8 Best Detox Tea Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Best Detox Teas

If you’ve been looking to cleanse from toxins, clear your digestive tract, and generally purify your body for improved energy, stamina, and weight control, trying out the best detox tea on the market is a great way to go. When you’re shopping for detox tea its important to consider the benefits of the tea, if its in brew bags vs powder form, as well as the reputation of the detox tea brand itself. We’ve researched and discovered eight top-rated detox teas, as well as two you just might want to avoid. As a bonus, we’ll share 5 amazing tea detox recipes to try at home!

Reviews of the 8 Best Detox Tea, Plus 2 to Avoid

1. Green Root Tea Detox Tea 14 Day Cleanse Review

Green Root Tea Detox Tea 14 Day Cleanse Review

If you are looking for the best organic detox tea, this is it. It works well for both a 14-day and a 28-day detox if you want to lose weight, and the ingredients are completely organic. We love how the natural ingredients help to increase circulation, cleanse the colon, and improve digestion, which means we feel healthier all-round. Green root tea also helps to eliminate gas and bloating and it tastes amazing. Flavors include pomegranate, orange peel, ginger, fennel, and even cacao., so there is sure to be a flavor you will enjoy.

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2. Tiny Tea Teatox 14 Day Review

Tiny Tea Teatox 14 Day Review

Available in both 14-day and 28-day detox, Tiny Tea helps to reduce bloat, burn fat, and clear up your skin, making it a good kidney cleanser. The teas are made of herbal ingredients and aim to rebalance the gut, setting the digestive system up for success. This tea tastes great as is, and it works well when consumed half an hour before a meal. It also helps to suppress appetite.

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3. Lyfe Tea 14 Day Teatox Review

Lyfe Tea 14 Day Teatox Review

Lyfe Tea teatox is one of the best 14-day detox teas on the market. You have to put the leaves into an infuser or tea bag to steep it, so keep that in mind if you don’t have the products at hand. The aim is to drink the tea in the morning to boost your metabolism and give you energy for the day. You can also take it at night to promote restful sleep and detoxification. The morning tea needs to steep for up to 10 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea. Start of slowly with the evening tea as it is quite strong -we began steeping it for a minute and then slowly increased that time. The moringa blend along with the all-natural ingredients work well to detox the body and get rid of toxins.

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4. Bootea 28 Day Teatox Review

Bootea 28 Day Teatox Review

While Bootea is one of the pricier detox teas on the market, it’s definitely one of the best 28-day detox products. The product comes with two different teas, a daytime and a bedtime cleanse tea. The daytime tea is made up of energizing ingredients like dandelion leaf and fennel seeds, and a whole lot more to give you that awesome morning boost. The bedtime cleanse comprises relaxing herbs like fenugreek seeds and peppermint leaves to help with restful sleep and detoxification. This tea contains Senna leaves, which act as a laxative to clear out the colon.

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5. FitTea 14 Day Detox Review

Fittea 14 Day Detox Review

Try out the FitTea detox for weight loss and to boost energy, reduce bloating, and increase your metabolism. The tea contains Oolong Wu Yi and Garcinia Cambogia, making it a refreshing drink at breakfast time or before you work out. As with any weight loss product, not everyone will get the same results, but it has proven to be a great colon cleanser over all.

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6. Baetea 14 Day Acai Teatox Review

Baetea 14 Day Acai Teatox Review

If you’re looking for the best detox tea on the market, this is it. It’s Amazon’s number one seller and is well-known to rid the body of excess water and even reduce stress. The detox tea can aid digestion and bloating, too. The baetea teatox comes with a risk-free money back guarantee, which just goes to show, this brand has a lot of faith in its product. The teatox contains stevia, a natural and must healthier sweetener and it can help with your weight loss goals in conjunction with regular exercise. The product is available in both 14-day and 28-day detox.

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7. Pukka Organic Detox Tea Review

Pukka Organic Detox Tea Review

If your aim with detox tea is to detox your liver, check our Pukka Tea. This is a simple, yet effective, tea that is made with cardamom, fennel seed, aniseed, and a ton more all-natural ingredients. It is also caffeine-free. The detoxifying herbs in Pukka render it a great detox option that also tastes amazing. This tea really does pack a powerful punch and you can enjoy it any time of the day or night!

