5 Best Water Purification Tablets Review (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Best Water Purification Tablet

On an excursion of any kind, you’ll need survival and emergency aids. Now, if you’re looking for the best water purification tablets of 2022, eureka, we’ve found them! Many people prepare for the worst and in any survival bag or hiker’s gear you are sure to find water purification tabs. Too often have hikers, or campers experienced the unpleasantness that is water transferred disease. Dysentery, cholera, and typhoid are all a result of drinking contaminated water. We’ve done all the research and found the 5 best water purification tablets available now, as well as 2 you should avoid.

Reviews of the 5 Best Water Purification Tablets, Plus 2 to Avoid

1. Katadyn MicroPur MP1 Review

Katadyn MicroPur MP1 Review

These tablets take the top spot because of their functionality. Although their flavor is a bit off, they kill all the microorganisms you might encounter from the water. These are the best water purification tablets. They are useful for an emergency situation as they work quickly and kill off all microorganisms.

The Katadyn MicroPur MP1 tablets kill off cryptosporidium as well as other bacteria and viruses. So far as tablets that kill cryptosporidium go, these taste the best. The Katadyn MicroPur MP1 tablets don’t irritate your skin, burn your nose, or make your throat itch.

The Katadyn MicroPur MP1 tablets are a great value for their price and last for years. Overall the Katadyn MicroPur MP1 tablets are the top water purification tablets. Although they’re not the best in an emergency, they’re used for hunting, camping, and backpacking.

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2. Potable Aqua with PA+Plus Review

Potable Aqua with PA+Plus Review

So, these tablets don’t kill cryptosporidium, but they do kill off viruses and bacteria which is all you need in an emergency. The lack of killing cryptosporidium is the only reason these iodine tablets don’t take the top spot.

The Potable Aqua with PA+Plus is the best water purification tablets for emergency situations. Although many people avoid the Potable Aqua with PA+Plus purification tablets because they’re iodine-based, there is no taste.

That’s right; there is no chemical taste because these water purification tablets are a 2-part system. First, you use the water purification tablet. Now, even after this tablet the iodine taste and smell are very faint. However, when you use the second tablet the color and taste of the iodine neutralizes quickly.

The Potable Aqua with PA+Plus tablets come in 2 separate bottles which are brown colored and screw tight. However, it’s always recommended with screw top bottles to secure them in a watertight pouch. If you can find a pouch which will eliminate sunlight as well, that’s even better!

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3. Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets Review

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets Review

If there were Aquatabs available during the time of settlers heading West fewer people would have died of Typhoid, Cholera, or the infamous Dysentery. Our Aquatabs water purification tablets review reveals one thing: best value.

These tablets are very cheap and work within a 40-minute time frame. With each pack, you get 100 individually sealed tablets. Many people purchase these and store them in the cabin they use for hunting or in their bug bag.

If you’re looking for tablets that will last years, and are easy to use, choose the Aquatabs. However, they’re not durable at all. Buying a proper case for these tablets is important. In a pouch, they crumble to dust, and in their original packaging, they rip open easily.

You must take careful effort to maintain the integrity of these tablets. Remember never to use a tablet that’s been crushed or exposed to outside elements as they won’t be as effective.

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4. Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Review

Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Review

Although side effects are different for every person when it comes to water purification tablets we see the Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide tablets usually leaves people with an itchy throat.

However, it’s important to mention that the Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide tablets do kill cryptosporidium as well as the bacteria and viruses you typically find in the water. The smell and taste aren’t too bad, but it is noticeable. The packaging isn’t as durable as you would expect for water purification tablets.

Unstable or unimpressive packaging is easy to fix with water and light-proof pouch. Although for the price you might not want to invest in both the tablets and a container to put them in. Many people prefer these tablets. If you do, just be sure to be careful when storing them.

We recommend getting another pouch or container to place the tablets in to protect them from outside exposure. These are the best water purification tablets for backpacking because of the wide spectrum of microorganisms they kill.

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5. Aquamira Water Purification Tablets Review

Aquamira Water Purification Tablets Review

Aquamira water purification tablets are known for keeping to their long shelf-life. They use a military grade chemical, chlorine dioxide, to purify water. The Aquamira water purification tablets are best for hiking and hunting trips.

If you plan on being out for the day and know that safe drinking water may be hard to find, pack these tablets. It’s easy to take only what you need because each tablet has its own airtight packaging, and stores easily in a reusable pouch.

With these tablets, you can easily purify 1 liter of water. However, you need an accompanying filter system. Additionally, the tablets take 4 hours to work fully, so they are not ideal in an emergency situation.

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Avoid– TAC-H2O Refill 100 Tabs Review

TAC-H2O Refill 100 Tabs Review

Tac-Bar Tactical Food Rations is a company that delivers top quality survival solutions for your bug bag. But, these are water purification tablets to avoid. The TAC-H20 tablets only take about 30 minutes to work and claim to purify up to 5 liters of water.

This outlandish claim seems too good to be true, and it is for 2 reasons. First, they expire in 5 years which means that unless you come across an emergency soon, they’ll expire before you need them. Second, the directions are difficult to understand.

When your hiking, backpacking, camping or hunting you might have time to review directions thoroughly. But if you’re unsure of how to use the products, it’s pretty much worthless. If you are determined to use the TAC-H2O tablets, watch a YouTube video on how to use them before going out hiking or backpacking.

