6 Best Water Hose Filters For Garden And RV (Updated 2023)

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Best Water Hose Filters For Garden And RV

Our experts researched the best water hose filter for gardens and RVs based on filtration effectiveness, price, NSF certifications, and customer satisfaction.

Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites

Bottom Line
Best Inline Water Filters for Gardens and RVs in 2022_FRIZZLIFE RV Water Filter Inline Hose Filter Review
Best For RVs
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Bottom Line
Reduces chlorine, lead, heavy metals, bad odors and provides high water pressure
Effectively remove more than 99% of Chlorine, Sediments, Lead & Other Heavy Metals, VOCs
Premium brass connection fittings and braided hose to prevent cracks and leaks
Bigger RV filter as compared to the competition with a longer lifespan
Slightly more expensive because of premium design
Best Water Hose Filter_Waterdrop Garden Hose Water Filter
Waterdrop Garden Water Filter
Best For Garden
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Bottom Line
NSF certified and is highly efficient in multi-stage filtration. Also great in reducing chlorine, bad taste, and odor
Offers four layers of water filtration for maximum contaminant removal
Includes an anti-kink flexible hose protector
Multiple applications for gardens, RVs, and mobile car washing
A more affordable price point
Required filter replacement every 3 months
Best Water Hose Filter_Aqua Crest Garden Hose Water Filter
AQUA CREST Inline Water Filter
Runner Up
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Bottom Line
Certified by NSF against NSF/ANSI 42 standard and can effectively reduce chlorine, bad taste and odor
Made with durable materials that prevent rust, leakage, and breakage
Efficient and high quality, passing multiple-precision tests
Features KDF and activated carbon to eliminate contaminants
Filter needs to be replaced every 3 months

Whether the water in your RV is not quite up to par, or you want to clean up your garden hose water, an inline hose filter will remove contaminants from your water supply before it even gets to the source.

If you’re a green thumb, the last thing you want is harsh chemicals like chlorine and chloramines covering your garden. Not only that but hoses are known to harbor bacteria and mold after sitting stagnant for extended periods of time. Many hoses, in fact, will even contain lead, BPA, and elevated levels of toxic compounds.

Likewise for RVs, when you’re on the road, having confidence in your water quality is critical. Hooking up and filling your water tank from different sources requires a treatment method to remove unwanted impurities.

The good news is that an inline hose water filter is a cheap and effective way to rid your water of these nasty contaminants!

What Will A Water Hose Filter Remove?

A quality water hose is capable of significantly reducing chlorine, chloramines, PFAS, lead, and more. Depending on whether you get your water from municipal suppliers or well water, your water contaminants will differ. If you have well water, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can enter your water through irrigation runoff. Municipal water utilities almost always add chlorine and fluoride to the water, which is best not to be ingested.

Can You Filter Water From A Hose

Yes, you absolutely can filter water from a hose using a simple inline hose water filter. These types of filters easily attach to your garden hose or RV hose to treat water as it flows through the unit. Filtering water through a hose can remove over half of the harmful contaminants.

Best Water Hose Filter

  • Best For RV Use: FRIZZLIFE RV Water Filter Inline Hose Filter Learn More
  • Best For Garden: Waterdrop Inline Water Filter With Hose Protector Learn More
  • Runner Up For RV: Camco TastePure Water Filter Learn More
  • Runner Up For Garden: AQUA CREST Inline Water Filter Learn More
  • Best Budget: Clear2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter Learn More
  • Best Pre-tank: Culligan Pre-Tank RV Water Filter Learn More

Inline Water Filter Reviews For 2023


FRIZZLIFE RV Water Filter Inline Hose Filter

Best For RV

The FRIZZLIFE RV water filter system immediately stands out because it’s independently certified against NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards. It features one of the best activated carbon blocks on the market with 0.5-micron filtration accuracy. Importantly, it has been tested to reduce up to 99% of lead, chlorine, sediments, and other harmful contaminants.

