5 Best Hot Water Dispenser Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Best Hot Water Dispensers

The best hot water dispenser will be easy to install and take virtually no time to start working. It should deliver hot water for your tea, French press coffee, or morning oatmeal, dependably and, of course, instantly! But, there is a bit of concern from model to model in regards durability, price, temperature control and ease of use. We’ve done all the research and determined the five top-rated hot water dispensers of 2022, as well as a couple you may want to avoid.

Reviews of the 5 Best Hot Water Dispensers, Plus 2 to Avoid

1. Ready Hot RH-100-F560-CH Review

Ready Hot Rh 100 F560 Ch Review

The Ready Hot RH-100-F560-CH is not your typical hot water dispenser, but it takes first place as the best hot water dispenser of 2022. Don’t let the simple design fool you!

The Ready Hot delivers 200-degree water in less than a second! The faucet is easy to install and looks elegant in nearly any kitchen or office. The Ready Hot is careful not to waste water and flawlessly delivers water for coffee, cocoa, tea, soups, and pasta.

Although the Ready Hot is outperformed by other hot water dispensers in its volume, it is very energy efficient and has a wide range of temperature control. The Ready Hot produces up to 60 cups of hot water an hour no matter how high you have the setting.

The only downside of the Ready Hot is that requires some finesse to install. The best hot water dispenser of 2022 requires just a little bit of work. But other than that, it’s durable, easy to maintain, cleans well and should last for many years!

To watch the Ready Hot RH-100-F560-CH Review on YouTube, click here.


2. Insinkerator H-Waves-C-SS Review

Insinkerator H Waves C Ss Review

Although slightly larger than many of the hot water dispensers available the InSinkErator is a high-quality option. The Best InSinkErator hot water dispenser is the InSinkErator H-Waves-C-SS because of its temperature control options and design.

The device is visually appealing, although it won’t be sitting on your counter it still looks nice. But, it also comes with a chrome faucet with a hot water indicator on the handle. The design is simple and elegant.

The best Insinkerator hot water dispenser delivers nearly boiling water on demand. You can make oatmeal, hot cereals, coffee, tea, and prepare baby bottles in no time. The hot water retains a fair amount of water pressure and heats the water with a supply tank. The tank holds about 60 cups of water at a time.

To watch the Insinkerator H-Waves-C-SS Review on YouTube, click here.


3. Waste King H711-U-SN Dispenser Review

Waste King H711 U Sn Dispenser Review

The best Waste King hot water dispenser is without a doubt the H711-U-SN model. It delivers both hot and cold water which is a bonus. The faucet is a simple design although it is bulky at the bottom.

This hot water dispenser takes third place because of the temperature control only switches between 2 settings and it’s the highest setting do not reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The 2 temperature options are 140 degrees and 190 degrees. Although it’s easy to go from one setting to the other with only a flip switch, it’s still a downside.

The best Waste King hot water dispenser uses a 1300W element for heating and can dispense 100 cups of hot water at a time. Other hot water dispensers unmatch the amount of water it can produce at once.

To watch the Waste King H711-U-SN Dispenser Review on YouTube, click here.


4. Franke HT-200 Dispenser Review

Franke Ht 200 Dispenser Review

The Franke model is the best hot water dispenser for tea as it provides a very fast water flow and has temperature control options. The tank is large as its almost 12 inches by 7 inches by 8 inches. But, it’s meant to meet the needs of a large household or small office.

Franke HT-200 dispenser comes in so low on the list because it’s not a complete kit. You need to purchase a faucet for installation. But, it does filter water as it heats. Because of its size and filtering feature you can take your cooking skills to the next level with filtered hot water.

The temperatures control gauge lets you find your perfect temperature as it has a dial rather than a temperature switch. The only downside is that after years of constant use, there are reports of leaks. Note, you can always upgrade your O-rings to help prevent leaking at the faucet.

To watch the Franke HT-200 Dispenser Review on YouTube, click here.


5. Bosch Tronic 3000T Review

Bosch Tronic 3000t Review

This hot water dispenser is meant to sit under the sink, but it pushes the limits of what most people consider a hot water dispenser. The Bosch has a very low-temperature cap so far as hot water dispenser go. It only reaches 145-degree Fahrenheit. But keep in mind this temperature is still hot enough to scald your hand.

The Bosch hot water dispenser earned its way onto this list because of water volume. It can deliver up to 2.5 gallons of water but holds about 7 gallons, and you see no significant loss in water pressure. This tank size is nearly 3 times as much as the other hot water dispensers.

To watch the Bosch Tronic 3000T Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid – Avalon Top-Loading Hot and Cold-Water Dispenser Review

Avalon Top Loading Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Review

This hot water dispenser is a top loading hot and cold-water dispenser that you would typically see in an office. Unfortunately, the top loading aspect is why it should be avoided at nearly all costs. You’re not saving yourself anything in time or energy either.

