14 Best SodaStream Flavors Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Best SodaStream Flavors Reviews

If you like using your favorite SodaStream model to make carbonated drinks, then you’ll love exploring the best SodaStream flavors on the market to make the most creative concoctions at home. The good news is, you’re not limited to traditional soda flavors, although the basics, such as cola, root beer and ginger ale are available.  Or if you want a refreshing craft cocktail mixer or bubly flavors, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve researched and discovered 14 top-rated SodaStream flavors, as well as one that might not be worth trying.

Best SodaStream Flavor

1. Best SodaStream Flavors Kit: Classic Flavors Variety Pack
“Comes with eight of the most popular flavors for the best value.”  
2. Best Bubly Flavors Kit: Bubly Flavor Drops Variety Pack
“Bubly flavor drops six pack of the most popular flavors.”
3. Best Original Flavor: SodaStream Lemon Lime Syrup
“Make your favorite orignal soda flavors fresh at home.”
4. Best Energy Drops: SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Maker
“Make your own energy drinks for a fraction of the price.”
5. Best Practical: SodaStream Soda Mix Dr. Pete
“Comes in a larger 500ml bottles to get a better value.”
6. Best Craft Mixer: SodaStream Soda Press Craft Mixers
“Perfect for making high quality craft cocktails.”
7. Best Berry Bubly:  Bubly Flavor Drops Berry Variety Pack
“A fresh alternative to crisp tasting berry sparkling water.”
8. Best Tonic: SodaStream Diet Tonic Syrup
“The go-to tonic syrup for any use case.”
9. Best Kombucha: SodaStream Organic Passionfruit and Mandarin Kombucha
“Exotic SodaStream flavored kombucha mix that is USDA organic.”
10. Best Orange: SodaStream Orange Soda Flavor
“The best orange soda flavor that isnt overdone with a sugary taste”
11. Best Diet Soda Flavor: SodaStream Diet Soda Variety Pack
“Get your favorite diet sodas and diet cola in one easy pack”
12. Best Tropical Buble: Bubly Flavor Drops Tropical Variety Pack
“A break from the traditional flavors with bubly flavors tropical pack. “
13. Best Zero Calorie: SodaStream Cranberry Raspberry Zero Calorie
“Delicious zero calorie flavor with a light fruity taste.”
14. Best Healthy Choice: SodaStream Strawberry Watermelon Flavor
“Full taste flavor syrup with zero calories and vitamins.”

Reviews Of The Best SodaStream Flavors, Plus 1 to Avoid

1. SodaStream Classic Flavors Variety Pack Review

Best SodaStream Flavors Variety Kit

For those who find it valuable to sample from a variety pack that will offer a treat for the entire family, the SodaStream Classic Flavors Variety Pack offers some of the best SodaStream natural flavor combinations on the market today.

SodaStream is all about cutting down your expenses on soda and seltzer style drinks, as well as keeping your health in check versus traditional soft drinks. And this pack reinforces that sentiment.

This variety bundle serves up eight 14.8 fl ounce (440 ml) syrup bottles, which is enough to give you up to 34 servings each.

For those who are traditional soda drinkers and won’t settle for anything else other than the best cola syrup for SodaStream, this pack brings you three varieties; cola, cherry cola, and diet cola. If you love straight up cola, then the regular cola syrup will be sure to create that normal ‘coke’ taste, but with minimal sugar and calorie content.

To watch the SodaStream Classic Flavors Variety Pack Review on YouTube, click here.


2. SodaStream Bubly Flavor Drops Variety Pack Review

Best SodaStream Flavors Bubly Flavors Drops

We have all heard of Michael Buble, so why not name the soda flavor after him?  The bubly flavors are quickly becoming one of the most popular flavor options for your sparkling water at home.  But which flavor to choose?  They are all so great, it can be hard to make a decision.  That is why the 6 flavor bubly variety pack is a perfect option to try many of the flavors and decide which one you like best.  

Included in the bubly flavor pack are 6 40ml bottles.  Each bottle can make approximately 12 liters of sparkling water drinks, which equates to big savings over store bought sparkling water in the can. The drops are calorie free with no artificial sweeteners added.  Now you can make refreshing drinks at home without the guilt. 

When you purchase this bubly flavor kit you get the most popular bubly flavors.  It comes with strawberry bubly, grapefruit bubly, blackberry bubly, lime bubly, mango bubly, and raspberry bubly. What is remarkable about the bubly flavors is how close they taste the store bought cans.  We found them to taste nearly identical, and in some cases better, because it is made with fresh sparkling water at home.  Additionally, when you buy the bubly flavors, you can mix and match them.  Our favorite combo was strawberry mango! 