I use the Frizzlife on my RV. I’ve tried many filters in the past, but so far this is the best. Easy to install & great taste.

Vickie W. – Verified Buyer

The fittings for the FRIZZLIFE RV water filter are made with lead-free brass material to fit any ¾” garden hose. It also has a pressure regulator to ensure no breakage or leaks in case the water pressure gets too high.

And to add to its durability, the FRIZZLIFE is designed to be sturdier and bigger than your traditional RV hose filters. It is capable of lasting up to four times longer than a typical inline water filter for RVs and gardening.  The included stainless steel braided hose has been tested for water flow above 1.5 GPM at 60 psi. 

Additionally the Frizzlife features an auto shutoff design so you don’t even need to turn off the water supply when you are going to replace filters.  It also includes a nice metal holder with legs to ensure the filter is kept upright while in use.

  • Effectively remove more than 99% of Chlorine, Sediments, Lead & Other Heavy Metals, VOCs
  • Premium brass connection fittings and braided hose to prevent cracks and leaks
  • Bigger RV filter as compared to the competition with a longer lifespan
  • Filters last for 6-12 months
  • Auto shut-off design when changing the filters
  • Slightly more expensive because of premium design
  • Included pressure regulator can be challenging – but is not required

Waterdrop Garden Hose Water Filter

Best For Garden

If you’re looking for an efficient and durable garden hose water filter at a fairly low price, the Waterdrop inline water filter with a hose protector will fit the bill just right.

Designed for gardening, this water filter boasts four layers of filtration. A KDF filter, granular activated carbon, and two layers of non-woven fabric. The Waterdrop reduces chlorine, suspended solids, large particles, heavy metals, arsenic, and other contaminants that make water taste and smell bad.

Importantly, it is also NSF/ANSI 42 certified to guarantee its efficiency in producing clean water. It is constructed with food-grade materials so no contaminants will be leached back into the water after it is filtered.

And because this filter was designed with gardeners in mind, it already comes with a 360-degree rotatable hose. That means it’s breakage-free and has an additional anti-kink flexible hose protector to prevent tension and kinks.

In terms of longevity, one filter can last up to three months or an entire gardening season, so you don’t need to worry about changing it out..

  • Offers four layers of water filtration
  • Includes an anti-kink flexible hose protector
  • Easy to install in 5 minutes
  • Multiple applications
  • Required filter replacement every 3 months

Camco TastePure Inline Water Filter

Best Large

Another budget-friendly option that doesn’t disappoint in terms of quality. The Camco TastePure water filter system boasts of 20-micron sediment and a Granulated Active Carbon filter that helps to reduce chlorine, sediment, bad taste, and odor in water.

Furthermore, this RV filter uses a KDF filter to prevent bacterial growth if the filter is not being used. To make sure you enjoy clean and safe drinking water on the road, it has a long 3-month life.

The is certified against NSF/ANSI standards and is compliant with all federal and state level lead-free laws. Designed for convenience, this water filter can be easily attached to any standard water or gardening hose for use in campers, boats, RVs and garden hoses.

You also get a wide body exterior mount filter for continuous and efficient flow, and it includes a flexible hose protector that protects your connections against strains and kinks that could affect water flow.

Plus the best part is the Camco TastePure water filter is made entirely in the USA and one of the best quality water filters at the lowest price point on the market today.

  • Easy installation can be used in RVs, garden hoses, and boats
  • 20 micron sediment carbon filter with a premium KDF filter
  • Made in USA
  • Includes flexible hose connector
  • Inexpensive
  • Needs to be replaced about every 3 months

AQUA CREST Inline Hose Water Filter

Runner Up

If you ask gardeners what their favorite hose water filter is, most of them will surely recommend the Aqua Crest. The filter has proven its efficiency in providing clean water to thousands of outdoor enthusiasts over the years.

