Best Wheatgrass Juice Recipes of 2022

Best Wheatgrass Juice Recipes

If you’re always looking for ways to improve your health, you may have tried out various trendy superfoods or supplements in an effort to feel and look better. One of the experiments that have maintained a steady spot in increasing nutrition has been juicing wheatgrass.

Thirst for the Best Wheatgrass Juice Recipes of 2022:

Benefits of Wheatgrass:

Aside from providing an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals, juicing wheatgrass unlocks digestive enzymes that are usually locked away in the fiber of whole fruits and vegetables.

How Powerful is Wheatgrass?

1 oz. of wheatgrass juice is equivalent in nutrients to approximately 2 pounds of fresh vegetables!

Brief History of Wheatgrass:

Wheatgrass was actually introduced to the Western world in the 1930s by Charles Schnabel who conducted numerous experiments proving the health benefits of the plant.

Wheatgrass and Acidity:

Known to be a strong alkalizing agent, consuming a small doze regularly will slowly bring down the acidity in our bodies which can cause disease.

How to Introduce Wheatgrass into Your Daily Nutrition:
When in a rush with no time for juicing at home, you may stop at local health shops and grab a cup of vegetable juice for the road. Looking over the extensive menu you may notice the option of adding a shot of wheatgrass juice to the blend.

How to Make a Shot of Wheatgrass:

Adding a shot of wheatgrass juice to your diet can get costly if purchased from health stores but with the right equipment you’ll be able to make it easily at home. Having any of the following will allow you to start making wheatgrass immediately:

Though a masticating juicer provides the best result when juicing wheatgrass, it is a bit of an investment. What we consider to be “regular” juicers, or centrifugal juicers, are more popular and economic but due to the rapid spinning action it will extract juice less efficiently as well as oxidizing the fresh juice often changing the taste and quality of nutrients. Yet if this is the only type of equipment you have there are ways to work around it. Wrapping the wheatgrass with large leaves (kale or spinach) will allow you to juice while adding more nutrients to your juice.

A mortar and pestle is more tedious, working to grind up the wheatgrass with bits of water until a paste is made which you can dilute to get a shot. The most convenient and probably most accessible way is to use a blender, simply blending the wheatgrass with water and later straining to remove the fibers our bodies cannot digest.

Make the Best Wheatgrass Juice Recipes Imaginable in 2022

The following recipe walks you through the process and even teaches how to save any additional juice so it won’t go to waste!

Best Wheatgrass Juice Recipe

Though the equipment is essential, you won’t be able to make your juice without the most important ingredient! Though most health supermarkets sell patches of wheatgrass in their produce section, growing your own is possible and even more rewarding than constantly buying once you run out. Ordering online can give the option of purchasing a kit with instructions to growing successful batches of grass. Don’t have an outdoor space? Wheatgrass flats do grow indoors, providing enough light is available you should be able to harvest your bunch in 7-14 days.

Once you start juicing it’s important to remember to start off slow. Not only do you have to become accustomed to the strong taste of wheatgrass but since it is so potent starting off with small doses is highly recommend. At first you could experience nausea or an upset stomach so beginning with 1oz is important. Some people never get used to the taste but do enjoy the benefits so instead of taking direct shots they add it to juices. Or if you, like me, start your day with a smoothie you can add it to your morning blend!

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