7 Best Trash Compactor Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Best Trash Compactor Reviews

Taking out the trash is something nobody wants to do, especially when it’s overloaded. The best trash compactor is built to condense waste, consistently, with little manual effort. These handy machines will compress your trash into significantly smaller loads and make it much easier to take it outside or to the dump. We’ve researched and discovered the seven top-rated trash compactors of 2022, as well as the worst two to avoid.

Reviews of the 7 Best Trash Compactor, Plus 2 to Avoid

 1. Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor Review

Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor Review

After thoroughly researching the market, the best trash compactor of 2022 is the Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor. This particular machine has a 50-liter internal volume, which means it can hold quite a significant volume of trash.

The metal ram installed in the device can reduce trash volume by 50%, which means you can fill it up to as much as 100 liters worth of trash, which is quite impressive when compared to some other compactors that you will find on the market. Operating the device is easy, as you simply step on a foot-operated panel to activate the machine and start compressing your trash.

A level has also been installed to keep the lid in an open position while you are changing the trash compactor bag, which provides a safer way to remove old trash and add a new bag to the device. The Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor comes with a one-year warranty.

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2. Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor Review

Gladiator Gacp15xxmg Modular Garage Trash Compactor Review

If you are looking for the best freestanding trash compactor instead of a built-in option, then consider taking a look at the Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor. While the price of this particular device is much higher than many competitors, it does offer a significant improvement in quality over quite a large number of the other freestanding crash compactors you will find.

The Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor was designed to be placed in the garage, but will also do just fine in other locations of your house too. The device can compress trash at a 75% rate, which is an improvement over a lot of these other trash compactors we found on the market. It has a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet and a 1/3 horsepower motor, delivering immense power to ensure your trash is compacted the way it should be. Casters are included to provide a more portable operation, making it easier for the machine to be moved from one location to another, without having to carry any heavy equipment.

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3. Joseph Joseph 30030 Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor Review

Joseph Joseph 30030 Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor Review

The best portable trash compactor for anyone looking to take their compactor off-site, is the Joseph Joseph 30030 Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor. This is a very attractive device that features a modern design, which means it will fit into most kitchens very well.

The product is available at a decent price and is much more affordable than built-in and freestanding trash compactors. You get to choose between two different colors when you buy this machine, including stainless steel and stone. The metal ram can compress trash by approximately 66%. Even though the internal size can accommodate 30 liters of trash, after compression, it has space for 90 liters of trash. Apart from its default 30-liter size, the Joseph Joseph 30030 Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor is also available in a smaller 20-liter option, for those who are looking for an even more portable device.

While the trash compactor does not feature any movable wheels, it is still portable enough to be mobile – you can easily move it around the house without any problems. This device also comes with a built-in odor control system.

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4. Recycling Trash Compactor by Krushr Review

Recycling Trash Compactor By Krushr Review

Next up is the KRUSHR K012 12” Recycling Trash Compactor. This is one very powerful device that offers a more elegant appearance that many of the other compactors that you will find today.

Even though an extremely powerful device, the machine comes with energy efficient modules installed to help you save on your electricity bill. The door of this device is made from a high-quality stainless steel material that would allow it to blend in with your stainless steel kitchen sink and appliances.

The product also offers separate compactor areas and will fit into the majority of under-counter areas where installation may be required. The product features Hypercrush Compaction technology, which means it can crush trash at a much better level than some of the competitor devices that are available.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that the KRUSHR K012 12” Recycling Trash Compactor features silent operation – this means no more extremely annoying noises once you activate the machine to start compressing and crushing your trash. A power module comes pre-installed in the device, making it much easier to connect it to a power source and to start compressing your trash.

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5. The Step N Sort 959586 Compacting Trash Can Review

The Step N Sort 959586 Compacting Trash Can Review

For those of you that may be looking for a trash compactor to buy on a smaller budget, the Step N Sort 959586 Compacting Trash Can is an ideal candidate. This device costs less than $90 and offers some truly satisfying features that will help you reduce the size of your trash and, of course, make taking out the trash a much easier task for you and your family.