The Avalon hot water dispenser uses the 10-gallon jugs of water which are room temperature or cold and then heats each glass individually. The water trickles out of the pour spout which requires 2 hands to operate on the hot water side.

The first hand must hold in the child safety lock while the second hand holds the cup and depresses the lever. By the time you have a full glass, both hands will be tired.

To watch the Avalon Top-Loading Hot and Cold-Water Dispenser Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid – Premier 141030 Dispenser Review

Premier 141030 Dispenser Review

Let’s start by saying that Premier 141030 hot water dispenser doesn’t appear to be so bad at first. But, it’s size is unreasonable, and the knob isn’t exactly practical either.

This hot water dispenser uses a knob faucet instead of a level so, turning the knob isn’t a big deal,but it sets a size issue. The faucet itself is low laying,and the knob sits on top. This design means that you’re constantly dipping your cup, bowl or pan into the sink area to get hot water.

The hot water dispenser is meant to save you energy costs and time,but the Premier 141030  fails to meet its claim of delivering 60 cups of water an hour. The water pressure is incredibly low which makes it difficult to gauge if you could get 60 cups of it in an hour.

To watch the Premier 141030 Dispenser Review on YouTube, click here.


Best Hot Water Dispenser Review

2022 Buyers Guide to the Best Hot Water Dispenser:

When you’re ready to purchase the best hot water dispenser for your home or office you want to key on a few major features. When considering which is the right option for you, keep in mind what you expect the dispenser to accomplish. If you need a cup of tea in the morning, a countertop model or instant tap, might be best. But if you’re planning on satiating an office full of instant coffee and tea drinkers, then you need something a little more heavy-duty. Always consider the size of the tank, how much energy it needs, and whether you can control the temperatures or not. These important aspects can guide you towards the best hot water dispenser of 2022.

3 Main Points to Consider:

  • Water Volume: Each hot water dispenser has a different volume of water it can hold in its tank. Some are a single serving and need filling every time you use it. However, many have a tank that holds about 1.5 litres. Some of the larger hot water dispensers can hold substantially more. When considering the tank size and whether it’s the right water volume for your or not know that many hot water dispensers have a safety feature which prevents it from providing large amounts of water at a time. In many office models, a hot water dispenser will produce about one cup of hot water at a time. Then it will have a reset time. The water volume for the best hot water dispenser of 2022 is important. You don’t want unnecessary amounts of water sitting in the tank unused as it can lead to long-term damage. But, it is a pain refilling the tank every time you need hot water.
  • Energy, Wattage and Time: It seems like energy, wattage and heating time are 3 different things but they all scale back to energy consumption. So, the perfect balance is a low energy system with moderate wattage and fast heating time. However, most systems with a fast heating time are high energy or high wattage. These systems are also known to burn out faster essentially. But, most low energy or low wattage systems take forever to heat,and you’re standing with your cup for 5 minutes waiting to get a mug of tea! Look for a hot water dispenser that has an automatic shut-off feature,so it’s not burning electricity when you don’t need it. This energy consumption is especially important for offices that try to keep their electric bills reasonable.
  • Temperature Control: The temperature control features on many hot water dispensers is a preference. However, when you consider that it’s unlikely you will be the only one ever to use the hot water dispenser is a feature that pays off quickly. Some dispensers simply have one setting for hot or cold. But, many now have a switch, dial or knob that allows you to have some control over how hot the water it. These models often go up to 210-degree Fahrenheit which is right below boiling. Now, do you need near-boiling water? Probably not, and if you have kids around you want it lower than that! But if you can change the temperature down to just hot enough to make a drinkable glass of hot cocoa or tea, then you need some temperature control.

What type of drinks can you make with a hot water dispenser?

You can make virtually anything hot with the use of a hot water dispenser. Because the water reaches nearly boiling straight from the dispenser, you can cut down the cook time for soups and sauces that have a water base.

But, hot drinks are where a hot water dispenser can shine. Whether you drink hot tea, coffee, herbal tea, or need to mix powdered beverages a hot water dispenser can handle it.

Many people think that a hot water dispenser only caters towards tea drinkers. But many coffee drinkers are using a hot water dispenser to skip the coffee machine or latte maker and fill a French press. Fresh coffee made in seconds!

Best Hot Water Dispenser Reviews (2022 Buyers Guide):

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Hot Water Dispenser:

The best hot water dispenser of 2022 should provide innovation, and value to your kitchen. You need a reliable option that won’t waste water or energy. We’re asking a lot from a small device. But, big things come in small packages,and a hot water dispenser can save you tons of time in the kitchen, and energy.

Without the need to heat water in a kettle, or worse, the microwave you can save tons of energy and gas. The kettle is becoming obsolete with the high-quality hot water dispensers that are coming out now.

The Hot Ready model here is hands down the best hot water dispenser of 2022, and only requires a bit of attention to detail to install.

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