SodaStream Art Review: The Newest SodaStream Model (2023)

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SodaStream Art Review_Newest SodaStream Model

What is the SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker? We made a SodaStream Art review to see why the newest SodaStream model is quickly becoming a top soda maker contender.  In early 2022 the company that is known for revolutionizing the home sparkling water industry announced its most innovative model yet.  The SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker features an entirely new form factor with a sleek design and manual carbonation lever.  The stainless steel trim on black frame makes the SodaStream Art a suitable addition to any countertop (But it also comes in Red, White, or Blue).  We love the new model because it not only looks aesthetically appealing but the functionality is top tier as well.

The carbonation lever gives users the ability to customize any drink to their liking.  Depending on the amount of carbonation you want, or bubble size, simply push the lever to determine the fizz added.  Traditionally SodaStreams like the Fizzi One Touch use a push-button feature for carbonating water. While that is a great feature, the carbonation lever provides a truly immersive experience.  So if you are looking to compare the SodaStream Art vs Terra or vs the Fizzi, that is an important consideration.  Another difference from the Fizzi is the Art does not require electricity to use, only the co2 cylinder.

SodaStream Art Review_Newest SodaStream Model_SodaStream Art vs Terra

Furthermore, the SodaStream Art brings elegance back to craft cocktail making.  SodaStream teamed up with the 2019 #1 World’s Best Bar and renowned cocktail destination, Dante.  As part of the SodaStream Art launch, the company created a limited edition   Dante’s Mixology Cocktail Kit.  If you really want to up your home cocktail game, the kit comes with all the tools to be a professional mixologist, including a cocktail recipe book, a custom cocktail shaker, and a jigger.  We also suggest the SodaStream Soda Press craft mixer flavors if you want truly decondend drinks.  If you are looking for restaurant-quality cocktails in your own home, look no further.

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The Art bundle comes with SodaStream’s unique “quick connect” co2 cylinder which allows for easy installation of your SodaStream co2 cylinders. The bundle also comes with two BPA-free reusable bottles, and two 40 ml bubly drops flavors.

Overall, the SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker is a beautiful machine that brings the art back to carbonating water and craft cocktails at home.  The best part, you save thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in garbage bins while doing it.

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