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8. Rishi Tea Organic Review

Rishi Tea Organic Review

This organic detox tea from Rishi blends turmeric, hot ginger, lemon, and a host of other ingredients, making it a great way to improve your overall health and improve the condition of your skin – it’s also incredibly tasty. Rishi Tea is a caffeine-free detox tea, which means you can enjoy it any time of the day, and it is a loose-leaf variety with no artificial ingredients.

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Avoid – Yoga Herbal Detox Tea Review

Yoga Herbal Detox Tea Review

Yoga Herbal Tea is comprised of a wide range of regular herbal teas and a few specific detox options. It’s not particularly a detox tea and it doesn’t claim to offer any benefits such as energy, clarity, or weight loss assistance. It’s just a straight forward brand, a regular tea, and it might help cleanse your kidneys and liver, but there are no promises.

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Avoid – Detox Skinny Herb Tea 28 Day Teatox Review

Detox Skinny Herb Tea 28 Day Teatox Review

Detox Skinny Herb Tea left us rather constipated. The morning tea is not as appetite suppressing as it promises to be, so we would still be reaching for that mid-morning snack. The evening tea also isn’t as relaxing as other brands, and would leave us with spasms and cramps. We’d say, stick with the top 8 brand we recommend above!

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Best Detox Teas

Four Top-Rated Detox Tea Brands

Now that you know what the different top detox teas are, and perhaps you’ve decided why you want to buy a detox tea or two, let’s look at the top-rated detox tea brands of 2022 and what they have to offer consumers in their range.

1. Fit Tea

The Fit Tea brand ticks all the boxes for us. The tea is a blend of all-natural, organic ingredients that help to speed up the metabolism, boost energy, and assist with weight loss. It can also boost your immune system, suppress appetite, and improve digestion. The organic ingredients make it a completely safe brand which is made in the USA, is FDA approved, and is free of gluten and soy. The brand is available in a 14-day and 28-day detox tea, but they also produce fat burner capsules, detox wraps, and even fit coffee for when you need that coffee hit! It’s the best on the market by far and well worth your money.

2. Total Tea

We like the Total Tea brand for its cleansing properties. When it comes to weight loss, doctors actually recommend this brand, citing it as highly effective for herbal colon cleansing. The all-natural teas are aimed at ridding the body of toxins, reducing stress, and boosting energy levels. They are delicious, and they truly do ease constipation, bloating, and other tummy issues. The blend includes papya, ginger, chamomile, Echinacea, and a range of other beneficial herbs to detox your system. The brand also manufacturers cups, and anti-inflammatory supplements to aid joint and bone health.

3. PureTea

PureTea is aimed at decreasing appetite, detoxifying, aiding weight loss, increasing energy, and giving your system an overall good cleanse. The 14-day detox is delicious, with hints of mint, lemon, and cinnamon, but the tea also includes healthy Goji berries, Sencha tea, rose flower, and oolong tea. It’s a great brand for weight loss, but the brand also makes a wide range of loose-leaf teas, such as yerba mate, and teabags, as well as teapots and cups, weight loss capsules, and tons of different flavored teas.

4. Traditional Medicinals

Caffeine-free and organic, Traditional Medicinals brand tea is made with non-GMO cleaver’s herb, Burdock, dandelion root, and nettle, as well as other organic ingredients. It is aimed at promoting a healthier liver and kidneys as well as improving the condition of your skin. It tastes great, with reminiscent flavors of star anise and liquorice, and it is based on traditional Chinese medicine. The company makes a plethora of flavored detox teas as well as a kid’s range and teas aimed specifically at women.

