5 Best Faucet Water Filter Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Best Faucet Water Filters

If you’re looking to remove unwanted contaminants from your drinking and cooking water, fitting the best faucet water filter to your kitchen sink is a cost-effective way to purify. Installation is also comparatively easy to do versus maybe other drinking water system options. Check out the five top-rated faucet water filter options, along with a couple to avoid.

Best Faucet Water Filter

Best Faucet Water Filter Reviews, Plus 2 to Avoid

1. Wingsol Healthy Faucet Water Filter System Review

Wingsol Healthy Faucet Water Filter System Review

The Wingsol tap water filter is the best faucet water filter of 2023. It removes lead, arsenic, chlorine and immediately improves the taste and smell too. Wingsol develops these gadgets to last for years.

With a sturdy stainless-steel design, there’s no leaking which is a known issue with faucet water systems. The Wingsol has developed a reputation for being “uncrackable.”

The water flow remains steady and isn’t affected by what you normally see coming from your tap. You also won’t lose any sink space. Unlike other faucet water filter systems, the Wingsol water filter has a very compact design. The 5-stage filters last for 3 to 5 months.

To watch the Wingsol Healthy Faucet Water Filter System Review  on YouTube, click here.


2. PUR PFM400H Faucet Mount Filter Review

PUR PFM400H Faucet Mount Filter Review

The PUR instapure system is the best PUR faucet water filter system. The system has a sleek design that uses the space above your faucet instead of limiting the space closer to your sink. Hands down, this filter stands apart with the clarity, taste, and crispness when compared to most household brands.

The PUR PFM400H uses activated carbon filters with ion exchange to remove contaminants and impurities. PUR promises removal of 99% of the lead, 96% of the mercury and it removes some other chemical contaminants as well.

PUR also uses a filter indicator. Unlike other water filter systems, you don’t regularly see the filter, so it’s easy to forget that you need to change it. These filters last for anywhere from 1.5 to 4 months depending on your water usage.

To watch the PUR PFM400H Faucet Mount Filter Review on YouTube, click here.


3. DuPont WFFM350XCH Deluxe Faucet Water Filter Review

DuPont WFFM350XCH Deluxe Faucet Water Filter Review

With a 200-gallon filter, and digital filter indicator you can ensure your water is always thoroughly clean and free of unwanted contaminants.

DuPont is a well-respected name in water filtration, and the DuPont WFFM350XCH deluxe system is the best DuPont faucet water filter available right now. The design is small and doesn’t take up any unnecessary space over your sink.

The installation of this system requires a bit of handiwork, but you definitely won’t need to enlist a plumber. With a pair of pliers, you can have clean and clear water ready any time of the day. DuPont only delivers professional grade water quality. This filter removes all sediments, heavy metals, and chemicals found in pesticides.

There are 2 downsides to this filter. First, it occasionally leaks near the digital readout. This issue is easily remedied with DuPont’s 4-year warranty on their products. The second downside is that this filter doesn’t work on pull-down faucets.

To watch the DuPont WFFM350XCH Deluxe Faucet Water Filter Review on YouTube, click here.


4. Powpro Fwat PP-JTP05 Horizontal Filter Review

Powpro Fwat PP-JTP05 Horizontal Filter Review

This cool design takes some space near your faucet but keeps your sink clear. The Powpro Fwat PP-JTP05 Horizontal Filter is also easy to install and completely removes chemicals, heavy metals, and even chlorine.

There are 3-modes for this system which makes it more versatile than other faucet water filter systems. The Powpro could have ranked higher for the best faucet water filter of 2023 if it wasn’t so prone to cracking.

The Powpro system uses a 5-stage filter which aims to not only remove unwanted contaminants but also to ionize your water and improve alkalinity. Although you won’t have completely alkaline water, the taste difference is noticeable right away.

The filters for the Powpro last for about 3 months with regular water usage, a large family, however, would probably change filters every 2 months.To watch the Powpro Fwat PP-JTP05 Horizontal Filter Review on YouTube, click here.


5. Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter System Review

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter System Review

Completely remove the taste and smell of chlorine with the Culligan FM-25 system. This is the best Culligan faucet water filter system, and they are regularly known for providing household drinking water solutions. They remove harmful chemicals found in herbicides and pesticides.

The bonus for this faucet system is that it’s compatible with all faucets, including pull-down models. It can also switch sides for installation making it easy for righties and lefties!

Anticipate changing this filter every 2 months for a family-household, but if you only have 1 or 2 people in your home the filter can last for as long as 6 months. The reason the Culligan filter is so far down on the list, because it otherwise could have been the best faucet water filter of 2023, is the water leakage.

Usually, after changing the filter, the device will have random, but minor, leaks. Either way, it’s always best to be careful when changing filters.

To watch the Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter System Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid – Brita On Tap Water Filter System Review

Brita On Tap Water Filter System Review

The best Brita on tap faucet water filter system couldn’t stand up to the others on this list. Although Brita may have started the filtered water craze years ago, their competition has surpassed them.