If you are looking to try the SodaStream bubly flavors, but can’t decide which one, this variety pack is the best choice.  


3. SodaStream Lemon Lime Syrup Review

Sodastream Lemon Lime Syrup Review

Sprite, 7 Up, and Mountain Dew rank highly on the list of the most commonly consumed soda beverages. If you wish to replicate the same taste in your sparkling water at a friendly price tag and in a more health-friendly version, SodaStream’s Lemon Lime syrup is one of the most popular flavors.

The SodaStream Lemon Lime Syrup now comes in a 14.8 fl ounce bottle capable of giving you up to 36 servings (9 liters) of your favorite beverage.  All you need is a soda maker at home and you can have crisp lemon lime soda at your fingertips.

The new cap in this syrup’s bottle now has three fill lines compared to the single line that the original cap had. This new cap now has an option to measure just the right amount of syrup for 0.5L bottles.  There’s also a Lightly Sweetened line for those who want to give their 1L drink just a light touch, and a ‘sweet’ mark for a regular shot.

To watch the SodaStream Lemon Lime Syrup Review on YouTube, click here.


4. SodaStream Energy Syrup Review

Sodastream Energy Syrup Review

Perfect for giving fizzy beverages a boost of energy, the Sodastream Energy syrup offers a reliable option especially if you are trying to steer away from expensive and highly processed, store-bought energy drinks.

True to its name, this syrup aims at keeping you alert and awake without spending a penny on Red Bull, Full Throttle or Monster among other popular energy drinks.

Besides not having to dash to the store whenever you need a caffeinated shot, SodaStream also offers you a notably healthier dose since it uses fewer sugars and sweeteners.

Even better, the SodaStream Energy Syrup is one of the best SodaStream energy syrups that is less likely to hit you with the subsequent crashes that regular energy drinks often deliver.

The only downside however, is that this syrup is notably pricier than some of other top SodaStream flavors on the market. However, the fact that a 148-fl. Oz bottle makes up to 9 liters of energy drink still makes it worth every dime, relative to store-bought energy cans.

To watch the SodaStream Energy Syrup Review on YouTube, click here.


5. SodaStream Soda Mix Dr. Pete Review

Sodastream Soda Mix Dr Pete Review

If you ever wished for a carbonated drink infused with cherry and vanilla taste, Dr. Pete might just create that flavor profile for you.

As a side note, vanilla reigns supreme as one of most people’s favorite flavors. And this is what makes Dr Pete Sodastream Soda mix such a great option if you want to prepare bulk quantities of homemade soda for family gatherings and parties that everyone is sure to enjoy.

The SodaStream Soda Mix Dr Pete is also quite economical considering that it comes in a considerably larger bottle than other flavors (500 ml).

This means that you can get up to 14 liters of soda from a single bottle – which means that unless you have a massive family or you are using your SodaStream to quench the thirst of multiple people at work, for example, this 500 ml bottle could last you quite some time before needing to place another order.

It is also worth mentioning, there is also a diet version of this Dr Pete soda mix.

To watch the SodaStream Soda Mix Dr Pete Review on YouTube, click here.


6.  SodaStream Soda Press Craft Mixers Flavors Variety Pack Review

Best SodaStream Flavors Soda Press

If you are looking to make classic artisanal drinks with sparkling water at home, look no further.  SodaStream flavor soda press craft mixers are perfect for beverages, cocktails, slushies, and even over ice cream!  The best part, you can make fresh sparkling water drinks at home without the gross ingredients.  Perhaps the best companion for the SodaPress flavors is the new SodaStream Art Sparkling Soda Maker, which was specifically designed to create elegant drinks and cocktails. 

The Press SodaStream flavors are gluten free, vegan, non-gmo, with no caffeine or Stevia.  Because it uses all natural flavoring, they have a very light and refreshing taste.  Unlike many syrup options that have a chemical sweetener aftertaste.  In fact, the soda press mixers use up to 50% less sugar than regular sodas depending on the flavor. 

Included in the Original Variety Pack comes Ginger Ale, Pink Grapefruit, and Old Fashioned Lemonade flavors.   The natural ginger flavor has little bitterness and isn’t overly sweet.  The pink grapefruit has the tart citrus taste with a perfect amount of sweetness to offset it.  A side benefit of the grapefruit SodaStram flavor is it has a bright ruby color to make eye-catching craft cocktails.  Our favorite is the lemonade flavor.  It has an authentic tart lemon taste with a hint of sweetness without the sugar-laden feeling of most modern lemonades.  