NSF certified, it uses activated carbon and KDF filtration technology to reduce traces of chlorine and other contaminants in water to ensure that you get healthy filtered water for your garden and lawn.

The Aqua Crest inline water filter passed three precision tests including the 400 PSI pressure test, the 100,000 pulse test, and the 10 times water pressure test. This ensures quality and durability for long-term use.

It has also been proven efficient to reduce turbidity, corrosion and the presence of harmful substances like hydrogen sulfide heavy metals, iron and mercury. With this, you get safe drinking water but also protection for your appliances.

In terms of build, the Aqua Crest inline water filter comes with a hose protector that enables a 360-degree filter rotation and wide body design for maximum water flow. The Aqua quest will last for three months throughout the summer gardening season.

  • Made with durable materials that prevent rust, leakage, and breakage
  • Efficient and high quality, passing multiple-precision tests
  • Features KDF and activated carbon to eliminate contaminants
  • Easy install in under 5 minutes
  • Filter needs to be replaced every 3 months

Clear2O RV and Marine Inline Water Filter

Best Budget

Many campers say that water from the Clear20 inline water filter is the cleanest and best-tasting campground water they’ve tasted. That’s why this filter with its unmistakable bright green color is one of the bestselling products on this list.

Featuring a solid carbon block filter that’s capable of filtering down to 1 micron. The Clear20 filter has been independently tested to reduce harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, and VOCs.

Most RV water filters that you’ll see on the market today can only filter to 100 microns. The filter itself has a wide body design for efficient water flow and UV coating to ensure that it can withstand the elements when being used outdoors.

And because this water filter is designed for use in campers, boats and RVs, it only takes minutes to install. The filter body can easily thread to any ¾” hose and attaches to any standard hose, so you can easily use the water for cooking, showering, cleaning, rinsing, gardening and drinking.

In terms of durability, this RV filter has been proven to last up to 3- 6 months depending on use and water quality.

  •  Excellent filtration capability of up to 1 micron
  • Durable wide body design and UV coating
  • Easy to install
  • Slightly more expensive than some options
Culligan RV-800 Pre-Tank RV Water Filter

If the water in your RV is not what you want to be drinking, you need a filter for your supply before it gets to your water tank.  The Culligan RV-800 recreational vehicle water filter may look basic, but it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance. This genuine OEM product features a granular activated carbon system to reduce chlorine and sediment for RVs, campers, and gardens.

The Culligan RV-800 comes with a 12-inch flexible hose to easily attach to the exteriors of campers and motor homes.

Although it’s designed mostly for outdoor use, you can also use it as a garden hose water filter. I especially like the extra-long filter life of up to 2,000 gallons of water before replacement.

Plus if you’re working with a tight budget, you’d be glad that despite all these amazing features, the Culligan RV-800 exterior pre-tank recreational vehicle water filter is one of the least expensive filters on the market today.

  • Helps to reduce bad taste and odor in your water source
  • Easily attaches to RVs, campers, motor homes, and hoses
  • Includes a 12-inch connector hose
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not as extensive of filtration as other options

Hose Water Filter Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve rounded up some of the best inline hose water filters in the market, your choice will depend on several factors including your needs and budget. 

Key Considerations When Choosing A Hose Water Filter

Filter Material

If you’re looking for a hose water filter to remove chlorine, bad taste, and odors, an activated carbon filter will prove to be highly effective. Chlorine and chloramines can damage plants in your garden and upset the ecosystem. Using a filter with activated carbon is the best solution in that case.

Some carbon filters are now laced with copper or silver to further enhance the ability to kill bacteria and remove chlorine from the water.

A filter that is more suited for heavy sediment will also effectively eliminate large debris, sand, and dirt from your water supply. The Frizzlife or Camco are well suited for this use.

NSF Certifications

Although it isn’t a requirement, having the NSF certification indicates the filter is tested to the highest possible standards. The NSF website has a database you can search to see all NSF-certified filters. There are many specific certifications the filter can carry. For example, NSF/ANSI 42 is for the filter’s ability to reduce chlorine, tastes, and, odors. Whereas the NSF/ANSI 53 certification is for contaminants like lead.

