6 Best Well Water Sediment Filter Reviews (Updated 2023)

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Best Well Water Sediment Filter Review

Our experts researched and reviewed the 6 best well water sediment water filter options on the market. The top pick for 2023 is the Rusco Spin Down Sediment Filter. We’ll explain how a sediment water filter works to remove up to 99.9% of harmful debris from your well water supply so you can find the ideal solution for your home [1].

Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites

Bottom Line
Best Well Water Sediment Filter Review_SpringWell Rusco Spin Down Sediment Filter
Rusco Spin Down Sediment Separator
Best Overall
Check Price
Bottom Line
The perfect water filter that has no limits for heavy sediment in well water sources.
Best for heavy well water contaminants
Durable100 micron reusable filter screen
25 GPM flow rate for high water pressure
No autoflush functionality
Best Well Water Sediment Filter Review_Waterdrop Spin Down Sediment Filter with Auto Backwash
Waterdrop Spin Down Sediment Filter
Runner Up
Check Price
Bottom Line
A 40-micron stainless-steel mesh filter with hassle-free auto flush functionality.
Flow rate of 20 gpm for high water pressure
Fine 40 micron filter pores trap small debris
high tech touch screen operating panel
Screens can get dirty quickly with heavily contaminated water
Best Well Water Sediment Filter Review_Frizzlife JX800 Spin Down Sediment Water Filter With Auto Backwash
Frizzlife Spin Down Sediment Filter
Best Value
Check Price
Bottom Line
A high-tech display to monitor filtration status and comes with auto flush capability.
High 20 gpm flow rate
Automatic backwashing technology
Easy installation and comprehensive install kit included
steel mesh may get fouled quickly with heavy well contamination

Well water can contain some nasty contaminants so it’s important to know which sediment filter will best protect your home’s water supply and whole house filtration system. In this article, we’ll go over the various options on the market and outline helpful tips for choosing the best sediment filter for well water in 2023.

But with all the sediment water filter options out there, it can be easy to get lost in an ocean of information. That’s where we come in! After thousands of home water treatment solutions reviews and the help of our water treatment expert panel, we meticulously select only the best filtration options so you don’t have to spend time guessing.

Best Well Water Sediment Filter

  • Best Overall: Rusco Spin Down Sediment Separator Learn More
  • Runner Up: Waterdrop Whole House Spin Down Sediment Filter System Learn More
  • Best Value: Frizzlife JX800 Spin Down Sediment Water Filter Learn More
  • Best Filter Life: SoftPro Spin-Down Sediment Separator Filter Learn More
  • Best Budget: Culligan WH-S200 Whole-House Sediment Water Filtration System Learn More
  • Best Touch Screen: iSpring WSP50ARB Spin Down Sediment Water Filter Learn More
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Sediment Water Filter Reviews For 2023

Rusco Spin Down Sediment Filter
Best Overall Sediment Water Filter

Although it’s ideal for heavy well water contaminants, the Rusco ensures that you’ll have the perfect pre-filtered water from any source. The high flow rate of up to 25 GPM allows it to filter out large chunks of deteriorating wells without sacrificing water pressure.

Rusco filters provide superior protection against bacteria with their unique design, tailored specifically toward any individual’s needs. With an auto flush valve system, it’s easy to keep your separator clean and running smoothly.

The Rusco Spin Down Separator comes with a 1-inch 100-micron mesh sediment screen filter by Vu-Flow, which is perfect for trapping large sediment particles and debris. It also comes with a transparent cover for easy cleaning, so you can always keep an eye on its performance. 

The T-design provides excellent flexibility, allowing you to customize the system to connect with any pipe easily. Plus, the compact size makes it perfect for even the tightest spaces. The Rusco Spin Down Separator is backed by Rusco’s great reputation for quality and durability, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Best for heavy well water contaminantsHigh quality 100 micron filter screen
  • Designed for whole-house water treatment
  • 25 gpm flow rate
  • Designed with an auto flush valve system
  • Does not come with an installation kit
 Waterdrop Spin Down Sediment Filter
Runner Up Sediment Water Filter

The Waterdrop Spin Down Sediment Filter has a stainless-steel mesh with a pore size of 40 microns, which prevents corrosion and traps big particles like sand and rust while also preventing them from passing through.

The sediment filter prevents your pipe from corroding and extends the life of your household appliances by removing silt from the water. With a 20 GPM flow rate, it also helps to improve the efficiency of the system without lowering your home’s water pressure.

It comes with an automatic flush, making it a zero-maintenance water filter. You have the ability to define certain automatic flushing interval periods, which will save you time and effort. In addition, you have the option to immediately flush the system at the touch of a button. 

The Waterdrop is made from the highest quality food-grade materials, making it eco-friendly and better for drinking water. Additionally, the reinforced housing is tested to 400 psi to withstand cracks and dents. Install is simplified since the system includes a comprehensive kit with everything you need – and it comes with a one year warranty!

