Best Dough Sheeter Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Many culinary baked goods, staple breakfast favorites and crowd-pleasers are only as delicious as the ingredients from which they’re made. One of the key ingredients that make pizzas, croissants, cakes, and breads such amazing foundations for so many foods is the dough. Making dough for a perfect crust, or dough to rise to its highest heights is baking science at its best. Once the dough is perfected, it needs to be processed. Not unlike using a manual rolling pin, which makes it difficult for perfect thickness and edges, many homes and industrial bakeries and bread factories use a dough sheeter.

What is the best dough sheeter in 2023? Based on our extensive research, we’ve determined that the Somerset CDR-2000 Double Pass Dough Sheeter has everything a home baker or commercial kitchen is looking for to produce the best dough-based products. The Somerset has a compact design and can produce up to 600 pieces of dough per hour. Using non-stick rollers and a unique double pass system, this dough sheeter can tackle almost any dough project, and guarantees uniform thickness. The unique motorized or manual operating functions offer a variety of speeds, which enhances efficiency and performance, and cuts back on wasted product. The solid construction and built in safety sensors make this dough sheeter popular for small businesses and commercial kitchens!

We’ve researched and discovered the seven top-rated dough sheeters, as well as one to avoid.

Best Dough Sheeter

Best Dough Sheeter Reviews, Plus 1 to Avoid

1.  Somerset CDR-2000 20″ Double Pass Dough Sheeter

Best Somerset Dough Sheeter Review

For perfect pizza, pastries, or even dog treats, the Somerset CDR-2000 Double Pass Dough Sheeter is touted for its workhorse performance.  The model was specificly designed by Somerset to be their most advanced and versitile machine.

Constructed with solid stainless steel and weighing in at 210 pounds and standing 24 x 28 x 28 inches on 4 inch legs.  This dough roller uses a 3/4 HP motor and 2o” metalic or synthetic rollers, and is capable of rolling a perfect 24” round pizza crust, and 500-600 pieces of dough per hour.

The Somerset dough sheeter has a large capacity of 11 lbs of dough.  The dough feeds through a large front-loading hopper to press through the double adjustable rollers.  The preset roller makes this model ideal for bakeries or restaurants.  For small projects, a unique feature of this sheeter is that it also has a manual roller crank. The Somerset sheeter also features built-in safety shut-off, spring-loaded scrapers, and is UL, NSF and USDA certified.

To watch the Somerset CDR 2000 Double Pass review on YouTube, click here.


  • Double pass dough rolling
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Built in safety features


  • Higher cost than smaller models

2.  OMCAN 42154 Stainless Steel Countertop Dough Sheeter Review

OMCAN 42154 Dough Sheeter_Best Dough Sheeter Reviews

The OMCAN 42154 Countertop Dough Sheeter is known for its wide-ranging versatility.  No matter what the type of dough, the OMCAN has you covered.  And when you are done, simply fold the table conveyor belts up for easy storage.

Weighing in at 275 pounds and standing 35” x 107.5” x 25.6” in the full working position, it uses a 3/4 HP motor and 20.5” roller size. The OMCAN dough sheeter has a large capacity of 11 lbs of dough. We also found the safety features like safety guards, emergency stop switch, and thermal overload device to be nice touches.

The preset roller thickness control and foldable tables for space-saving storage make the OMCAN ideal for bakeries, restaurants, and hotels.

The durable stainless steel construction and one-year warranty ensure the OMCAN dough sheeter will last you for the long run.


  • Foldable tables for space saving
  • Stainless steel construction
  • One year warranty


  • Higher relative cost
  • Metallic rollers

3. Pastaline Dough Fondant Sheeter Review 

Pastaline Dough Fondant Sheeter Review

The Italians know a thing or two about pasty. For superior quality creations, the Pastaline Dough Fondant Sheeter boasts “laser-precision” fondant production every time. Hand-crank allows for control and ease-of-use from thickness ranging between 0 mm to 12 mm. For truly flawless fondant, chocolate modelling, short crust, sugar and gum paste and excellent blended food coloring, this sheeter doesn’t disappoint.

Extra wide 24″ feed and a 1/2″ roller allow for large-batch quantity production. The wide length allows you to crank out everything from large cake coverings to pasta for the whole family.  This countertop fondant assistant is a mere 42 pounds and only fills a space of 19 x 35 x 9 inches. Easy to transport and store, and featuring 2 table clamps for uninterrupted production. The Pastaline Dough Fondant Sheeter even comes with a love-it-or-return-it 30 money-back guarantee.

To watch the Pastaline Dough Fondant Sheeter Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Superior quality guaranteed
  • 30 day try-it / return-it
  • Excellent customer support


  • Directions only in Italian
  • No mm markings / guessing the thickness of the product

4. Chef Prosentials 110 Volt Electric Dough Sheeter Review 

Chef Prosentials 110 Volt Electric Dough Sheeter Review

This electric dough sheeter is perfect for application in any commercial setting. Specifically, italian food restaurants creating pizza or pasta, or hotel kitchens that create a range of items that utilize dough as a key ingredient, will find this dough sheeter particularly fitting. The Chef Prosentials 110 Volt Electric Dough Sheeter excels in the creation of dough fit for pasta, dumpling, pizza or bakery buns. As long the dough that’s being utilized consists of a water to flour ratio of 1:2 this electric dough sheeter will perform well.

