Water Treatment Made Easy.

Freshnss Plus is designed to eliminate all the pain points typically faced when looking for the best whole house treatment system for your home.  Get a free laboratory water test to make a data driven decision so you don’t have to spend time guessing and wasting money, and we take care of the rest from there. 

Freshnss Plus Water Filtration Process (1)

How Freshnss Plus Works

Freshnss Plus Lab Test Kit

1. Lab Water Testing

Order our comprehensive laboratory water test for either city or well water. The water sample is analyzed for 54 variables in a certified lab within 3 days of receiving it.

Freshnss Plus Lab Test Results

2. Tailored Treatment

We create a shortlist of the best treatment options custom tailored for your situation. And since we are independent, we can choose from the top manufacturers and get exclusive discount pricing.

Freshnss Plus Filter System Selection

3. Make Your Selection

After discussing the test data and best path forward, we will refund the cost of the water test kit toward your system purchase. So you get the water test on us and discount pricing on top of that.

Freshnss Plus Filter System Installation

4. Installation Help

All of our systems can be DIY, but if installing a system is not for you, don't worry! We will coordinate a highly rated licensed professional to come install it. This step is entirely optional.

Get Started

Well Water Test Kit Freshnss

I Have Well Water

$179.99       $125.00

Note: This gets refunded after treatment system purchase

I Have City Water

$149.99       $115.00

Note: This gets refunded after treatment system purchase

"Maintaining independence is critical to the unbiased input our customers deserve. Our data driven approach means you get a personalized solution at the best price.

Ricky Arconti

Founder, Freshnss

What Makes Us Different?

Freshnss Plus Water Lab Testing

Many water treatment companies will show up at your door offering “free” water tests as a trojan horse to buy their expensive treatment systems (and maintenance plans).  



These salespeople masquerading as treatment experts will perform “tests” that consist of color changing strips or instant drops that you can buy for $15.  They put on a good show, but are not accurate in the least.  Yet the salesperson will then proclaim how dangerous your water is! 



Unfortunately, this fear tactic works all to frequently on unsuspecting homeowners. Furthermore, most people can vastly improve their water quality by spending less than half the costs of those expensive brands.




In contrast, Freshnss Plus can:

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Where to start? Choosing the right whole house water treatment system is an investment in your family’s health and safety.  It’s easy to get lost in the ocean of information available.  Don’t see what you looking for? Answers to all your questions are just a message away. 

Whether you have well water or city water, we have you covered.  Your report will provide a detailed breakdown of all contaminants detected in your water.  It will also benchmark your water against federal safety level benchmarks to show how the contaminants may be impacting your health, plumbing, and appliances.  We use this data to curate our independent treatment recommendations. 

We send you a water test kit with everything you need to collect a water sample. Then use the prepaid shipping to send the package back to the lab for comprehensive, independent, certified testing.  After the lab analyses your water sample, we send a full report showing all contaminants detected in your water, any health risks, and the best next steps.  

After sending your water sample back to the lab with the pre-paid postage, it takes 2 – 4 business days for your official results after the lab receives your sample.  

Freshnss Plus is designed for whole house treatment solutions.  Once we have your test results back, we incorporate the data with your input to curate a short list of tailored systems specifically for you.  


Since we are independent, we are not limited to choosing from a single manufacture’s offerings.  We access every tool in the toolbox from top manufactures to ensure you’re getting the best possible fit.  We generally recommend systems that are built in the USA, use NSF certified components, and offer 6-12 month money back guarantees with a lifetime warranty. 


If you have a specific brand you’re interested in, just ask us if we can get it!   

Freshnss Plus is designed for whole house treatment options that typically begin at $1,000 for a whole house water filter or water softener. But keep in mind that you will get refunded for your water test kit and get exclusive direct discount pricing, so our average savings are 40% off retail pricing. The end price will depend on variables like the size of your home (water usage), your water quality, and if you have city or well water.  We provide a questionnaire at the start to better understand your expectations.  

You will get refunded the cost of the water test kit at the time you purchase one of the recommended treatment systems within 30 days of receiving the test results.  A free professional water test, that’s pretty sweet!



If you don’t want to proceed with a system we recommend, that’s fine too!  At least you definitively know your water quality and any risks that are present. 

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