2022 Buyers Guide to the Best Detox Teas:

What is detox tea, you ask? If you’re still confused at this point, let us assure you of this: nutrition experts are in agreement that crash diets and fads are bad news for your body. Those easy-come-easy-go products are filled with potentially toxic chemicals, so even if you lose weight, you could pay a serious health toll later on. Detox tea, though, is different – it’s all natural, delicious, and so very versatile! Detox tea is usually based on tea leaves mixed with different types of herbs, but it is also available in powder form. The teas contain ingredients to revitalize the liver, and help the body to eliminate toxic waste, which in turn means you can look forward to better health and, in some instances, weight loss. You can may also experience a digestive system boost. Toxins that build up in our colons prevent the body from properly absorbing nutrients, which slows down digestion, weakens our immunity, and has an overall negative impact on weight management and health. With detox teas, you can help your body get the nutrients you need. But first you need to consider a few key factors.

Aspects of Detox Teas to Consider:

Shopping for detox tea is no easy feat. There are a variety of different things you should consider when buying detox tea – not just the brand and flavor. What’s more, the teas come in different forms, like tea bags, loose leaf, and even powders. And, if that’s not enough, there are different detox teas for different uses, like liver cleanses, overall detoxification, and weight loss or weight management. Below, we’ve out lined some of the main things to consider when looking for the perfect detox tea for your needs.

1. Detox Tea Programs

If your aim is to consume detox tea for weight loss or for cleansing, you need to consider which detox tea program you want to try. The two most common are 14 day cleanses vs 28 day cleanses. In the tea-toxing world, the 14-day and 28-day options are favored amongst first-timers and those who don’t often do a detox or cleanse. For some, a 14-day detox isn’t quiet long enough, especially if you really want to reap the benefits of detox tea. On the other hand, the 28-day tea-tox is a great way to truly experience the many cleansing and healthy benefits that detox tea has to offer. It’s a good way to give the tea enough time to work on your system and decide whether or not detox tea really is for you.

2. The Ingredients

You’re probably thinking, it’s tea – what other ingredients do I need to be aware of? Seriously, detox tea side effects? Well, we do need to include any hazards or warnings: there are some ingredients in detox tea that may cause unwanted side effects. Besides the actual tea in the product, detox concoctions often include other herbs that are designed to rev up your metabolism, curb your appetite, or boost weight loss in one way or another. Senna, for example, is a common component in detox teas which has potential side effects like cramps, gas, bloating, and even diarrhea. Another popular ingredient is guarana that can cause nervousness, headaches, anxiety, and ringing in your ears. When it comes to detox tea ingredients, do your homework and make sure you know what is in the tea before you consume it. Even the so-called all-natural components may have side effects.

3. Tea Time Is Not Any Time

Believe it or not, not all detox teas are suitable at all times of the day. Teas like oolong, green tea, and white teas often have caffeine in them and are better suited in the morning or even before you hit the gym. Other detox teas may work better to cleanse the body while you sleep, so they’re great as a bedtime drink, especially if they contain relaxing infusions of cinnamon, mint, and chamomile. Another consideration is whether to drink your detox tea hot or cold. Experts suggest that hot tea is more beneficial for weight loss as there are typically more antioxidants in the tea, whereas other experts report that it really doesn’t matter what temperature you prefer to drink your tea at. So, we suggest drinking your detox tea the way you want to – just remember that adding milk and sugar is going to defy the purpose of the tea and add more calories to your cup. On that note, detox teas are great to have with your evening meal as they tend to have a laxative effect. If you’re new to tea-toxes, start off slowly to give your system time to adjust.

4. Consider Sleep

Some detox teas on the market contain caffeine, mostly because it is a stimulant that can help to suppress your appetite, boost your digestive system, and help you eliminate water-weight. You probably already know that a caffeine boost helps you get through your workouts, but too much caffeine can interfere with your sleep. It’s important to note that getting too little sleep can hamper your weight loss efforts and has been shown to trigger weight gain and excessive eating, and it can slow down your metabolism. So, check the detox tea labels carefully for caffeine quantities, and if your chosen brand has a high caffeine content, we suggest not drinking any at least six hours before your bed time. Besides, if your aim is weight loss, you’ll want to make sleep a top priority.

