7 Best SodaStream Model Reviews: Make Perfect Sparkling Water At Home (2023 Guide)

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Best SodaStream Model Review:Make Sparkling Water At Home

In 2023, it’s become a popular option to select the best SodaStream model in order to make sparkling waters, seltzers, sodas, or bubbly cocktails at home, as well as to cut back on the amount of packaging waste from store-bought drinks. Home soda machines have been on the market for some time now, featuring both sparkling water makers and soda siphons designed for dispensing carbonated water in order to mix into a fizzy water beverage (or three).  The best SodaStream for you is just a click away!

Over the years there have been several iterations of SodaStream models and it can be quite a task to sort through all the options to find the right fit for your home or office needs. If you’re looking to compare Sodastream models, we’ve done that for you.  Keep scrolling down to check the individual best SodaStream model reviews and a Buyer’s Guide and FAQ at the end.

We’ve researched and determined the seven top-rated SodaStream models, as well as four unavailable models that are rare to find on the market, which you may want to avoid.  Here are the top SodaStream sparkling water makers.

Best SodaStream Model

Best SodaStream Model Reviews, Plus 4 to Avoid

1. SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker Review

Sodastream One Touch Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit Review

The Fizzi One Touch by SodaStream is one of the newer models in 2023 and represents the convergence of utility with aesthetic appeal in this automatic sparkling water maker.  Make fresh sparkling water at home with the simple touch of a button.  Select from one of three carbonation options and your water will turn into sparkling water in no time.

Unlike some of the more ‘eco-friendly’ SodaStream versions on the market, such as the Fizzi Classic, Art, Terra, Source or Jet, the One Touch is conveniently electric powered. Nonetheless, it is compatible with all SodaStream flavors and SodaStream reusable bottles, which are BPA free, making them more environmentally friendly and fewer overall bottles that end up in the recycling bin.  

When purchasing the Fizzi One Touch you get the sparkling water maker, one co2 cylinder, and one reusable bottle.  However, the better value might be the starter kit, where you get two CO2 cylinders, three bottles, and two Bubly flavor drops for a few dollars more.  We also like the variety of colors available to fit any decor, including: black, white, misty blue, and red.

The co2 cylinder load process is a breeze as well. The snap-bottle lock process of producing carbonated water quickly is also very straightforward. Importantly, it also comes with a two year warranty.  All in all, we found this to be the perfect mix of functionality at a great price.

To watch the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here.


2. SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker Review

Best SodaStream Model: SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker Revie

The SodaStream Art is the newest premium model to be introduced and comes with SodaStream’s sleekest retro design yet.  Turn your drinks into a work of art.  This model brings creativity to what fresh sparkling water ought to be.  Similar to the One Touch Fizzi, the Art makes sparkling water at the touch of a button and is also compatible with the patented dishwasher safe bottles.  

After your refreshing sparkling water is created, you can drink it as is, or choose from a variety of different flavors ranging from natural fruit flavored spritzers, to cola, and even kombucha (our favorite is passion fruit & mandarin).  Importantly, however, only add flavorings after the sparkling water is carbonated, then lightly shake the flavor in the water to mix it in. 

The engineering is also unlike other soda makers. The Art has a unique carbonating lever that allows flexibility for the user to decide the amount of carbonation for their drink of choice depending on how many times you pull the lever. The Premium stainless steel trimmings and multiple color variations make this model appealing to the eye, allowing it to be a soda maker that can be on display without looking like clutter.  Check out how to use the Art in this video.

Like many of the SodaStream kits, it is worth considering the Art Sparkling Water Bundle which includes the sparkling water maker, two 60 liter c02 cylinders, one twin pack of bottles, and two Bubly flavor drops for only a few dollars more.  The bundles offer great value over buying the items individually.

Of course, if you really want to get the most premium and elegant sparkling soda maker, SodaStream has come out with the limited edition X Dante Art model.  The SodaStream Art X Dante Art comes with an exclusive mixology package curated by the world’s number one bar in 2019. 