The variety pack includes two 16.9oz bottles that are able to each make about 10 drinks.  By using the classic Press SodaStream flavors you’re not only choosing a healthy flavor alternative, but also helping the planet by reducing the unnecessary single use cans.  


7. SodaStream Bubly Flavor Drops Berry Variety Pack Review

Best SodaStream Flavors Bubly Drops

The bubly sparkling water flavors have become an increasingly popular flavor of choice for soda water at home.  Each bubly pack from SodaStream comes with three 40ml bottles that are capable of making 12 liters of bubly sparkling water.  The drops are unsweetened with no calories and sweeteners. All you have to do is add a few drops to your sparkling water! 

This bubly flavor drops variety pack comes with all the berry flavors that are a perfect complement to a crisp drink on a hot summer day.  The flavors include Strawberry Bubly, Blackberry Bubly, Cherry Bubly.  After opening the bubly flavor bottles, be sure to refrigerate them.

The great thing about these flavors is how close they match to the store bought version of bubly sparkling water in the can.  The flavors taste the same as the cans and there is no aftertaste like with some SodaStream alternative flavors. Now you can create natural fizzy flavored drinks without the calories. 


If you want to get away from traditional soda flavors and have some fun with a great taste, the bubly berry variety pack is the best SodaStream flavor option!

8. SodaStream Diet Tonic Syrup Review

Best SodaStream Tonic Flavor Review

Are you fond of holding cocktail parties and wish to get flavor syrup that you can use in just about any kind of drink? SodaStream Diet Tonic Syrup, combined with the seltzer fizz from your SodaStream, could be all you need, and for good reason.

Historically used by British soldiers for its anti-malarial effects, tonic syrup today gives cocktails an easier upgrade by creating a signature taste that makes them perfect to quench your thirst amidst the summer’s hot temps.

A 440 ml bottle gives you enough syrup to create 7-9 liters of tonic beverage, or about 36 drinks. The good news, however, is that you are in total control of the amount of tonic that goes into each drink. And this means that you can get a perfect flavor shot each time.  The diet tonic syrup contains no aspartame so you won’t get that chemical sugar aftertaste.  And because of the natural ingredients, the syrup contains less sugar and sweeteners than other leading store-bought drinks.

To watch the SodaStream Tonic Syrup Review on YouTube, click here


9. SodaStream Organic Passionfruit & Mandarin Kombucha Flavor Mix Review

Best SodaStream Flavors Kombucha

Kombucha has grown in popularity, and up until now it has been difficult to make fresh Kombucha drinks quickly at home.  SodaStream has come up with a solution.  One of the newer SodaStream flavor options by popular demand is the Kombucha concentrate.  Although they do make an original flavored kombucha, our favorite by far was the Passionfruit and Mandarin flavor mix. We found the unique combination of tart and sweet tones paired with passionfruit  and mandarin flavoring to be amazing.  

Kombucha is a fermented drink made with natural sugar, tea, bacteria and yeast.  The Kambucha flavors come with some attractive health benefits like USDA organic certification, gluten free, and no added caffeine or Stevia.  The organic Kombucha is brewed in small batches over 45 days.  SodaStream also bottles the Kombucha with a unique cold-filled and probiotic top-up process to ensure the highest quality flavor. 

Each order comes with two SodaStream Kombuchas 16.9oz bottles.  Each bottle is capable of making about 10 drinks.  All you have to do is add the flavored concentrate to sparkling water to instantly have Kombucha at home.  And because it is all natural, it has 50% less sugar than regular sodas! 

For a simple and cost effective Kombucha option, SodaStream has developed a fantastic alternative to homemade or store bought Kombucha.


10. SodaStream Orange Sparkling Water Mix Review

Best SodaStream Flavor Orange

SodaStream Orange Sparkling Water Mix is among the most loved and highly rated flavors from SodaStream.

One of the main reasons for this is the unique blend of orange infused flavors which can add a unique twist to any beverage you create with your favorite SodaStream model.

One thing that you’ll really love about this syrup is the perfect balance between tart and sweet. While this manufacturer did not indicate the amount of each component, you’ll notice that they did a great job of making sure that the syrup isn’t overly sweet or bitterly sour.  Unlike many modern orange soda options, this SodaStream flavor actually tastes like crisp orange soda.

According to the ingredient list, this syrup has natural flavors with no aspartame or high fructose corn syrup, and is caffiene free.  The 14.8oz bottle is able to make 36 servings of fresh orange flavored sparkling water.


