8 Best Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews (Updated 2023)

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Best Refrigerator Water Filters

After testing and installing dozens of refrigerator water filters, I narrowed down the best based on filtration effectiveness, price, filter life, and NSF certifications.

Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites

Bottom Line
Best Refrigerator Water Filters of 2022_EveryDrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter Review
EveryDrop By Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter
Best Overall
Check Price
Bottom Line
The only filter approved by Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid and JennAir and other major brands
Best factory certified filtration technology
Reduces 99% of lead and other harmful contaminants
NSF certified for 401, 53, and 42 standards
Pricier than most water filters within its category
Best Refrigerator Water Filters of 2022_Samsung Genuine DA29-00020B Water Filter For Refrigerator Review
Samsung Genuine Water Filter
Runner Up
Check Price
Bottom Line
Designed to filter water in all types of refrigerators, this filter reduces 99% of potentially harmful contaminants
NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 tested
Reduces up to 99% of harmful contaminants
Easy to install and replace
Works only with selected Samsung refrigerators
Best Refrigerator Water Filters of 2022_GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter Review
GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter
Best Value
Check Price
Bottom Line
Works with any refrigerator that uses GE RPWF or RPWFE filters and reduces impurities such as chlorine, lead, and more
Uses GE factory certified filtration
Reduces up to 99% of chlorine from water
Easy 10 minute installation
Slightly more expensive option

Refrigerator filters are essential for contaminant-free ice and drinking water, but with all the replacement options springing up on the market, which one to choose? Choosing the wrong filter can mean unsuitable drinking water and costly repairs to your refrigerator.

Our experts researched and reviewed the best refrigerator water filters of 2023 based on price, performance, filter life, and NSF certifications. We’ll explain which filter will work best for your brand, how to choose the right one for your model, and how to install it.

Best Refrigerator Water Filter

Best Refrigerator Water Filters Reviews


EveryDrop by Whirlpool Water Refrigerator Filter

Best For Whirlpool

The EveryDrop water filter is the only filter directly approved by Whirlpool, Amana, KitchenAid, Maytag, and JennAir brands for their products. Certified by NSF for 401, 53, and 42 standards, this filter helps to reduce 99% of more than 28 contaminants. The filter is able to reduce lead, waterborne parasites, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides.

It also reduces odor and taste in water, so that you can enjoy filtered, good-tasting water straight from your refrigerator dispenser.

The EveryDrop by Whirlpool filter is compact enough at just 7 ½ inches tall and 2.0 inches wide. The long filter life offers convenient, accessible drinking water that replaces over 1,500 bottles of water every year.

The Whirlpool Everydrop water filter can lasts up to 6 months or after 200 gallons of water, and you can replace the water filters without the need for professionals in just a few minutes.

  • Best factory certified filtration technology
  • Reduces 99% of lead and other harmful contaminants
  • NSF certified for 401, 53, and 42 standards
  • Only needs replacement every 6 months
  • Pricier than most water filters within its category

Samsung DA29-00020B Water Filter For Refrigerator

Best For Samsung

If you own a Samsung Side by Side or French Door refrigerator, this Samsung refrigerator filter will provide you with fresh, filtered water straight from your fridge.

Using an ultra-high-grade carbon block, the filter reduces up to 99% of harmful contaminants in your tap water. It’s tested for NSF Standards 42 and 53 to remove lead, asbestos, mercury, chlorine and sediments up to 0.5 microns.

Measuring 22.5 cm long and 5 cm wide, this water filter is also easy to install and replace. If you’re using a French door fridge, it’s located right in between your crisper drawers. With a side-by-side fridge it’s located at the bottom right-hand corner.

You also get a “change filter” light to let you know that the filter needs to be replaced. Ideally, you should replace your Samsung refrigerator filter every 6 months for the best quality water.

  • NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 tested
  • Reduces up to 99% of harmful contaminants
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Works only with selected Samsung refrigerators

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter


The GE RPWFE refrigerator water filter is the chop choice for compatible GE fridges like the brand’s French Door refrigerators. Featuring GE’s most advanced filtration technology, this water filter has been tested to remove even trace pharmaceuticals and inorganic compounds.

It also uses the popular carbon block technology in reducing lead, cysts, and more than 50 other contaminants in water. It even removes 99% of PFOs and PFOAs to ensure healthy drinking water for you and your family.

Measuring 9.75 inches long and 1.625 inches wide, the GE refrigerator water filter has an impressive 0.5 gallon per minute flow rate. To maintain the best filtration results, the GE refrigerator water filter should be replaced every 6 months or after 300 gallons.