To watch the SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here.



3. Sodastream Terra Sparkling Water Maker Review

Best SodaStream Model: SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker Review

The new SodaStream Terra is the updated slim sparkling water machine version of its predecessor, the Fizzi. With a focus on convenience, the Terra was designed for easy operation straight out of the box.  The starter kit includes the sparkling water maker, a patented quick connect CO2 cylinder, and a 1 liter fuse bottle.  Simply remove the back panel of the machine and lock in the CO2 cylinder, now the Terra is ready to create fresh sparkling water.  Each cylinder is able to make up to 60 liters of carbonated sparkling water.   

For those that like more or less carbonation compared to store bought seltzer, the Terra allows for a tailored experience.  The push button on top of the Terra allows the user to carbonate the drink to the desired amount – three presses being a typical drink, with five presses being the suggested max. 

Similar to many other SodaStream sparkling water makers, the Terra is cordless and requires no batteries.  It is also worth noting that this model specifically requires the SodaStream quick connect CO2 cylinder, which may mean you won’t be able to use third party CO2 tanks. That said, we prefer the quick connect feature as it makes changing out CO2 cylinders a breeze.  

Overall, the Terra is a terrific upgrade from its predecessor.  It creates great sparkling water, is simple to use, and has a slim design so it doesn’t take up too much space; all at a reasonable price point. 

To watch the SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here.



4. Sodastream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Maker Review

Best SodaStream Model: SodaStream Aqua Review

The SodaStream Aqua Fizz is unique in that it is the only model in the SodaStram family to use glass carbonated bottles.  This also means it uses the easy insert bottle connection, rather than the typical snap lock found with the plastic bottles.  Once the bottle is locked, simply press the button on top of the machine until the carbonation level is to your liking.  Additionally, the Aqua Fizz does not require any batteries or electricity, making this the most eco friendly SodaStream model in our view.  

The glass carafes are designed to be amongst the most elegant soda maker bottles in the world, and are sure to spice up any event. Unfortunately the Aqua only comes in black, so it lacks the different colors of many other SodaStream models, but the silver metal cup and black combination is a very aesthetically appealing combination. Additionally, the way it opens and closes with the glass bottles is unique but also simple to use.  

This kit conveniently includes the sparkling water maker, two 60 liter CO2 cylinders, and two glass carafes.  Notably, the glass carafes are .65 liters compared to the standard SodaStream bottles that are 1 liter.  If you are looking for a premium soda maker that is different from the cookie cutter models, the SodaStream Aqua Fizz might be the best option.     

To watch the SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here. 



5. Sodastream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Review

SodaStream Jet Sparkling Soda Maker_Best SodaStream Model

The Jet is a basic, yet wildly popular SodaStream model. It’s simple design makes it cost-effective and a good entry level machine for first-time soda maker buyers.

The SodaStream Jet is compact and lightweight, which gives you the versatility to set it up on the countertop, or take it with you on the go.

Setting up the Jet is straightforward enough, but does require a bit more technique than some of the other models. Specifically, it is missing an auto locking feature for the carbonating SodaStream bottles, which most newer options have. This video provides a simple tutorial showing you how to use the SodaStream Jet and set it up without creating much of a mess.

Once it’s set up, in order to create sparkling water, all that’s required is manually pressing a single button to your desired carbonation level. The ‘buzz’ sound – which is somewhat outdated since the creation of newer SodaStreams that produce a ‘puff’ sound – is similar to the Crystal model and will let you know that it’s working.

And because it is effectively a manual operated soda maker, it does not require electricity or batteries, which means it’s an eco-friendly choice, compared to the electricity supplied SodaStream Power, for example.

The full kit comes with the same useful components as most of the other top options, as it includes: the maker, a mini co2 cylinder, a reusable 1 liter carbonating bottle, as well as a rebate for the larger 60 liters Co2 carbonator.

