewer itself. Start by looking at the material that the brewing system is made from – stainless steel is usually the preferred option. Stainless steel is more sanitary, and this type of material also helps to improve heat distribution within its chambers. Additionally, a stainless steel system is also much easier to clean than other options, making it faster and more convenient to pack up your operation once the boiling process has been completed.
  • Features: Next up, be sure to take a good look at the various features that the particular homebrew system you wish to buy has to offer you. While the purpose of this electric brewing system is primarily to boil your wort, you should take a look at what features they are equipped with – remember that technology is advancing quickly, so you even get a few options now that connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth, allowing you to customize settings from your smartphone in order to achieve the perfect beer. Look at how much malt can be mashed at a time, what the maximum capacity is of the internal container, and take a look at whether or not the device comes with appropriate features that allow you to set the temperature according to the liquid that you are boiling. Ensure that a thermostat is installed in the electric brewer system that you are interested in as well, as this will ensure you can get an accurate overview of the internal temperature at any time.

What is an electric brewing system?

An electric brewing system is probably one of the most convenient equipment pieces that you can buy for your homebrew operation. It is just as the name implies – a brewing system that has been developed using electrical components to assist in the boiling process of beer brewing.

These brew system come in various shapes and sizes, but the majority of them will feature a cylinder shape. You get portable options that allow you to carry it around easily, while other electric brewer systems will be larger and less portable but, on the other hand, they will allow you to brew a larger batch of beer at a time.

Electric brewer systems also give you more control over the temperature of the boiling process, since a thermostat is usually included on the inside of the device. This gives you a reading on the temperature and often allows you to adjust the temperature to a higher or lower level.

With standard brewing systems that utilize the stove top or a burner, this is not possible. While you can set the heat on a higher or lower level, these items are unable to provide you with an overview of the temperature at which the internal content of the system is boiling.

What are the benefits of electric brewing for homebrewers?

Compared to a standard brewing system, an electric brewing system has a significant number of benefits to add to your entire operation. Convenience is most certainly the very first benefit that you will notice, as these devices are able to automate a large part of the brewing process.

The specific benefits of an electric brewing system also lie with the particular product that you might want to buy. Since the features of these devices sometimes vary from one option to the next, you would have to take the specific features of a product that you are interested into account to determine the benefits you can expect.

As mentioned before, another major benefit that you need to take into consideration if you are wondering whether or not you should upgrade to an electronic system is the fact that these products come with an adjustable thermostat in most cases. What this means is that you are able to adjust the temperature, often through a digital system, to exactly the heat you need in order to boil the wort and produce an authentic taste for the craft beer that you are brewing.

What are the differences between electric brewing and gas brewing?

There are different types of systems that can be added to a homebrewing operation in order to mash malt, as well as to assist in the process of boiling wort. Since this is such an important step that needs to be implemented during the process of brewing some beer at home, it is crucial that you choose the right system for your setup. Without careful consideration, you can easily end up buying a system that will not work appropriately for the specific type of beer that you are planning to brew.

Two of the most popular types that you will come across include gas brewing system and, of course, electric systems.

Gas systems are the cheaper way to go and often include propane burners, along with an appropriate kettle bot. This is the type of system that most people start out with. As they gain more experience in beer brewing, they would often upgrade to an electric brewing system, which makes the process more convenient.

An electric system is the more preferred option, but it is not the more popular of the two, mostly because this type of system is significantly more expensive than a gas-based brewing system.

✅Electric Brewing System: Reviews of the 5 Best Electric Brewing System, Plus 1 to Avoid ❎:

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Electric Brewing System:

The best electric brewing system of 2022 will give you the ability to automate a very important part of homebrewing and make your entire operation easier than it has ever been before. The process of boiling wort is crucial and how this process is done will essentially determine how the end result, which is the craft beer you are brewing, will taste.

We looked a quite a large number of these products in order to bring you the best options that are available and that you can choose from. All you need to do now is look at the top-rated electric brewing systems that we presented here and opt for the one that fits your budget, as well as the one that suits your needs.

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