11. SodaStream Diet Cola Fountain Sparkling Drink Mix Variety Pack Review

Sodastream Diet Fountain Sparkling Drink Mix Variety Pack Review

This pack of four syrup bottles is one that most diet soda lovers will swear by. This pack brings diet versions of Cola, Dr. Pepper, Orange, and Root Beer. The SodaStream Diet Fountain Sparkling Drink Mix Variety Pack will definitely suit you if you enjoy soda, but prefer less sugar and fewer sweeteners.

You may find the Diet Cola in this variety pack to be a little bit closer to the regular cola than the naturally sweetened version, so this should not be a drawback.  We all know cola lovers have their allegiance to specific brands and tastes, which is why it may be worth exploring some of the other best cola flavor syrups on the market.

If you’ve tried out regular Dr. Pete and found it to taste a little bit like Dr. Pepper, this diet version might surprise you. It is notably lighter – and a bit more citrus flavored – than some of the flavor options for your SodaStream.

To watch the SodaStream Diet Fountain Sparkling Drink Mix Variety Pack Review on YouTube, click here.


12. SodaStream Bubly Flavor Drops Tropical Variety Pack Review

Best SodaStream Flavors Bubly Flavor Drops

Another offering from the popular bubly flavor line is the Bubly Tropical Thrill Flavor Drops 3 pack.  This flavor combination is perhaps our favorite bubly flavor option.  The taste of the Mango Bubly, Grapefruit Bubly, and Lime Bubly exceeded our expectations.  We appreciate how they are true to their flavors and taste like real tropical fruit, rather than a sugary drink.  Unlike the canned bubbly version, with the tropical variety pack, you can create delicious combinations like mango grapefruit – maybe even add  a twist of lime! 

The best part about the bubly flavors, they have zero calories, zero sweeteners, and no caffeine.  Now you can make fresh sparkling water drinks at home without the negative side effects.  Like the other bubly flavors on this list, we were amazed at how closely the flavors taste just like the store bought cans. The added benefit, however, is you dont need to keep 24 cans taking up refrigerator space.  The kit comes with three 40ml bottles that are capable of flavoring 12 liters of sparkling water drinks each.   


13. Cranberry Raspberry SodaStream Flavor Syrup Zero Calorie Review

Best SodaStream Flavors

Yet another highly recommendable option in our list of the best SodaStream flavor reviews, the zero calorie syrup has a special place for people who love sparkling water beverages with cranbery raspberry flavor.

Its very light flavor also makes it a good choice for people who simply want a change of pace from ordinary water, but not the excess sweetness that ordinary soda is known for.

On the same note, we should mention here that this Sparkling Gourmet Syrup by SodaStream is caffeine-free. Thus, you should feel comfortable getting it if you don’t want something that will make your heart race.

Similar to other flavors, this syrup comes in a 14.8 fl. Oz bottle and offers 36 servings/9 liters of flavored fizzy beverage.

To watch the Sparkling Gourmet Syrup by SodaStream Review on YouTube, click here.


14. Strawberry Watermelon SodaStream Flavor Syrup Zero Calorie Review

Best SodaStream Flavors

Our last recommendation here isn’t the least in any way whatsoever. In fact, ask us the best SodaStream unsweetened flavor, and the zero calorie will always come up first.  One of the main reasons why people love SodaStream flavors is that they provide more beverage at less cost – and with less waste – allowing folks to binge on ‘soda’, or seltzer water and with fewer calories overall.

With so many add-on flavor options, SodaStream offers endless combinations, such as the case with the Waters Zeros flavor line. And if you are concerned with increased calorie intake, but you still want to kick some taste in your beverages, then Waters Zeros Sparkling Water Mix might be what you are looking for.

Featuring watermelon and strawberries in soda form, the SodaStream Waters Zeros Sparkling Water Mix contains zero calories thereby becoming a top recommendation for soda drinkers on a weight loss regimen.

Similar to the syrup above, Waters Zero is quite light. In one hand, this means that you’ll be going through a bottle a bit faster, if you have sweeter taste buds. On the other hand, it makes it easier to control the number of artificial ingredients that go into your carbonated beverage leading to improved health.

To watch the SodaStream Waters Zeros Sparkling Water Mix Review on YouTube, click here.


Avoid: SodaStream Ginger Ale Fountain Style Review

Sodastream Ginger Ale Fountain Style Review

As this list proves, SodaStream offers endless options when it comes to giving your sparkling water a boost in terms of taste. However, there still exist a few flavors that we would recommend you to steer clear from, that is if you’ve not tried them yet.

The SodaStream Ginger Ale Fountain Style is the worst SodaStream flavor on the market.

Firstly, we find it quite misleading for this seller to market this flavor as naturally sweetened syrup, whereas it uses Stevia to do so.  Granted, some folks consider Stevia a healthier option, but it is still not a completely natural beverage addition.