The Brita On Tap water system is one of the worst faucet water filters of 2023 because isn’t able to handle most household water needs. Even if you’re using the filter for drinking water, you need to replace the filter every 6 to 8 weeks. Then if you accidentally use the filter for anything like cooking it will need replacing much sooner.

Brita’s inability to match the needs of a standard household is only the first problem. After the issues with its capacity is the issue of the design. The Brita On Tap filter leaks heavily even before its first filter change.

To watch the Brita On Tap Water Filter System Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid – PUR FM-3333 Filter Review

PUR FM-3333 Filter Review

Although this faucet mounted, water filter should be avoided it is known for removing lead. However, the problems it comes will have you second guessing on whether it was worth the purchase price.

With its plastic shell and substandard design, we expected more from PUR FM-3333 water filter. There shouldn’t be any signs of leaking within the first few months, but especially right after installation. The installation is easy, but you’ll see water coming out of the faucet, connector, and near the control switch.

All are leaking aside, the filters only last for about 6 weeks and aren’t cheap either. These filters are focused on removing lead and heavy metals which means they are quickly filled with contaminants. Instead, opt for another PUR option, the best PUR faucet water filter is the PUR PFM400H and ranked in second place on our list.

To watch the PUR FM-3333 Filter Review on YouTube, click here.


Best Faucet Water Filter

2023 Buyers Guide For The Best Faucet Water Filter

A faucet water filter system helps remove or dramatically decrease the presence of heavy metals and minerals that are often in your water supply. But, what makes a faucet water filter stand apart from a countertop water filter, for example, is the space saving. These units install right onto your faucet, rather than consuming space under sink or as a filter pitcher inside your refrigerator. The best faucet water filter system of 2023 should provide crisp, clean, water whenever you want it. No waiting for a water pitcher to filter and get cold in your refrigerator. Faucet systems don’t need constant refilling, don’t take up a bunch of space, or require you to alter your counters. A great faucet filter will meet three primary areas with excellence.

Key Considerations When Choosing A Faucet Water Filter

Contaminants Removed

All filter are not created equal, but many filters are created similarly. With a quick test, you can find out which contaminants are your water’s biggest issues. If you know that lead or mercury, in particular, is a problem you want a filter that targets heavy metals. However, if the problem with your water is a foul smell or that it’s not clear, you want a filter that will target chlorine and other chemicals. Most standard products filter such as Pesticides, Lead, Cysts, Sediment, Herbicides, Mercury and Copper. This list doesn’t cover everything that standard faucet water filters target. But, the contaminants listed here are a great starting point. Typically by removing these chemicals, sediment, and metals, you can severely increase the quality of your drinking water.

Filter Type

There are carbon filters, reverse osmosis filters, water ionizers, infrared filters, and UV filters. Most of the filters on this list are some combination of carbon and ionizer. Carbon filters contain a cartridge that the water passes through before it makes its way to your glass. The layers of carbon filter out various contaminants but aren’t able to remove everything. Carbon filters are the most common, and cheapest to replace. Water ionizers work because of 2 or more charged plates. The water goes through the plates and separates into 2 streams. Divided on whether the water is acidic or alkaline, the water is softened. There are some health benefits associated with ionized water. It also creates a noticeable taste difference. Reverse osmosis is a process where between carbon filters a thin membrane is used to remove all sediments, chemicals, and metals. Reverse osmosis filters produce some of the cleanest water, but because they remove such a high volume of contaminants the filter usually has short life spans. The other filter media options are far less common among faucet water filters and are usually bonus features rather than the stand-alone filter type.

Filter Life

Because faucet water filters are right on your tap, it’s very easy to fall into the habit of only using the filtered mode. That means that water you use for cooking and cleaning can be filtered. While it’s best to avoid this, once your hand gets used to turning the faucet to the filtered direction it’s a hard habit to break. The capacity of the filter is how many gallons of water the filter can process before changing. Most faucet water filters vary in lifespan because of the household water needs and how often you accidentally use it for cooking or cleaning. A decent lifespan for a faucet water filter system should range from 4 to 6 months. However if the filter contains a reverse osmosis system, is smaller in size, or is low-quality these filters can easily need replacing every 1.5 months.

Why invest in a faucet water filter system?

Many people use water filter pitchers regularly and waste time refilling it 2 or 3 times a day. Then the system takes up space in your refrigerator too. On the other hand, some people invest in bulky, overpriced under-the-sink systems.

Avoid the wasted space and time by choosing the best faucet water filter system for your household’s water needs. Not to mention these filters are regularly far cheaper. Although they do require changing more often, the filters price usually still comes in cheaper than a full system.

A faucet water filter is a start to severely increasing the quality of the water you’re drinking. Overall, your long-term health can be impacted because your drinking water is free of unwanted contaminants.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Faucet Water Filter

When you choose the best faucet water filter system for your home, you should consider the capacity, filter type, and what it’s designed to remove. Now that you’ve got all the info needed, get ready to enjoy a glass of clean, pure, and crisp drinking water, right from the tap.

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