  • Highly efficient at removing more than 50 contaminants including PFOS and PFOA
  • Can last up to 6 months or 300 gallons
  • Easy DIY replacement
  • Slightly more expensive as compared to some alternatives

Pureline MWF GE Smart Replacement Water Filter

Best Value For GE

Combining efficiency and durability, the Pureline refrigerator filter is designed to be a more cost-effective replacement for the original GE MWF series refrigerators and other filter models that you can find in the GE Café and side-by-side refrigerator lines.  These filters are created to be an exact replica of the original filter to avoid any installation or leakage issues.

Using advanced active coconut carbon blocks, this filter utilizes triple action filtration where the water passes through the filter’s pores. Next, water is purified further by passing on two separate stages of ionization filtration until it reaches your fridge.

The Pureline refrigerator water filter is proven to reduce 99% of odor, particles, and chlorine in water, so you can guarantee clean and great-tasting water after it passes through the filters and onto your fridge’s water dispenser.

To ensure its quality, the Pureline water filter is created using only the best food grade, BPA-free, and lead-free materials that are verified through an NSF 372 certification.

  • Active coconut carbon block filters removes 99% of contaminants
  • NSF certified three-stage water filtration
  • Exact design as brand name filters at an affordable price
  • Fits a limited number of refrigerator brands and models

GE XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

Best For GE XWFE

Compatible with selected GE bottom freezers and side-by-side refrigerators, the GE XWF refrigerator water filter is designed to offer premium water filtration straight to your fridge.

It has been tested and certified to reduce lead, cysts, pharmaceuticals and more than 50 other impurities making it one of the most efficient fridge water filters on the market today. 

The GE filter even reduces PFOA and PFOS content in water by up to 99%. It is especially touted for its lead removal qualities that help to make regular tap water healthier and tastier to drink for the family.

Each filter can last for up to 6 months replacing thousands of plastic bottled water to make your household more sustainable while saving you a lot of money.

The GE refrigerator water filter is also designed to fit your GE refrigerator and the cartridge can be installed and replaced easily without the need for any tools or professional help.

  • Tested and certified to reduce more than 50 impurities and contaminants in water
  • Designed to fit select GE refrigerators
  • High-quality BPA0-free materials
  • Designed to fit select GE refrigerators
  • High-quality BPA0-free materials

LG LT1000P Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter

Best For LG

This refrigerator water filter is a genuine LG part that has been certified by NSF standards 42, 53, and 401.

The water filter can be installed on your LG fridge to reduce 99.99% of cysts, 99% of asbestos, and almost 100% of other contaminants like lead, mercury, and benzene. The LG inverter linear refrigerator water filter is also capable of removing pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals that are found in public tap water.

Each LG inverter linear refrigerator water filter can also last up to 6 months. It also comes with a guaranteed fit, which means that you can install and replace it without the need for professional help or tools and you can ensure that there will be no leakage while operating it.

So, if you have an LG refrigerator at home, this is a great investment for a consistent supply of clean, healthy drinking water and ice.

  • Certified by NSF standards 42, 53 and 401
  • LG certified replacement filter
  • Reduces 99% of cysts, lead and other contaminants
  • Slightly more expensive because it’s an LG certified filter

Waterdrop Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter

Best Value

The Waterdrop is the most cost-effective water filter replacement on the market today. The replacement water filters are designed for a broad spectrum of refrigerators including popular GE and Samsung models, and it has been certified by the NSF for Standards 42 and 372 proving its efficiency in offering clean water straight to your fridge.

This water filter features a high-grade coconut shell carbon block filter that offers twice the surface area and more micropores that help to reduce more contaminants than your regular water filter.

The WaterDrop replacement fridge filter has been tested to reduce 99.6% of lead, 96.6% of benzene, 99.99% of cysts, and much more. It can also reduce 97% of sediment, chlorine, and bad taste and odor to deliver only the healthiest drinking water and ice.

Since WaterDrop prioritizes your safety, the material used in creating the water filter has been NSF certified for lead-free material.

  • Low price point for replacement filters
  • Reduces up to 99.99% of contaminants in tap water
  • Tested and certified for Standards 42 and 372
  • High quality lead-free material
  • Not a factory-certified replacement filter
  • Not available for all fridge models

Frigidaire ULTRA-WF Pure Source Water Filter

Best For Frigidaire

Designed for Frigidaire refrigerators, the Pure Source Ultra features a carbon-based filter that helps to improve the quality and taste of your water straight to your fridge.

This water filter can last up to 200 gallons or 6 months. It also has an impressive flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute and operating pressure of 30-100 psi.

The Frigidaire has been tested and certified by NSF/ANSI for Standards 42, 53 and 401 to reduce 99% of contaminants such as asbestos, cysts, lead, mercury, and more.

This means that you can enjoy continuous access to clean and healthy drinking water while cutting back on plastic bottled water that will cost you more. The Frigidaire Pure Source Ultra-Filter is very easy to install with its push-to-lock and release system that doesn’t require any tools or professional assistance.