Different Types of Detox Teas: Tea Bags and Tea Blends

When you think of tea, do you think of tea bags, loose leaf, powders, blends, or just a steaming hot cup of goodness? Most of us don’t really think twice when buying tea -we go for whatever’s easiest. But, when it comes to detox tea there are two main options that require careful consideration: tea bags and tea blends.

Tea Bags

Typically, tea bags are made up of the fannings and dust of tea leaves which have a larger surface area than steeping whole leaves. That means that there is more interaction between the water and tea. It is worth noting that tea bag materials tend to vary from one company to another. Some bags are biodegradable which means they will interfere less with your brewing process than others, and there are those bags that tend to leach fewer nutrients out of the tea. What’s more, tea bags are usually made with bleached filter paper, silk, or even food grade plastic, which means you risk the addition of small degrees of chemicals or even unwanted flavors in your mug. Tea bags also tend to lose fragrance and freshness over time should the seal not be top-quality.

Tea Powders

Tea blends, or powders, offer endless variety and options of high-quality detox tea goodness. You can choose your powders or blends according to your personal preference in flavor, the grade of the tea, the blend, and eve the leaf size. Overall, tea powder can be just about any type of tea and it can hail from any part of the tea plant. Usually, every part of the plant is chopped and ground into a fine powder. Powdered tea tends to have a ton of anti-oxidants, too, compared to tea bag varieties, which can help rev up your immune system and fight off those nasty free radicals. Powders are higher in caffeine, so remember to keep that in mind when picking out your preferred detox tea. Furthermore, you can use powder tea in food when you are cooking, or you could even make a delicious, healthy, detox tea ice cream! It’s really that versatile.

5 Detox Tea Benefits

If you’re not yet sold on the idea of detox tea, or you’re still pondering whether or not to spend your money, it’s time to look at the benefits the wonder drink has to offer. While there are many benefits to be had, we’ve outlined our top 5 detox tea favorites.

1. Cleanses the Liver and Removes Toxins

Chemicals, environmental pollutants, heavy metals, and even pesticides are stored in our body’s cells and tissues. This has a detrimental effect on the immune system, but it also affects our metabolism, our mood, and our body’s ability to fight off disease. It has been reported that symptoms of ill health in people who are free from a diagnosed disease could also be related to the buildup of toxins. Detox teas can help to improve your well-being and get your liver active to help the body detox.

2. Reduces Inflammation in the Body

When you cleanse your liver with detox tea, you also give your digestive system the opportunity to rest by not having heavy meals in the system. In turn, you reduce inflammation in your body, which often causes disease. Some detox tea ingredients, especially, like ginger, cucumber, strawberries, and watermelon can help to significantly reduce inflammation while giving your digestive system much-needed relief.

3. Detox Tea Helps with Weight Loss

Detox teas have shown to give the metabolism a big boost, which means more energy and they can leave you feeling fresher and overall lighter throughout your day. Some detox teas even contain enzymes that will help your body break down sugars, thereby increasing your metabolism and helping you to lose weight. Remember, though, that even if you are embarking on a detox tea program, you still need to exercise and follow a low-calorie, healthy food diet.

4. Detox Tea Can Improve the Health of Your Skin

By reducing inflammation and getting rid of toxins in your body, detox tea can help give your skin a much-needed boost and in turn minimize the signs of aging. When your skin gets clogged up with chemicals and pollutants, it results in wrinkles, dryness, and general signs of aging.

5. Improve Mental Alertness and Energy Levels

The ingredients of detox tea work together to reduce inflammation, cleanse your liver, and increase your energy levels naturally. Without toxins to weigh you down, you are going to feel more refreshed and much lighter instead of feeling constantly fatigued, experience brain fog, and go through a bunch of different mood swings.

Detox Teas vs Tea Detox or Teatox Diet?

Have you asked yourself yet if detox teas work? And, if so, do they work as well as a full-on tea detox, or teatox, diet, with regards to dispelling toxins and shedding pounds?

We’ve discussed detox teas in depth in this guide, but now, let’s consider the teatox diet. Essentially, it is a liquid detox diet where you drink only tea. For many, this can be dangerous and frustrating. This type of liquid diet puts the body into starvation mode as tea contains little to no calories.