The Chef Prosentials 110 Volt Electric Dough Sheeter can be used with a vertical entrance, horizontal entrance or single roller. Entry points include 12”, 15”, 18” tilt or vertical varieties, which are great for crafting an exact pizza crust. The hand ball can be adjusted to set the proper thickness of the dough being passed through the dough sheeter.

One of the key components to the construction of the Chef Prosentials 110 is the strength of its motor. Run by a powerful 370W motor, and built with an overload protection device, serving as a regulator to prevent the machine from running too hot, and burning out after a high quantity batch run.

The Chef Prosentials dough sheeter is composed of strong stainless steel and is resistant to retaining moisture, which is important in certain facilities. With rollers made of resin that maintains food-grade standards, which means it’s food safe. Naturally, this is as expected considering the best dough sheeter is used exclusively as a commercial food appliance. The Chef Prosentials 110 Volt Electric Dough Sheeter is manufactured to a high degree of quality. The company ensures care upon delivery and packages the dough sheeter in a strong enforced wooden box.

To watch the Chef Prosentials 110 Volt Electric Dough Sheeter Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Great for creation of pizza, pasta and baked goods
  • Durable 370W motor built with overload protection
  • Manufactured with food-grade standards
  • Shipped with durable packaging


  • Not ideal for home usage
  • May be less suited for creation of baked goods

5. Thunderbird TBD-500 Reversible Dough Sheeter Review 

Thunderbird TBD-500 Reversible Dough Sheeter Review

At a whopping 350 pounds, this standalone dough sheeter can tackle every type of dough. Using a 1 horsepower motor and 220 Volts of power, the Thunderbird TBD-500 Reversible Dough Sheeter is constructed with a unique design. The rollers and scrapers are built into a hub in the middle of the machine. An 83” conveyor belt moving in two directions bookends the dough sheeter, allowing the dough to be moved in reverse after the first pass. After a day of dough sheeting, the two conveyor belts can be folded down for easy storage. For large quantities of dough, Thunderbird is the way to go.

To watch the Thunderbird TBD 500 Reversible Dough Sheeter Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Exact dough thickness
  • Easy storage
  • Reversible


  • Not ideal for home usage
  • Cost
  • No warranty information

6. VEVOR Commercial Dough Roller Sheeter 370W Review

Pastaline Dough Fondant Sheeter Review

Another tabletop powerhouse, the VEVOR Commercial Dough Roller Sheeter has many unique features. Wide access feed and a CE certification allows VEVOR to brag that its dough sheeter can produce 250 sheeted pizza dough pieces per hour! 2 adjustable rollers allow for many dough thickness options. Constructed of durable food-grade stainless steel, with non-slip rubber feet, all premium transparent non-toxic plastic safety coverings and high-quality synthetic rollers. An adapted all-copper motor and plenty of vents on the machine to prevent overheating. Red and green stop and start buttons feature for added safety.

The 82 pound VEVOR looks great on the kitchen counter or in the commercial kitchen, and it’s compact 19.5″ x19.3″x 25″ doesn’t just produce perfect pizza dough. Expect tortillas, pita breads, flatbreads and pie crusts to surprise and delight too!

To watch the VEVOR Commercial Dough Roller Sheeter 370W Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Well built and durable
  • Extra safety features
  • small machine – high output


  • Cost around $750
  • Hard to replace damaged parts through customer support
  • Roller issues new out-of-the-box

7. Pastaline Fondant and Dough Sheeter Machine MINI Review

Pastaline Fondant and Dough Sheeter_Best Dough Sheeter

For perfect cakes and baked goods; chocolate and marzipan modeling and short crust (rich and crumbly) pastry the Pastaline Fondant and Dough Sheeter Mini has a reputation of being one of the best manual crank dough sheeters for all things sweet. The Pastaline Machine uses an 11 inch roller and a thickness range 0-12mm to help create masterpieces. Weighing in at 22 pounds, this dough sheeter rests on a tabletop and flawlessly draws dough into thin, perfectly even sheets after just a few passes.

In comparison, an average sheet of paper is 0.1mm. For commercial or home use, the Pastaline Sfogliafacile Mini is an easy-to-clean machine, and the dough scrapes and springs can be easily removed for general cleaning and light maintenance.  The compact size makes this the best dough sheeter for intricate, ultra-thin designs.

Pastaline has a reputation for high-quality products.  Having been in business for over 20 year, they offer a 30 day full money back guarantee on their dough sheeters. The Pastaline is also NSF certified to comply with a high standard of performance.