  • Tested and certified by NSF/ANSI for Standards 42, 53 and 401
  • Push to lock and release easy installation
  • Filter lasts up to 6 months
  • More expensive because it’s a factory certified filter

Buyers Guide To Refrigerator Water Filters

Refrigerator water filters are usually simple in design. They process your tap water through a membrane inside the filter. This membrane has exceptionally small holes which block chemicals, sediment, and other unwanted contaminants. They are a low cost investment compared to an under sink, reverse osmosis, or whole house water filter system. And these simple fridge filters can make world of difference! As you focus in on the right filter for your home needs, keep these aspects in mind.

Key Considerations When Choosing The Best Refrigerator Water Filter

The Right Filter For Your Refrigerator Model

There is no use in buying a filter that won’t fit your refrigerator. Search through your refrigerator to find the sticker with the model number. Sometimes this in on the inside of the doors or behind the grill on the bottom of your appliance. Many manufacturers produce their filters, which is what is included with the appliance when you purchased it. Typically, the manufacturer made filters don’t last long. Instead, find a filter that is best for your brand. The aftermarket General Electric filters are different from the GE filters included with your refrigerator when you bought it.

Filter Media

Inside every filter is a form of media that the water processes through to purify. These strainers usually have a variety of activated carbon as their filter medium. Most companies use activated carbon because it’s highly effective and work for months at a time. It removes several chemical, and biological components and most of what cities add to their water. Then it improves the taste which is always nice. Very few filters are experimenting with different forms of filter media. But, the one to watch out for is the coconut carbon filter media. All the benefits of a carbon filter with increased purifying abilities! Our top budget pick the Waterdrop uses this technology, and it makes a difference.

Filter Replacement Life 

Most refrigerator water filters last for 3 to 6 months, and this range associates to the quality of the filter. The higher the quality, the longer lasting the filter. These filters can experience heavy water needs. Remember that even a very high-quality filter needs regular changing to stay effective. It is best to change the filter right before the advertised changing date. The filter’s lifetime also depends on its size. For the average-sized filter, you should plan on changing the filter every 6 months. Large families will need to replace the filter closer to 4 months.


Most refrigerators brands like Samsung and Whirlpool have their original replacement water filters you can purchase. These brand name filters will be slightly more expensive that alternatives. There are many off brand refrigerator filters available that will have a lower price point. Many of those budget filters provide a great product at an affordable price. I would just caution that there are some knockoffs and counterfeits on the market these days, so be careful if a deal looks too good to be true.

How To Install A Refrigerator Filter

Replacing a refrigerator water filter is a relatively easy task that will take under 15 minutes. The process will vary slightly depending on your specific model, but here are the general steps:

  • Ensure you have the correct filter for your refrigerator by checking that the model number is compatible with the filter
  • Locate your water filter within the refrigerator and twist it 180 degrees so it releases from the filter housing
  • Remove the old filter from the filter housing
  • Insert the new filter and twist it 180 degrees until it locks into place. Note that you may hear a release of air noise as the filter is secured.
  • Run the water through the dispenser for 5 – 10 minutes so it flushes the new filter.
  • Check the new filter for any leaks. If there are no leaks, your filter is ready to use!

How To Find The Correct Water Filter Required

Finding the specific water filter depends on your specific refrigerator brand. To determine the water filter that is compatible with your fridge, look at the serial number stick on the unit. Here you will see the brand, make, and model of your refrigerator. Once you are equipped with this information you can choose between the various options that are available for your model. ABT provides a good refrigerator filter guide to see all of the options available.

Best Refrigerator Water Filters_Water Filter Selection

FAQs On Refrigerator Filters

How do I know when to replace my refrigerator water filter?

A general rule of thumb is to replace your refrigerator water filter every 3 – 6 months. If your water begins to have bad tastes or odors, it is time to replace the filter. If you have a hard time remembering you can set up a “subscribe and save” purchase through many filter providers. That way your next filter will come right to your door.

Do Refrigerator Filters Remove Fluoride from Water?

Some refrigerator filters can significantly reduce fluoride, but most will not completely eliminate fluoride in your drinking water. If you want to completely remove fluoride, using a reverse osmosis system for your tap water will remove up to 100%. Municipal water companies, or the water companies that provide city water, add fluoride to promote good dental health.

Final Thoughts On Refrigerator Water Filters

All the water filter’s here are to reduce the volume of contaminants in your drinking water. Finding the best refrigerator water filter is easy when you know how to identify high-quality. These filters all provide a high-quality filter media, fit a variety of different refrigeration units, and offer average or above average lifespans.

Most of us take for granted the ease of a refrigerator with a water filter system. Forget about the water purifying pitcher and buy a quality filter for the water system you already have in your home!

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