Secondly, this ginger ale flavor does not use real ginger in its making, which would be a health boost. Lastly, its price, relative to some of the other’s on this list, is a bit higher and off the mark.

To watch the SodaStream Ginger Ale Fountain Style Review on YouTube, click here.


Best SodaStream Flavors

2023 Buyers Guide to the Best SodaStream Flavors

SodaStream flavors now offer a whole new way of staying hydrated without being tied to regular tap water, seltzer, or carbonated soft drinks. The very first step that you need to take when joining the homemade fizzy drink revolution is to identify the flavor that tickles your taste buds. If you are a health fanatic, you’ll also need to scour the available options and dissect their labels to ensure that you get ‘good-for-you’ flavor versions. Here are three main points that could make choosing the right SodaStream flavor, or SodaStream syrup alternative, even easier.

3 Main Points to Consider

  • Type of Flavor: With the August 2018 acquisition of SodaStream by PepsiCo for $3.2 billion, the SodaStream offerings will likely continue to increase.If you’ve just bought a SodaStream and aren’t sure which flavor to try first, it’s easy and cost effective enough to buy a few flavors and sample them. There are many flavors including traditional sodas such as cola, cherry cola, diet cola, ginger ale and root beer. And there are other popular flavors like tonics, teas, lemonades, fruits and more. For those who have a big heart for energy drinks and would like to make a batch at home, there is an irresistible energy drink category for you as well.Of course, it will take some time for you to try all the available options on the market. But that’s the fun part!
  • Ingredients: We all react differently to various flavors and sweeteners. Importantly, if you are a health nut, you’ll need to dig around and understand the style and ingredients in the flavors that you are eyeing to ensure that they are in line with your health needs upfront.For instance, if you are of the opinion that splenda will affect your weight loss regimen negatively, then a good idea might be to stick to Sodastream’s new line of ‘naturals.’ These flavors use 100% sucrose free and do not contain corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.Every syrup in SodaStream’s categories comes in at least two versions that differ not only in color, but also in the general taste.For instance, if you are a fan of cola, or cherry cola, you have a multitude of sensational flavors to choose from. If you are torn in between Coke and Pepsi, you’ll be able to mix the do-it-yourself cola flavor to the perfect balance point.That being said, they might interest soda lovers who enjoy fizzy beverages with normal soda taste, but low on artificial sugars. If you are more calorie-conscious, diet cola flavoring might be what you want. This version has the regular cola profile, but just enough sweetness.
  • Caffeine Content: The fact that SodaStream has so many flavors to choose from means that you can get certain flavors for specific moments and needs. For instance, if you want something that can fuel you up and keep you rehydrated both at the gym and on the trails, SodaStream has functional syrups just for that.For the record, the energy drinks category is packed with high-caffeine mixes to help you keep alert and manage drowsiness. The best part, in terms of SodaStream flavoring, is that these drinks come in different flavors ranging from mango to cranberry and strawberry, along with that energy boost. Coffee-binging isn’t the only way to caffeinate your system after all!If you are looking for less of an edge, there are flavorings that can cater to these desires too. The fruity sodas such as the pineapple grapefruit, for instance, are not only sweet but they also create a refreshing treat taste that is reminiscent of a snow cone.

FAQs On SodaStream Flavors

Are all SodaStream syrups healthy?

The question of whether or not SodaStream is a healthier option to regular soda has sparked a highly heated debate over the years.

There are numerous studies that blame normal soda for the increased rate of obesity and other ailments including heart and kidney diseases, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and asthma. However, most of these claims stem from the caloric level in these beverages, which are typically higher than what you get from a can of SodaStream syrup.

Precisely, a 20 Oz can of Coca-Cola adds 240 calories and about 17 teaspoons of sugar into your body. On the other hand, an 8-ounce serving of Streamsoda’s cola has around 35 ounces of calories and 8 grams of sugar. These values make the latter seemingly friendlier, right?

However, regardless of how you look at it, remember that you are ingesting (often sugary) sparkling water at the end of the day.

Final Thoughts on Buying One of the Best SodaStream Flavors

SodaStream is great to own especially in this era where we are all trending toward healthier beverage and reducing pollution from bottled and canned beverages. Creating beverages at home with your favorite SodaStream model, combined with a flavor enhancer, not only minimizes the number of plastic bottles going to the landfills, but it also cuts on the number of calories and sugar that you consume, when compared to store bought drinks. With a near endless supply of additional flavors, you can create a near endless supply of flavor combos for the whole family. We hope our SodaStream flavor reviews have served you well!

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