SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System Review (WS) (Updated 2023)

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SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter Review For Iron (WS)

Do you have concerns with the safety, smell, or color of your well water?  Well water is groundwater that is untreated so your tap water is likely to contain heavy metals like iron, sediment, bacteria, and other contaminants. 

In this review, I’ll test the features of the SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System to see how a point-of-entry filter can provide fresh, contaminant-free water throughout your entire home. 

SpringWell WS Well Water Filter Best Overall

Most Eco-Friendly Well Water Filter
Removes 7 PPM Iron, 8 PPM Sulfur, 1 PPM Manganese
No Drop In Water Pressure
Built With NSF Certified Components
Made In USA With Lifetime Warranty

How Does The SpringWell Well Water Filter Work

Many private wells contain minerals such as iron and manganese that give the water an unpleasant odor, taste, and color. 

The SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System is designed with Air Injection Oxidizing (AIO) and greensand media filtration to completely remove common well water minerals like iron, sulfur, and manganese. The regeneration process completely removes hydrogen sulfide—a compound that gives “rotten egg” taste and odor. The system is capable of removing:

  • Iron: Up to 7 ppm
  • Manganese: Up to 1 ppm
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: Up to 8 ppm
  • Sediment: Debris up to 100 microns

The AIO process adds fresh air into the tank, which oxidizes any unwanted smell or minerals. After each oxidizing process, the impurities are flushed out of the system, and the whole process repeats.

SpringWell Well Water Filter Diagram_SpringWell Vs Evo

The SpringWell WS is constructed with the latest technology of the Empress Vortech Tank that rapidly cleanses the filter and eliminates harsh well water contaminants with minimal water waste. It also finishes the water with a pH range up to 10 for perfect drinking water alkalinity.  

This system has changed our life. The water was so high in iron and sulfur that our surfaces were stained daily. Now the water is crystal clear and so fresh! No odor whatsoever! I would buy this system again and again!

Brittany L – Verified Buyer

The best part is the ​​Innovative Bluetooth Head allows you to program and control the system’s settings and backwash cycles at the touch of a button on your smartphone! Unlike other well water systems that require manual backflushing, after the initial setup of the Springwell system, it is completely hands-off and requires no maintenance.  

Note that if you have heavy iron and hard water issues, pairing the SpringWell well water filter and salt based water softener is a more effective solution.

Who It’s Best For?

If you have a home with a private well that has bad odors and discoloration, the SpringWell Well Water filter is a great choice. The system comes with all the functionality and performance you need, yet at one of the most affordable price points on the market.

You might be wondering how you can tell what the specific problems you have are? And it is best to start with a well water test if you are in that camp. Then you will know the exact iron, manganese, and sulfur levels to make an in informed decision!

Performance Overview

Made in the USA, Springwell is one of the only water filter manufacturers to use NSF-certified components in all their systems for maximum reliability and durability.

The SpringWell Filter System comes in 2 configurations for optimal performance customized for you home:

  • The WS1 For 1-3 Bathrooms: The tank is 10 inches wide and 54 inches tall with a service flow rate of 12 GPM to provide plenty of filtered water for multiple uses at once. 
  • The WS4 For 4+ Bathrooms: The unit features a tank that is 13 inches wide and 54 inches tall with a massive flow rate of 20 GPM.  

Many competitors leave water pressure as an afterthought, causing water pressure issues when you are using several appliances at one time.  But with the SpringWell System, you get nearly 2x the flow rate and a guarantee that you will not experience any drop in water pressure. 

System Specifications (WS1 & WS4)

1-3 Bathrooms: WS14-6 Bathrooms: WS4
Filter TypeTank-Based (AIO & Greensand)Tank-Based (AIO & Greensand)
Tank Width10 Inches13 Inches
Tank Height64 Inches64 Inches
Flow Rate12 GPM20 GPM
Connection Size1″1″
Pressure25 – 80 PSI25 – 80 PSI
Temperature36 – 120 F36 – 120 F
Ph Range6.5 – 106.5 – 10
Iron Removal7 PPM7 PPM
Magnesium Removal1 PPM1 PPM
Sulfur Removal8 PPM8 PPM

Key Features

Here are some of the key features included with the SpringWell Water Softener System to make it one of the best options on the market:

  • The Bluetooth Control Head and App: When it comes to controlling the system, the Bluetooth control head and app make it easy to do so. The app allows you to monitor the system and make changes from your phone, while the control head lets you make changes at the unit itself. 
  • Filtration Tank with Valves: A durable tank body with valves that can can easily mount and place on any surface in the house. It is created with a high-density, durable, elegant design that does not take up much space. 
  • Spin Down Sediment Filter: The Spin-Down filter is designed to filter out large chunks of deteriorating wells and remove large sediment particles using a 100 micron mesh screen that is easy to clean and re-use. 
  • Installation kit: The installation kit provides everything you need for easy install, including a step-by-step guide on how to install the filter tank and set the Bluetooth head with the accessories accordingly.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Finally, the system comes with a lifetime warranty on tanks, valves and housings, so you can be sure that it will last for years to come. Additionally, there is a 6 month money back guarantee. No questions asked. 

Filter Installation and Maintenance

Installing the SpringWell Well Water System is a relatively easy task that can be completed in a few hours for most DIY folks. The system comes with an installation kit and user manual that includes everything you need to get the unit up and running. You just need to provide your own piping and fittings to attach to the system.  If you are not as handy, you may need to hire a plumber to install it for you.  

SpringWell Hole House Well Water Filter System_Installation Kit
SpringWell WS Installation Kit

Overall maintenance is very low. Once the unit is installed and the bluetooth control head is set, the system is completely automated.  The spin-down sediment filter can last for up to 24 months and costs $100 to replace on the SpringWell website.

Pro Tip: The sediment filter’s polyester screen can be easily cleaned every few months and reused to extend its life. 

But the most economic aspect of the SpringWell WS1 is its greensand media bed lasts approximately 20 years. And when it’s time to replace the media bed, it will cost roughly $350.

  • Removes well water contaminants with no maintenance
  • Eliminates rotten egg smell and brown water color
  • Guaranteed no drop in water pressure with high flow rate up to 20 GPM
  • Easy install with all parts included
  • Made with NSF certified components
  • Lifetime warranty and 6 month guarantee
  • Professional installation may be required if not a DIY person 
  • Need to replace spin-down sediment filter every 24 months
  • More expensive than smaller point-of-use filter options

FAQs For The SpringWell Well Water Filter System

Where do I install the SpringWell iron filter for well water?

The SpringWell is a whole house water filter so it is installed at the point of entry for your water line. This allows it to treat every drop of water that enters your home.

Where is SpringWell Made?

SpringWell makes its products in the United States with NSF-certified components.

Is the SpringWell a good whole house iron filter for well water?

Yes, the WS1 filter can remove up to 7 PPM of iron from well water sources. This is effective enough for most residential homes.

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