To watch the Pastaline Dough Sheeter Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Easy to operate
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Cleaning this dough sheeter is a breeze


  • Limited dough functionality
  • Not for larger production/quantity

Avoid: Dshot Automatic Pizza Dough Roller Sheeter Machine Review 

Dshot Automatic Pizza Dough Roller Sheeter Machine Review

This countertop dough sheeter seems to do it all. Also capable of 250 pizza dough pieces per hour, the Dshot can tackle much, much more. Noodles, 6-16 inch pizza doughs, steam buns, bread, dumplings, pie crusts, tortillas and flatbreads. Slightly larger than its competition, the Dshot Automatic Pizza Dough Roller Sheeter Machine measures 20.9 x 20.9 x 25.6 inches and weighs 125 pounds. For home or commercial kitchen use, the Dshot is constructed of food-grade stainless steel, premium safety plastics and smooth nylon rollers to guarantee a lifetime of dependability. Dshot claims no corrosion and leakage. Although this dough sheeter has many claims, finding one to purchase online is next to impossible as is locating and contacting the manufacturer for product information.

To watch the Dshot Automatic Pizza Dough Roller Sheeter Machine Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Well built and durable
  • Manufacturer backed for a lifetime
  • No corrosion or leakage


  • Currently not available
  • Heavier than most countertop versions
  • Limited access to manufacturer website
  • No warranty information

Best Dough Sheeter Review

2023 Buyers Guide to the Best Dough Sheeter

Dough sheeter machines originated in 1977 in a garage. Built first by a man named Theo Rademaker and established and founded in 1980. The Rademaker company’s goal was to, “deliver different types of bakery equipment and production solutions for bakery’s specific needs.”

Now that we’ve shown you some of the great dough sheeters and their amazing performance capabilities, maybe you’ve found one on the list perfect for your business. If that’s the case, take a look at some important things to consider before handing over your hard-earned cash.

Key Considerations To Choose The Best Dough Sheeter


A dough sheeter is only as good as its production value. Look for a dough sheeter that meets the demands of the business. Small business owners fare better with a durable countertop model to meet daily demands, while commercial kitchens should rely on a dough sheeter that can reliably produce high quantity and high quality creations efficiently and without time constraints. Dough sheeters should sheet the dough to the standard of the product within a few passes. It should be easy to feed with uninterrupted production time.


Dough sheets are the workhorses of production. Before purchasing a dough sheeters, do some research to determine what safety certifications the product has achieved. If the dough sheeter meets electrical (UL), factory testing for quality control and USDA certifications for use in food production kitchens and businesses, odds are the dough sheeter will perform safely and efficiently.


There is no reason to buy a dough sheeter if it doesn’t come with a warranty. Dough sheeters are a significant investment, and that investment should be protected, and last as long as possible. Look for a limited-lifetime warranty and contact the manufacturer prior to purchase. Ask questions about part replacements and cost of shipping. Many dough sheeters are produced outside of the USA. And make sure to contact the manufacturer immediately if the warranty or instructions for the dough sheeter arrive in the native language of the manufacturer’s country of origin.

Availability of Parts and Service

When purchasing some of the larger dough sheeter machines, the ability to get parts and service is critical.  While some brands like Pastaline or OMCAN have had replacement parts redily available, other less popular brands have been out of stock and difficult to find.  Purchasing the best dough sheeter can be an investment.  Make sure to confirm you will be able to service your machine for the long-term.

FAQs On The Best Dough Sheeter

What is a dough sheeter?

The concept of a dough sheeter is relatively simple. Dough sheeters automatically flatten and slice dough to a set thickness. They’re handy baking appliance assistants for commercial, industrial, or home baking. The very best dough sheeters dramatically increase the output of dough to turn into culinary creations such as puff pastries, pie crusts, croissants, cake decoration accents, pizzas, tortillas, flatbreads, and doing so with limited manual input.

With the flip of a switch, or hand crank for some home models, placing a ball of dough into the dough sheeter will produce a consistently smooth and uniform result. Dough sheeters increase efficiency and are more seamless than manual hand creations using a pastry roller or rolling pin. For batch baking or bulk orders needing quick high volume turnover, dough sheeters are incredible time savers! Use-cases vary, and the size and design of the dough sheeter, determine what the specific product output will produce, for an individual bakey, restaurant, pizza shop or commercial kitchen. There are even dough sheeters for home use.

How does a dough sheeter work?

A dough sheeter takes the labor out of manually rolling dough. A ball of dough is fed into a hopper. As the dough ball enters the sheeter, it’s pressed between two rollers. The dough is flattened into a “sheet” at a desired thickness. Any air bubbles or flaws in the dough are removed. And if the dough isn’t to the desired thickness or shows flaws, the brilliance of this appliance is that the dough can be flattened again and again until it’s perfect. This process creates a much more uniform product with a smoother texture.

Final Thoughts on Buying Dough Sheeters

Whether you’re looking for a proper dough sheeter for use in a commercial kitchen or a residential kitchen, there are many options to consider, ranging between countertop and upright versions. Dough sheeters vary based on size, and production use-cases. They’re built to process and flatten dough to certain thicknesses for baked goods, pasta, pizza, dumplings, flatbreads and tortillas. Regardless of the dough sheeters size, when you find the dough sheeter right for production, these machines will exponentially make life easier, as it increases production and output, and creates perfect dough for food production!

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