The Step N Sort 959586 offers a 40-liter internal capacity, while still featuring a design that is portable and easy to move around. A stainless steel finish provides a fingerprint-resistant device and the foot pedals installed at the bottom offers you a hands-free operation when throwing trash into the compactor, as well as when activating the device to start compressing the trash on the inside. The inner bucket of this trash compactor can be removed, making cleaning the machine a quick and easy task.

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6. iTouchless Trash Compactor Automatic Trash Can Review

Itouchless Trash Compactor Automatic Trash Can Review

The iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor is a particularly unique device that offers features you do not see in many of the compactors that are currently available. What makes this particular device so unique is its touchless operation. Many devices are promoted as touchless trash compactors, but that simply means you do not have to use your hands to open up and activate the device – usually, such devices have a foot pedal.

This one, however, features a sensor that you simply swipe your hand across – and it will automatically open up its lid and, once closed, it will start to crush your trash. The iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor reduces the size of your trash by around 50%. The machine comes with a built-in odor control system that helps to neutralize any smells your trash may have. When you buy this particular trash compactor, you also get the appropriate AC Adaptor free to ensure you can immediately power it on and start using it.

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7. GE Profile UCG1680LSS 15” Built-In Compactor Review

Ge Profile Ucg1680lss 15 Built In Compactor Review

If what you are after is the best undercounter trash compactor, then you should surely spend some time doing research on the GE Profile UCG1680LSS 15” Built-In Compactor. This is one powerful trash compactor that comes with all the features you need to take full advantage of the benefits that these devices are supposed to offer you.

The machine offers a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet and offers a powerful motor that has a 1/3 horsepower. This is quite an impressive power configuration, which means trash compaction is certainly not an issue for this device. The compression mechanics found in the GE Profile UCG1680LSS 15” Built-In Compactor offers a compression ratio of 75%, which is one of the top levels on the market. Hidden controls make it easy to use the device, without any buttons or levels pushing out of the machine. The front door is made from stainless steel.

The device also comes with a convenient anti-jam feature, which ensures trash will not cause any jams inside of the device and will be compacted just the way you expect it to be.

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Avoid – Broan 15BLEXF 15” 220v Elite Black Door Trash Compactor Review

Broan 15blexf 15 220v Elite Black Door Trash Compactor Review

Just as it was important to determine the top options on the market, it is important to take a look at the worst options out there. If you end up buying a particularly low quality compactor, then you may be wasting your money as the device would not be able to provide you with the performance you are after.

The worst trash compactor on the market would most certainly be the Broan 15BLEXF 15” 220v Elite Black Door Trash Compactor. The machine seems very modern and stylish at first, but there are too many negative attributes about this device to make it worth the excessively high price associated with it. The major issue here would be the fact that the device does not seem to compress internal trash well.

We found that trash is not compressed at the level stated by the manufacturer and is often removed just the way that it was placed in the trash compactor in the first place – which would essentially render the device useless, as the sole purpose of using one of these machines is to reduce your trash volume.

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Avoid – Touchless Trash Compactor Automatic Trash Can by Halo Review

Touchless Trash Compactor Automatic Trash Can By Halo Review

If you are in the market for a trash compactor that will impress you and get the job done right, then we also recommend that you avoid the Touchless Trash Compactor Automatic Trash Can.

The device is manufactured by a brand known as Halo and comes with a couple of nifty features. This is one of the rare devices that you can open up without touching the device itself at all – simply wave your hand in front of the sensor, and the lid will open up for you. Unfortunately, it does not seem like the sensor works every time and it often fails to work at all, which means you get locked out of your trash compactor and would not be able to add more trash or activate it to start compressing your trash.

The device does come with a natural filter to help eliminate nasty odors that are often found in the trash. According to the manufacturer, the Halo Touchless Trash Compactor Automatic Trash Can offers compression power that reduces trash size by approximately 50%.

The device features an internal storage capacity of 49 liters, which means it can take almost 100 liters of compressed trash. The material also features an antimicrobial coating to help eliminate bacteria and germs.

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Best Trash Compactor

2022 Buyers Guide to the Best Trash Compactor

Taking out the trash is something no one wants to do. It may even spark an argument or two in your household – especially if you have kids. The bigger the trash load, the more effort and the less you’d be willing to do it. That’s where trash compactors come in.