Please note: there was a SodaStream Fountain Jet, once on the market, which is unavailable in 2023.

To watch the Sodastream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here.



6. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Review

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Soda Maker_Best SodaStream Model

Although the SodaStream Fizzi is a couple years old now, we decided to leave it on our list this year because it is one of the best SodaStream models on the market, primarily if you buy it as a complete bundle. This is because of the components, which includes: two 60 liters CO2 carbonators, three 1 liter carbonating SodaStream bottles and two Fruit Drops 40 ml flavor syrups.

The 60 liters carbonators are only available as an add-on with a rebate in the kits of the Jet, Power, SodaStream Source and Crystal models, or can be purchased individually. This aspect alone delivers an upfront value to the bundle that is unmatched by most of the other SodaStream kit options.

The total cost of the bundle is also less than some of the other leading SodaStream kit options and the Fizzi gives you more of what you really need: more co2 cylinder for carbonating water and more carbonating bottles to do it with, plus the flavors to get creative when you’re crafting your sparkling water or soda beverage.

The soda maker itself is easy to use and pleasing to look at as a countertop appliance. In fact, because it is lightweight and doesn’t require any batteries or outlets, it’s environmentally friendly, and can travel with you, if you choose to take it on the go.

What’s more – this version of the SodaStream has improved upon the ‘buzz’ sound, which is present with the Jet and Crystal versions. The Fizzi offers more of a ‘puff’ sound, when carbonating the water. This might not seem like much of a difference, but when in a SodaStream comparison side-by-side, it’s clear that the Fizzi produces a more desirable sound-effect.

Push down on the ‘fizz button’ and you’ll get as little or as much carbonation in your sparkling water, as you wish. It doesn’t get any more straightforward, yet appealing in terms of ease of use and aesthetics. This is a tried and true SodaStream option for 2023.

To watch the SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle Review on YouTube, click here.



7. SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Review

SodaStream Source Sparkling Soda Maker_Best SodaStream Model

SodaStream Source is a super popular model that’s been a mainstay of the brand’s offerings. If you’re just getting into making carbonated drinks at home, or on the go, the starter kit is the way to go. It includes the Source Sparkling Water Maker machine, which is lightweight and portable enough to pack with you on a vacation or even a camping trip, as it does not require electricity or even batteries to power it.

The SodaStream Source also is one of the only models with a LED indicator, which monitors how much carbonation is produced with each manual pump. This turns out to be a helpful feature. If you choose this model, this video will guide you through how to use your SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker.

Additionally, the SodaStream Source kit includes: a 1 liter carbonating SodaStream bottle, plus a co2 cylinder, which will make sparkling water in quantities of up to 9 liters. It’s compatible with the 60 liters carbonator and there is an additional mail in rebate for this, as well.

To watch the SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here.


SodaStream Models to Avoid

Here are SodaStream models that are either discontinued or difficult to find, and would also be hard to service and find replacement parts for those reasons.  We recommend approaching them with caution, although if you’re able to find the them on the market, it may be a great value – which seems like a rarity these days.

Avoid: SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker Review

SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker_Best SodaStream Model

The SodaStream Crystal model was an excellent option due to its eco-friendly nature, as well as its ability to carbonate water to high quality standards.  However, those attributes are now passed on to the newer Aqua Fizz model.

This manual pump machine does not require electricity or batteries. It features an easy to use press-carbonation-button, instead of a cumbersome lever. It will make a ‘buzz’ sound to indicate the carbonation level you’re producing to make sparkling water, soda, or even an energy drink (depending upon which flavor mixes are added after the carbonated water is produced). This video is very helpful to show you how to set up your Crystal.

A great feature included in the Crystal starter kit, in addition to the standard mini co2 cylinder, is the glass carafe to mix and serve. The carafe – which can also be purchased separately – is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly, compared to plastic bottles alternatives.

To watch the SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here.