Filter Replacement Life

It is important to factor in the replacement life of the filter when comparing your options. Some cheaper filters may look attractive but last only 1 or 2 months, so the replacement costs quickly add up. A good filter will last between 3 – 9 months, depending on your water use and the water contamination. The Frizzlife for example will last well over 3 months and you only need to replace the internal filter cartridge. This will not only save money, but it’s also echo friendly.


Inline hose water filters range between $20 and $75. The right filter will have to balance filtration performance and your budget. The good news is that most hose filters are a very cost-effective method to treat hose water compared to a whole filtration system solution.

How Do Inline Hose Water Filters Work

An inline filter is similar to most carbon-based water filters, the only difference being that it has a male and female hose thread on both ends. 

The male hose thread will allow you to attach the filter to a water source while the female hose thread will allow you to attach the filter to a hose. 

Once connected to the hose, water flows through the carbon media where impurities are absorbed into the porous carbon structure.

Benefits Of A Hose Water Filter

If you’re still on the fence about investing in a water hose filter for your garden, camper, or boat, here are some of the things that you could enjoy if you make that move:

Remove Harmful Contaminants Found In Water And The Hose

City water almost always contains chlorine, along with other harmful chemicals like PFAS, arsenic, and fluoride. But did you know that your hose can also contain very harmful chemicals like lead, BPA, antimony, and phthalates?

Even if the hose looks clean from the outside, these chemicals will contaminate your water even more.  When you invest in your own garden hose water filter, you reduce or remove these contaminants altogether, so you can have potable tap water to use for cooking, washing, cleaning, and gardening.

Enjoy Cleaner Water For Your RV.

Whether on a camping trip or on the road in your RV, clean water needs to be a priority.

With the right RV hose filter, you get to ensure that you are providing clean water that will help nurture the plants in your garden and is safe enough to drink and cook with. 

A good hose filter is also beneficial if you’re going on the road since you don’t know exactly the quality of the water that you’re getting from an unfamiliar source. By having a filter, you don’t need to worry about getting sick while you’re camping.

Reduce The Effects Of Hard Water

Hard water happens when there are too much amount of minerals like magnesium and calcium concentration in your water. When you water your plants with hard water, these minerals build up so plants don’t get the nutrients they need. 

If your plants are frail and small regularly watering them, could be because you have hard water. Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem by buying a garden hose water filter. This will reduce trace minerals in your water to make it more tolerable for your plants.

That said, filters are not specifically designed to tackle hard water. If scale build-up issues are plaguing your water, try a portable water softener instead.

Save A Lot Of Money

Investing in a simple water hose filter will help you save a lot of money as opposed to buying an elaborate water filtration system that will have a similar end result as your water hose filter. 

The right garden hose filter ensures you’re using good-quality water without breaking the bank. There are different kinds of water hose filters that will fit your budget, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Easy Installation

Unlike a water filtration system, you can easily install and remove a water hose filter without the need for tools. This is especially beneficial if you’re using the filter for your RV, camper, or boat where you’re always on the go and you’d want something portable and easy to manage.

What Can You Use An Inline Hose Water Filter For

Inline hose water filters have multiple use cases, which makes them a versatile treatment option to keep around the house. Using an inline filter guarantees endless fresh water for the following uses:

  • Organic gardening
  • RV drinking water
  • Car washing
  • Marine usage

Final Thoughts On Inline Hose Filters

Inline hose water filters are an effective and cheap way to get access to healthier water. Whether you need it for the garden, RV, or marine use, there is an ideal option for all uses.

Having the right filter means safer water for drinking and gardening. Quality inline filters can remove a majority of chlorine, lead, PFAS, and more.

Hopefully this guide helped you find the optimal solution, but if you have any questions, feel free to write us!

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