To watch the TAC-H2O Refill 100 Tabs Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid – Taharmayim Water Purification Tablets Review

Taharmayim Water Purification Tablets Review

There is purification, and then there is water overkill. The Taharmayim water purification tablets leave a strong and distinctive smell of a public swimming pool. The smell of chlorine is overwhelming, and many people find that they can’t ingest it.

Often time people using the Taharmayim water purification tablets when backpacking or camping near home call it a day when they need water.

The Taharmayim water purification tablets are one of the worst purification tablets of 2022. Avoid them whenever possible. In an emergency, you can taste, but there’s no other reason to ingest water purified with these tablets.

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Best Water Purification Tablets Reviews

2022 Buyers Guide to the Best Water Purification Tablets:

To find the best water purification tablets you need to consider a few primary points. Consider, what type of purification to you prefer. Also, weigh your options in how much you’re carrying and what quality of water you’ll have access to when hiking or camping. It’s important to remember that purification tablets can only do so much for the quality of water you have.

3 Main Points to Consider:

  • Type: There are 2 different methods used in water purification tablets. The first is a chlorine treatment, or a process known as water chlorination. Chlorine purification tablets will taste similar to drinking water. There is some question as to their effectiveness, and long-term use effects. Because chlorine is a common chemical in cleaning many people are concerned that it could have long-term health effects. However, if you consider the situation you’re in when using water purification tablets the possibilities of long-term health issues are minor. You don’t want to risk contracting a malicious virus or harmful bacteria while backpacking, camping, or in an emergency. The second method used to purify water is iodine. Many people dislike iodine-based purification tablets because of the strange taste. Now, if you’re nearly dying of thirst, you will drink water regardless of its taste. But, the other concern with iodine-based purification tablets is that iodine is a fairly common allergy. The iodine can also disrupt those who have thyroid issues. Before purchasing any iodine-based water purification tablets, you should have an allergy test done. A final note, pregnant women, and children should avoid iodine water purification tablets at all costs.
  • Ability: The ability of a purification tablet should at the very least include killing bacteria and viruses. However, there is the concern for Cryptosporidium as well. Unlike other microorganisms, Cryptosporidium doesn’t die with a standard amount of chlorine or iodine. Many tablets claim to kill off cryptosporidium, however, testing it is incredibly difficult. However, you should always read through all the information available thoroughly. Cryptosporidium can wreak havoc on your immune system and cause many long-term issues. If you can’t find a set of tablets in your price range that also targets cryptosporidium, then aim for tablets that kill bacteria and viruses. The most basic of microorganisms will have you sick for days, but typhoid and dysentery can cause much more damage.
  • Features: There are few features you can find in water purification tablets. However, there is one redeeming feature that is found in iodine-based tablets. A second tablet is sometimes included to offset the taste of the iodine and other chemicals. If you’re hoping to stay away from the harshness of chlorine, you should look for iodine tablets that come in a set. The first tablet will purify your water, while the second tablet with neutralizing the iodine’s taste and color. Other than the ability to offset the chemical taste you’re looking for something that is very basic. Tablets may feature specialized packaging to keep them sealed and air-tight. Packaging is a feature that offers your tablets durability.

Are water purification tablets safe?

Because water purification tablets are chemical powders pressed together made to kill multiple microorganisms. Overall, this is cause for concern. Are water purification tablets safe divides into 2 questions?

First, are they safe to handle? Not really. Some tablets like Aquatabs are made with chemicals which aren’t harmful or harsh against rough skin. So, if you were to dissolve them in the palm of your hand, they won’t leave chemical burns.

But, Aquatabs aside many water purification tablets aren’t safe to handle. They should immediately drop into the container or water.

For ingestion, water purification tablets are fairly safe for being entirely made up of chemicals. Water purification tablets should only come to use when the water supply available is substantially poor.

Long-term use of water purification tablets can lead to damage to your health. But when you’re in an emergency, the short-term health risks are a higher priority.

How do water purification tablets work?

All water purification tablets work in similar methods. A tablet usually contains chlorine or iodine, and a few contain chlorine oxide. These chemicals mix with water to kill micro-organisms to prevent disease. Common diseases which people contract through water are cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Because these diseases are all serious, having potable drinking water is imperative to survival.

You mix the tablet with a specific dosage of water and either shake the water container or let it sit for a period.

You must keep your water purification tablets sealed in air-tight packaging. Before dropping the tablet into the water, you need to purify, filter the water in any way possible. Allow any dirt or sediment to settle at the bottom of the container and slowly transfer the water to another container if you don’t have a portable water filter.

Drop the tablet into the water and wait for the manufacturer’s recommended time. Always wipe down the surface of your drinking device as there may be contaminated water present on a mouthpiece.

Best Water Purification Tablets Review (2022 Buyers Guide):

Final Thoughts on Finding One of the Best Water Purification Tablets:

Finding the best water purification tablets of 2022 should be as difficult as it is now. There are too many options available and no real way to ensure that you’re getting water purification tablets that will kill everything.

But, the water purification tablets on this list are thoroughly reviewed and proven to work even in emergency situations. Always consider the environment and quality of water you’ll probably encounter when the time comes to use water purification tablets. Stick to whichever method you prefer, and always keep them sealed!

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