Avoid: Sodastream Play Soda Maker Review

Sodastream Play Soda Maker Starter Kit Review

While we really like the Play, it is an older model, making it a difficult machine to find and service at this point. The SodaStream Play Soda Maker Starter Kit is compatible with both 60 liters and 130 liter CO2 cylinders, which is not the case with all other SodaStream models. A carbonator is included in the kit.

Additionally, the starter kit features several sample flavors, which is an aspect of the kit that most other models don’t offer. This is a convenient benefit, because you’ll likely be thrilled to start sampling different fizzy water beverage creations, but without the SodaStream flavors, or SodaStream flavor alternatives, you’ll end up with basic carbonated water.

The Play features an easy to use setup, yet one point of differentiation is that the carbonator is loaded at the base, with the machine on its back. Most of the other SodaStream options remain upright while the carbonator is loaded from the upright position. The manual pump action is similar to other popular, ‘no electricity or battery required’ options. This video provides simple guidance on how to use the SodaStream Play.

To watch the Sodastream Play Soda Maker Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here.



AvoidSodastream Penguin Review

Sodastream Penguin Starter Kit Review

The Penguin by SodaStream is a unique looking soda maker that is harder to find on the market today. And yet, it’s also a practical and eco-friendly sparkling water solution.

This video demonstrates that it’s rather easy to use in terms of set up and to get started. Utilizing a manual pump, by pushing down on the lever piece (which resembles a penguin’s beak), you’re able to generate the carbonation to the level you wish. This means it operates without batteries or electricity.  Additionally included in the kit, similar to the Crystal, is a glass carafe. This is more environmentally friendly than the plastic bottles version, and is also dishwasher safe.

With these perks, the downsides are that it is a bit clunkier than some of the other SodaStream options and the sounds it produces as it’s carbonating is one you’ll either enjoy or be annoyed by.

To watch the Sodastream Penguin Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here.



Avoid: Sodastream Genesis Starter Kit Review

Sodastream Genesis Starter Kit Review

The SodaStream Genesis, also known as SodaStream Red, is an older model that was a popular version in its day.  Unfortunately, it has been discontinued and is no longer being produced. But it is sometimes available in used or refurbished on Amazon.

As with many of the current SodaStream options, this one came available in a kit, which featured some value-adds that are not as common in more modern kits. For example, it came standard with a 60 liter carbonator, as compared to the rebate for the after market purchase of one, which is the norm in 2023. This of course means you won’t have to run to Walmart or Target to fill it up as often.

It was an eco-friendly model that didn’t require battery power or electricity to operate, instead utilizing a manual push to determine the level of carbonation in the water. What’s more, when you screw the bottle in and activate the carbonation, the system was not known to move or shake, making it smooth and quiet to operate.

The carbonating bottles were built to last up to three years and featured hermetically sealed caps, which means fizzy water drinks stayed sparkling for longer. One negative aspect of this model is that you would have to screw in the carbonator manually, without tools, although this left gaps for gas to escape, resulting in an overall more fizzily beverage.

To watch the Sodastream Genesis Starter Kit Review on YouTube, click here.


2023 Buyers Guide to the Best SodaStream Model

How often do you browse the beverage aisle wishing there was a more unique sparkling water flavor or carbonated beverage to suit your individual taste buds? Each of the popular SodaStream models are fantastic for crafting your own flavors of fizzy water drinks, at a reduced cost. You can use yours to create cola, sparkling fruit juices, seltzer water, cocktails and even energy drinks, when you mix in your favorite SodaStream syrup or SodaStream syrup alternative.

Before you can get into customizing your drink, you first need to settle on the right SodaStream model to bring into your home or office space. In order to do that, it’s important to be aware of the different types of SodaStream models, as well as to note the differences between each type of home based beverage dispensing machine, which includes the best soda makers (and SodaStream alternatives), sparkling water makers and soda siphons.