  • High 20 gpm flow rate
  • Automatic backwashing technology
  • Easy installation and comprehensive install kit included
  • Tested and constructed for high durability
  • Recommended to use teflon tape with installation
Frizzlife JX800 Spin Down Sediment Water Filter
Best Value Sediment Water Filter

Looking for a powerful and reliable sediment water filter for your home? This top-of-the-line system filter is designed to remove sediments, mud, turbidity, dirt, and sand from your water supply, making it safer and more pleasant to drink. The precision-engineered 40-micron pore-sized stainless steel mesh filter is incredibly effective at capturing 99% of the large particulates in your well water or city water.

Every preset number of days, the pre-filtration device will immediately remove the sediments that have become stuck on the mesh filter, backwash the filtering system, and then clear out the contaminants in under fifteen seconds. 

With a peak flow rate of 20 gpd, the Frizzlife filter is made from top-grade molecular material for exceptional strength and durability. Each housing system is tested to be crack-proof and leakage-free, so you do not have to worry about the product degrading with time. On top of that, the brass fittings of the water filter system are all lead-free, ensuring that your water is safe to drink.

This comprehensive whole house system comes with everything you need for quick and easy installation, including a loaded filter and pre-assembled flush fitting. Plus, it’s designed to be used with any 3/4 “ or 1” fitting, making it a breeze to set up.

  • Captures 99% of the large particulates
  • Hands-off automated flush system
  • Easy install and pre-assembled system
  • High 20 gpm flow rate
  • Slightly more expensive than some options
SoftPro Spin-Down Sediment Separator Filter
Best Filter Life Sediment Filter

If you’re looking for a reliable and economical way to remove sediment and particulate matter from your water supply, the SoftPro Spin-Down Sediment Separator Filter is one of the best sediment filter options. This filter features a unique head design that creates centrifugal force to effectively separate solids from the water, allowing for cleaner, clearer water. 

Additionally, the filter is made from high-quality materials for long-lasting use, and it’s easy to install and operate. SoftPro filters are manufactured from NSF-listed, FDA-grade materials, so you can be sure they’re safe for your family to use.

With a high performance 25 gpm flow rate, this versatile filter is perfect for all types of residential properties and even RVs. The great thing about this filter is that you don’t need to replace the entire cartridge. Instead, just clean out your reusable 60 micron polyester screens when they get clogged up with sediment. 

Installation and maintenance are hassle free. Flush out the sediment by opening the red ball valve when necessary or simply letting it run while you do other things around the house, saving you time.

  • High flow rate of 25 – 90 gpm depending on model
  • No need for costly replacement filters
  • NSF certified
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Screens can get dirty quickly if you have heavily contaminated water
Culligan WH-S200 Whole-House Sediment Water Filtration System
Best Budget Sediment Water Filter

With the Culligan whole house system you can make sure your family has a clean, fresh water supply while reducing dirt, sand, and silt buildup in plumbing lines and appliances.

 Focusing on ease and efficiency, the Culligan features a valve-in head bypass shut off that makes cartridge changes a simple task with its built filter life timer. Because the system is a cartridge filter based system, you will be able to use the best micron rated filter for your specific needs.  

The Culligan Whole-House Sediment Water Filtration System is also one of few sediment filters that has been tested and certified to NSF standards. The stainless-steel reinforced valves and premium components ensure this sediment filter will last for the long run.

It comes with two options, either ¾ inch valves, or a heavy duty option with 1 inch valves. Depending which model you choose, the flow rates of 4 or 8 gpm are designed to remove sediment from your water without restricting the overall water flow rate of your home. 

When purchasing the system, it comes with a housing wrench, mounting bracket, and filter life monitor. Because it’s easy to install and requires very little maintenance, simply change the filters periodically and you’re good to go!

  • Cartridge based system so you can select the best micron rated filter for your needs  
  • High quality stainless steel valves
  • Includes filter life timer
  • NSF certified
  • lower flow rate than some alternative sediment filters
  • Installation can be difficult for some people
iSpring WSP50ARB Spin Down Sediment Water Filter
Best Budget Sediment Water Filter

The iSpring spin-down sediment filter is designed to take considerable workload off the filters and appliances that follow it so you can have healthier water flowing through your house, while reducing expensive replacement and repair costs. 

With a 50-micron rating, the iSpring removes large particles of dirt, sediment, and rust from your water supply before they go through the rest of your pipes. The best part is you won’t have to worry about a drop in water pressure since it has a max flow rate of 25 gpm.  

The iSpring spin-down sediment filter can also be utilized for the treatment of any type of municipal or well water.  Simply clean the filter cartridge once a year and let the automatic system take care of the rest. 