Once you have decided to buy one of the best trash compactor available, the next step is to learn more about these machines and also to understand what makes them work effectively. This will ensure you make the right choice when you go out to shop for a trash compactor.

Below, we share a couple of points that you should always keep in mind when you do decide to shop for one of these machines, which will ultimately help you avoid buying a product that will end up as a disappointment to you.

4 Main Points to Consider

  • Compaction Force: You are looking to buy a trash compactor for one particular reason – to compress and shrink your trash. For this reason, the compaction force of a machine is a factor to consider. These devices vary widely – and not all of them have the same compression force. This is a crucial factor that you should never miss or undermine. The compaction force of a trash compactor tells you how well the machine can crush and compact trash. In many cases, you won’t find specific data related to the compaction force on a product’s description page, but they may tell you by what percentage the device can compact your trash. This data can provide you with a basic overview of how well the trash compactor compaction force works. Try to aim for a higher percentage in order to find a more useful option to buy. When you buy a trash compactor with a high compaction force, then it means trash will be crushed more thoroughly and compressed into smaller piles, making it even easier to take out the trash when the time comes.
  • Odor Management: In addition to compaction force being considered while shopping for one of these machines, another essential point that you should always keep in mind is the odor management features that are offered by the particular option that you may be interested in. The odor is a big problem when it comes to trash – and often the reason why trash cans often kept out in open in the kitchen. The odor is unhygienic and can be extremely unpleasant. Since more trash goes into a trash compactor than a regular trash bin, the concern about odors become even greater. Luckily, the majority of the trash compactors that are currently on the market offers a built-in odor management system. This type of system was designed to help keep the odor inside of the can and ensure the external environment can continue smelling fresh without any smells from the trash leaking out. Not all of the odor management systems offered by these machines are the same, so take a close look at how the system works in the trash compactor you are interested in to ensure it will adequately cover up any odors the trash may expel.
  • Price: Since you are not looking to buy the regular trash can here, but rather a trash compactor, it is important to consider the price as well. You are not going to walk into a shop with $10 and bring out a trash compactor. The prices of these machines are in a much higher range, but can also greatly differ between the different brands that manufacture the products. When you take a look at the prices that these machines are available at, consider what you can truly afford. Additionally, also consider what exactly you are looking for. There are some options out there that are generally more affordable than other options. When you know how much you can spend on one of these machines, then it becomes easier to find one to suit your budget and your needs. The price of a trash compactor will generally be more than $100. Portable options are usually much more affordable than trash compactors that fit underneath a counter, as these particular options can sometimes sell at prices way above $1,000. Take into account the cost of installation as well, as this is not included with the purchase of the compactor.
  • Warranty: Another point where you should pay careful attention is the warranty that comes with the trash compactor you are interested in buying. Warranties often tend to defer from one brand to another brand, but most of the trash compactors on the market right now do come with at least a limited warranty for a year or two. There are quite a large number of options that also come with more extended warranties. A 10-year warranty is a popular feature often offered with the purchase of a trash compactor. The warranty may come in handy should the machine become faulty. Do not only look at how long the warranty lasts, however, but also the specific details governing the warranty as there are often hidden terms that could cause you to lose your money when the compactor breaks. If you are unable to find any details about how the warranty of the product works, then be sure to get in touch with the manufacturer to understand the terms of their warranties.

What is the difference between a trash compactor and a trash can?

When comparing a regular trash can to a trash compactor, there are sometimes many similarities that can be noted. For this reason, a significant number of people have asked what exactly the difference between these products are and which one truly provides them with the more convenient set of features.

The difference is rather simple. A trash can is a bin-type product that was designed to store your trash for you until you get up and take the trash outside. With a trash compactor, however, things are somewhat different. These machines were primarily made to ensure trash that needs to be taken outside is smaller – these devices are equipped with special technology that helps to compress everything that is placed on the inside. This will come in handy in the event you’re dealing with an excessive amount of waste, as in hosting a barbecue and paper plates, cups, utensils, corn cobs, and other leftover food.

In turn, it helps to reduce the size of your waste. This holds a significant advantage as it makes taking out the trash a breeze, as there is no need for excessively large trash bags, plus the garbage is compressed inside of a special type of garbage bag, which means you simply remove the bag from the trash compactor and take it outside. Even though more expensive than a standard type of trash can, a trash compactor does hold a great number of benefits over the more traditional options.