Some people opt for the green tea detox as that is often a grocery cupboard staple in homes and we know that green tea does not contain calories. If that’s been your plan, of you have tried it before, you’ll know that you are in for a pretty rough time and it could do your body harm.

A teatox diet is very similar to a fast, and fasting for long periods tends to put a great deal of stress on the body. Our suggestion would be to avoid a total teatox diet altogether and opt for one of our top brands or labels mentioned in this guide, opting for either the 14-day or 28-day tea detox instead of totally starving yourself and causing more harm than good to your system.

DIY Bonus! Top 5 Best Detox Tea Recipes

While many people may find the flavor of teas rather strong at first, you can create delicious recipes to maximize the flavor while giving your body the boost and cleanse it needs. Below are 5 delicious bonus recipes you can easily try at home.

1. Fruit-Infused Detox Tea

Great for weight loss, this tea involves adding pineapple and mango to your detox tea of choice to create a rather mellow flavor. Simply brew your tea in an 8-oz. cup and add a quarter cup of pineapple, mango, or both. If you want a larger portion, make a 16-oz. cup of iced detox tea and add a third of a cup of the fruits for a refreshing treat.

2. The Perfect Skin Detox Tea

Looking for shinier, healthier, age-defying skin? Try this yummy detox tea recipe. For a hot drink, brew your tea in an 8-oz. cup and add a tablespoon of pomegranate seeds or even a quarter cup of berries. For a more refreshing treat and a great tea to serve guests, make a 16-oz. cup of iced detox tea and add a third of a cup of frozen berries or a tablespoon of frozen pomegranate seeds. This is a really tasty summer treat.

3. A Peachy Detox Tea for the Family

For the ultimate tasty detox tea, brew an 8-oz. cup of hot tea of your choice and add two peach slices and about four thin slices of green apples. If you’d prefer to drink cold, brew a 16-oz. cup of iced detox tea and add four frozen peach slices or eight thing slices of apple to the mixture.

4. You Can’t Beat the Goodness of Green Tea

By now you realize the incredible benefits of green tea – but it doesn’t have to be no fun or no flavor. For a delicious cleanser, that will have you feeling tip-top, simply pair any of the above recipes with green tea. Make a big pitcher for the refrigerator and have the family sip their way to a speedy metabolism. Alternatively, try this:

Pour seven cups of filtered water into your medium pot with five green tea bags, one lemon that has been cut into rings, an orange cut into rings, and a quarter cup each of fresh pineapple, fresh mango, and ginger all cut into cubes or rings. Bring the combination to the boil and remove from heat as it starts to boil. Steep for 15 minutes and strain into your pitcher. You can discard the tea bags and ginger.

5. Ginger, Basic, and Lemon Iced Tea Detox Drink

Another scrumptious drink that is easy to create. Boil 9 cups of water. Juice two lemons in a pitcher and add ¾ cup of basil leaves, five ginger coins, and add the boiling water along with three tablespoons of honey and stir well. Leave the drink to steep and them remove the ginger and basil. Add loads of ice before drinking.

Creating tasty and healthy ice or hot detox teas is super-simple if you follow the above recipes.

Best Detox Tea Reviews (2022 Buyers Guide):

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Detox Tea:

Detox tea are fantastic for cleansing your body of toxins, improving your digestive system, and easing bloat and mood swings. It gives your metabolism a great boost and can help improve the condition of your skin. What’s more, you can look forward to a healthier liver, better energy, and detox teas can aid weight loss.

Choosing the right detox tea for you and your requirements can be pretty daunting. There’s a lot to consider, like what flavor you like best and what you want the tea for – weight loss, detoxing, cleansing, and more. That’s why we’ve reviewed the top 8 detox teas on the market today, and we have included 2 we think you should avoid.

With so many powerful ingredients, remember to read the labels carefully to make sure your find the right detox tea for your needs. If you want to lose weight and enjoy overall better health, detox teas can reduce inflammation, suppress appetite, and help you to feel healthier, happier, and lighter.

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