This unit features an integrated Auto Flushing Module that automatically flushes on a preset schedule. With its HD touch screen, you can easily adjust the flushing frequency and flush runtime. 

The iSpring is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions. It works with copper, PEX, and PVC pipes so no welding or glue are required. Plus, the sturdy lead free brass machine head of the iSpring WSP50ARB means it will last for years to come.  And it is backed with a full 1 year manufacturer warranty. 

  • Max water flow rate of 25 GPM
  • Effective 50 micron filtration
  • Unique digital touchscreen display and diagnostic module
  • Built with high quality lead free components 
  • Slightly more expensive than some options

Well Water Sediment Filter Buyer’s Guide: Key Factors

When searching for the right sediment water filter, there are critical factors to consider so you find the right solution. Each filter option has its own unique attributes that will allow it to work best under certain conditions [2].

Sediment Water Filter_Types Of Sediment Filters

How Do Sediment Water Filters Work? 

Sediment water filters work by removing large particles from water, such as sand, grit, and dirt. These filters are designed to remove fine particles and other debris from your water so it can flow freely through your pipes without clogging them up. Importantly, a sediment filter for well water will remove harmful debris before water enters your whole house water filter so they perform optimally and last their full lifecycle without costly repairs. Sediment filters come in different styles, including:

Spindown Sediment Filter

Spindown sediment filters are an effective way to remove large and small particles from water. The filter works by spinning the water to create a centrifugal force. This force pushes the sediment to the sides of the filter, where it can be trapped and removed. The clean water is then collected in the center of the filter and can be used for drinking or cooking.

Cartridge Sediment Filter

When water flows through a cartridge sediment filter, dirt and other particles are caught in the filter media. Depending on the type of filter and the amount of sediment in the water, the filters will need to be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis. The frequency of replacement or cleaning will depend on the sediment load, the amount of water flowing through the filter, and the size of the filter.

Pleated Filters

Pleated sediment filters are made of thin layered sheets of polyester, cotton, or other filter media creased into pleats so the surface area is increased and they can hold larger amounts of sediment debris.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Sediment Filter?

Water Source

Well water can contain sediment, sand, silt, and pieces of degraded well material, so using a sediment filter is especially important. Using a pre-filter will protect your other water filters and appliances so they last much longer. City water may be cleaner than city water, but it can still contain sediment and large debris that can impact your home’s water quality.

Micron Rating

The micron rating of the sediment filter indicates how much sediment it can remove in one pass through the filter. The smaller the micron rating number, the more effective the filter will be at removing sediment from your water source. Sediment filters generally range from 1 micron to 50 micron.

For example, with a 1 micron water filter what kind of sediment will be removed? This will be able to remove the smallest dirt, debris, and silt from your home’s water supply. Particles that are smaller than 35 microns cannot be seen without a microscope. Filters with micron ratings over 35 microns are best used for large debris.

Filter Life

Some sediment filters may be able to be cleaned and reused so they last many years. Additionally, the smaller the micron rating, the more contaminants the filter will catch. So if you have very contaminated well water, you will have to replace the filter more frequently. The manufacturer will provide information on how long their product lasts before needing replacement.

Your Water Pressure

Most homes have a water pressure between 40 and 60 PSI. If your home’s water pressure is outside of this range, you may need to purchase a sediment filter that can accommodate your needs. You can check your home’s water pressure by attaching a pressure gauge to an outdoor spigot. Once you have your reading, simply consult a sediment filter sizing chart to find the right model for your home

FAQs For Sediment Water Filter

What micron sediment filter should I use?

Look for a lower number rating micron sediment filter. Smaller microns between 1 and 35 are ideal for small particles. If you want to focus on larger debris, anything above 40 will work well. If your water source has large sediments, then a higher micron rating with steel mesh filter is ideal.

Should I get a spindown sediment filter or a fine micron cartridge sediment filter?

Consider the size of the particulates you’re trying to remove. Spindown filters are designed to remove larger particulates, while fine micron filters can remove particulates as small as one micron. Spindown filters can handle a higher flow so if you have a high-flow system, they are a better choice.

How frequently do I need to change my sediment filter?

Depending on the quality of your water and how often you use your water treatment system, you may need to change your sediment filter anywhere from every three months to once a year.

If you live in an area with high levels of sediment in the water, or if you have well water, you will need to change your filter more frequently. You can tell it’s time to change the filter when it becomes clogged and the flow of water decreases.

How do I replace a sediment filter?

Locate the sediment filter and turn off the water unit. Next, remove the old filter and dispose of it properly. Be sure to also clean out any sediment that may have accumulated in the housing unit. Once the housing unit is clean, insert the new filter and turn on the water.

Allow the unit to run for a few minutes to clear any air from the line and test the water to ensure that it is now being filtered properly. Most sediment filter systems come with an instruction manual to help in the filter replacement process.

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