What is the difference between a freestanding vs. portable vs. built-in trash compactor?

While browsing for a trash compactor to buy, you will notice that there are many different options available on the market in modern times. Even though the majority of these machines were made to be built into a cupboard at one point in time, you now also get freestanding and portable options, which gives you more flexibility in regards to how you will be using the trash compactor and, of course, where it will fit into your home.

Understanding the primary differences between the various types of these machines is important, as this will allow you to know better which option will work the best for you.

A built-in trash compactor is often thought of as a default option. It is usually built in underneath your kitchen counter, or wherever you want to place it. The majority of people who opt for a built-in trash compactor tend to place it between two cupboards. The downside to a built-in version of these machines is that it requires a more complication installation method and they are far more expensive than the other options you will find available.

A freestanding trash compactor is still a relatively large machine, but it does not have to be installed underneath a counter. This type of trash compactor is placed in a spot that you wish to allocate to the trash compartment – perhaps a corner of the kitchen that is out of the way, for example.

A portable trash compactor is very similar to a freestanding option, but there are some key differences that should be noted. First, these compactors were designed to be movable – and they should not require more than a single person to move them. This is why most of the portable options you would see today will come with built-in wheels. This makes it much easier to move them around. Additionally, the majority of the portable options that you are going to find on the market will be significantly smaller than built-in and even freestanding trash compactors – hence the term “portable.”

How does a trash compactor work?

Even though there are quite an impressive variety of trash compactors that you can opt for when deciding to buy one of these devices, most of the machines will share some particular similarities that are considered the key elements that make up a trash compactor. There are three particle factors that are usually shared among all of the trash compactors you will find on your market while doing your research.

Each of these machines will have a bin, with the sole purpose of keeping the trash on the inside and more organized for you. A metal ram is attached inside of the bin, which was designed to do the compression for you. Another key element is a power switch. The power switch is what makes the “magic” happen on the inside of the bin.

Once the power button is pressed, it will activate the metal ram. The metal ram will then move in closer in order to start compressing all of the trash that is found on the inside of the trash compactor.

Some of these devices come with fancier features, such as a touchless operation, special ways to open up the lid, and perhaps even more powerful rams that can provide a significantly better rate of compression than other machines on the market.

Pros and Cons of Trash Compactors

Understanding what the pros and cons are of choosing a trash compactor over a regular trash can is important – this will help you know whether it would be a good decision if you do choose to opt for one of these trash devices, instead of going the old-fashioned way of throwing trash in a can and taking out the bag with all the trash in its original form.

Let’s start with the pros that you can obtain by choosing a trash compactor instead. First, these devices often look much better than a regular trash can you can buy at a local store. They are also much more convenient. You simply add a compatible bag to the trash can, throw in your trash, and then activate the switch when you are ready to compress. Furthermore, they reduce the size of your trash – some devices can do this by as much as 80%. That’s quite an impressive figure! When your trash is compressed, you have much less to take out on trash day. Another particular benefit that people often talk about is the fact that these machines are environmentally-friendly, as the reduced trash size helps to contribute to slower growing landfills.

Now, let’s consider some of the drawbacks that you may face when choosing a trash compactor. Since some of these devices may require installation, while a regular trash bin is simply placed wherever you want it to be and then ready to use, this may be the first con that comes to mind. Installation can sometimes be complex and may cost you a lot of money, depending on who does the installation.

A second factor is that a trash compactor uses electricity, where a regular trash bin does not require any electricity to work. Thus, in the long run, it will cost you somewhat more to operate an electrical trash compactor. And, of course, there is the price difference between these options.

While you can pick up a trash can for less than $10 at some stores, it will be very hard to find a trash compactor for under $100. Most of them cost $150 and more, with some options costing more than $1,000.

What can you put in a trash compactor?

One of the most important things that anyone interested in buying a trash compactor should realize is that these machines are not made for every single type of trash you may have.

It is essential for everyone to understand that there are some types of trash that are considered appropriate for a trash compactor, while other types of trash should rather be placed in a trash bin or a garbage bag. If you do not adhere to these basic rules of using such a machine, then it may end up breaking or stop working as it is supposed to work.

