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Foundation Well Water Test

Data Driven Water Testing.

Freshnss Labs brings professional grade laboratory water testing to your home.  Our test kits include everything you need to collect a water sample and receive fast, accurate, and understandable results.  All of our services are backed with a team of experts to answer any questions along the way.

Freshnss Labs Water Test Kits

How It Works

1. Collect Sample

Order our comprehensive laboratory water test for either city or well water. Then simply collect a water sample from your home in the provided test tubes.

2. Send To Lab

Send the test kit back to the lab using the prepaid shipping label. The water sample is analyzed in a certified laboratory within 3 days of receiving it.

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3. Get Your Report

The report will include any detected contaminants, federal safety benchmarking, plumbing concerns, and tailored treatment recomendations.

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4. Expert Consultation

Most testing businesses think their job is done when you get your results. Not us! Our experts offer a free follow-up call to ensure you understand everything.

Why Trust Freshnss Labs

“Maintaining independence is critical to the unbiased input our customers deserve.  Our data driven approach means you get certified lab testing at the best price possible with no middle man.”

Ricky Arconti

Founder, Freshnss

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Where to start? Choosing the right water test kit is an investment in your family’s health and safety.  It’s easy to get lost in the ocean of information available.  Don’t see what you looking for? Answers to all your questions are just a message away. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends to test your water once per year


You should test more than once a year or immediately if you have the following:


-Notice unusual taste, color, or smell in your water.

-If you are pregnant or have a new baby in the first six months. 

-If you install a new well, plumbing, or fixtures.

-If there is a chemical or fuel leak near your well water supply or surrounding area.

-If you are located near construction, agricultural, or mining operations. 

Freshnss test kits include:


-All bottles and test tubes necessary to collect your water samples


-Instructions on how to collect, package, and return your water sample


-Registration form for your collection data (to return with your sample)


-Free return shipping label


Then simply send the package back to the lab and get your report in approximately 3 business days after receiving it.  Its that easy!

After sending your water sample back to the lab with the pre-paid postage, it takes 2 – 4 business days for your official results after the lab receives your sample.  

Whether you have well water or city water, we have you covered.  Your report will provide a detailed breakdown of all contaminants detected in your water.  It will also benchmark your water against federal safety level benchmarks to show how the contaminants may be impacting your health, plumbing, and appliances.  We use this data to curate independent treatment recommendations just for you. 


If you have any questions, our expert water specialists are here to chat or even jump on a call for free!

We have two choice for our tests, the Foundation Test or the Ultimate Test. 


For WELL WATER, if you are doing your annual check up or want a general overview, the Foundation Test is a good fit. If you suspect there are issues with your well water, or there have been major agricultural or industrial activity nearby, the Ultimate Test is the way to go. 


If you have CITY WATER, the Foundation Test is ideal if your aging infrastructure, metals, and plumbing.  If you want a more comprehensive baseline examining chlorine, metals, VOCs, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and more, the Ultimate Test is the best choice. 


Still not sure? Just ask us!

Yes, Freshnss Labs testing facilities are are certified, including ISO 17025,  NELAC, and more. If you require certain certification, just ask and we will take care of it! 

We send you a water test kit with everything you need to collect a water sample. Then use the prepaid shipping to send the package back to the lab for comprehensive, independent, certified testing.  After the lab analyses your water sample, we send a full report showing all contaminants detected in your water, any health risks, and the best next steps.  

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