We should first cover what materials and products you need to avoid placing in the trash compactor. First up is thicker types of glass. This may cause the bag liner to break, which could end up in a complete mess. Any type of oil should also be avoided, whether it comes from your French fryer or some salad with a dressing over. This will cause a leak to occur, or it may lead to mechanical errors.

Also avoid throwing meat into a trash compactor, as well as radios, batteries, and other electronic devices. It is also not advised to use these machines to dispose of wood. Also, avoid throwing in anything that may have a strong odor.

When it comes to what you can throw into the trash – everything else, really. Some particular trash compactors may have specific instructions that explain to you what types of materials you can throw into the machine – when such instructions are included, be sure to read and understand it and to follow it thoroughly. When no instructions are provided, try to keep the list shared above in mind and do not throw anything harsh into the machine.

Are trash compactors worth it?

Whether a trash compactor is worth it or not is quite a difficult question to answer, as people tend to have different opinions when it comes to this particular type of question. Really, the question of whether the purchase of a trash compactor will feel like a worthy buy is usually up to every single individual.

Some people really love to use these devices and swear that it has made their lives much easier, while others complain about trash not being compacted enough, or other issues that is causing them to rather revert back to a more traditional option for trash disposal – in other words, a regular bin with a garbage bag.

Thus, if you do not know whether a trash compactor is worth it for you, then you will need to take some factors into consideration in order to find out. Consider how much trash you have and what type of trash – if you have a lot of trash that is not disposable in a trash compactor, then it might not be worth your money. On the other hand, if most of your trash can be disposed in one of these machines and you feel like the reduces size of your trash is a helpful feature, then it might be worth it to invest some money into buying a trash compactor.

How to remove a trash compactor?

While a trash compactor certainly has a great number of benefits and features to offer a person, there are many people who install one of these devices and end up using it less-and-less. This is often because trash compactors are not compatible with every type of trash you may have, which means you may still need to have a regular trash can nearby to dispose of those items that you cannot throw into the trash compactor. When you do decide that it is time for your trash compactor to go, then the first step would be to remove it – this only accounts for those compactors installed underneath a counter. Portable and freestanding options are much easier to get rid of.

The first step would be to ensure the trash compactor is completely empty and to turn off its power then. If you have a door in front of the compactor, then you should remove it first before attempting to remove the trash compactor itself.

Once the door is removed, you should pull on the machine and gently slide it out of its place. When the machine comes out of the area it is housed in, be sure to unplug it. Finally, completely remove it from the space it was installed in. The final step would be just to replace the door, if there were one in the first place.

How to install a trash compactor?

The installation of a trash compactor might be easier than many people think. Many people who do offer installation services often tend to charge ridiculously high charges for the installation of such a simple device, which is why quite a lot of individuals are opting to take charge of the installation method themselves. Most built-in trash compactors will come with full installation instructions, which will make it easier for you if you decide to do it yourself.

You will need a compatible location between two cupboards and underneath your counter. The perfect place would be an empty cupboard with no shelves. You should ensure space is adequate for fitting the machine. Once you find the right spot, use a screwdriver to remove the cupboard door. Start sliding the trash compactor up toward space where it will be installed. Before pushing it back, be sure to connect it to a power source – the machine will, after all, not work if it is not plugged in.

Finally, push it back and then place the door back on its hinges with the screws and a screwdriver. As you can see, it is a relatively simple procedure that many people would be able to perform without having to hire a professional.

✅Trash Compactor: Reviews of the 7 Best Trash Compactor, Plus 2 to Avoid ❎:

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Trash Compactor

Trash compactors have become popular because they provide a way to significantly reduce the size of trash, while also helping to reduce landfill sizes, making them environmentally friendly. These machines may be somewhat costlier than the average trash can, but is a truly helpful addition to your list of kitchen appliances.

We looked at the best trash compactor of 2022 in this post to help you determine which one is right for you and your family, so now it is up to you to choose the one most suitable.

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  1. I had a Sears, I believe, trash compactor. Bought it at a garage sale. loved it! I moved from my little house, and I have lost track of it. I would like to buy one now, 2022. Are they still available? Where can I get one?

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