Different Types of Home Based Beverage Dispensing Machines

If you are looking to start making drinks at home, you have to ask yourself what you’re planning on concocting. Will it be mostly sodas? Sparkling waters and carbonated fizzy water drinks? Each machine is capable of doing essentially the same thing, but each type specializes in one main area. Let’s dive deep in the different makers you need to distinguish between:

Soda Makers vs Sparkling Water Makers vs Soda Siphons

Soda makers focus on creating soda and soft drinks at home, as the name would indicate.  SodaStream was one of the first manufacturers to market these types of appliances. There are now several SodaStream alternatives designed to offer a solution for everyone.

Soda maker appliances are akin to a countertop appliance than a ‘to-go’ product. The key differentiator is if they are either plugged into a wall socket or pumped manually. From there, carbon dioxide is added to the water from a pressurized cylinder, or carbonator, built in to the machine, typically releasing into carbonating bottles, 0.5 or 1 liter at a time. This ultimately creates carbonated, or sparkling water, which then becomes flavored to taste using branded SodaStream flavors. Popularly, these are soda flavors that mirror popular cola or lemon lime brands.

Sparkling water makers effectively work in the same way.  A key difference is the way these machines are marketed to the growing demand for healthier beverage options. More people are serving healthier drinks, in place of soft drinks.  Folks have become more aware of the empty calories and adverse effects of sweeteners like high fructose corn syrups. However, it’s simply too desirable to trade off the fizzy taste profile of a soft drink. This is why sparkling water makers have become a sought after appliance. And it may be a key reason why nearly all of the SodaStream models on the market are labeled as a ‘Sparkling Water Maker’.

Soda siphons, or siphon seltzer bottles, are another popular choice in terms of carbonated home based beverage dispensers. These types are a more popular option for mixed drinks or cocktails in a bar setting, but can also be used at home bar or for regular use in creating seltzer style or sparkling water beverages that are free of alcohol.

The siphon is designed to maintain carbonation within the bottle, while dispensing a fizzy drink using CO2 chargers. Siphons also have fewer parts and are more lightweight and portable where as a soda maker appliance uses a carbon dioxide container that is placed inside the machine to carbonate the water. The siphons use a replaceable co2 cylinder on a piece that is attached to the bottle. While most manufacturers of soda makers do produce CO2 refills, you have to make sure to get one that is compatible with the brand you choose.

Soda siphons are usually perceived as slightly more cost-effective upfront than soda makers such a SodaStream. However, they often will not come ready to produce as many fizzy beverages as traditional soda makers for as long.

As you can see, there are several different kinds of soda makers and machines on the market, each designed with a slightly different purpose in mind. Most SodaStream models compared in this review fall under the category of soda machines and sparkling water makers.

Now that you have more insight into the types of home based dispensing machines, it’s time to key in on your favorite model from the top-rated brand on the market, which of course is SodaStream. So if you’re ready to become an environmental warrior (SodaStream runs recycling programs and uses recyclable products), get healthier (there’s less sugar in SodaStream mixes than store-bought fizzy drinks), and introduce your family or your office kitchen to a practically infinite amount of fizzy flavor combinations, a home beverage model from SodaStream may just provide the solution you’re looking for.

Why buy SodaStream?

SodaStream has been the leader in creating carbonated beverages at home for over 100 years.  That’s a lot of experience!  Although there are several competitors these days, SodaStream is consistently innovating and providing new soda maker models, flavors, and bottles.  Not only that but SodaStream has proven to have the most responsive global customer support.  If you have any issues or questions, SodaStream support will quickly help to answer or resolve the problem.  Lastly, SodaStream provides a healthier alternative to traditional sodas.  And who doesn’t want a fun, healthier experience, that they can create in the comfort of their own home!

Which SodaStream Model Fits Your Needs?

Over the years, SodaStream has introduced several models to the market. With PepsiCo’s acquisition of SodaStream for $3.2 billion dollars in August 2018, there’s increased attention on home-based beverage dispensing systems. After some time, each of these sparkling water makers has either been a big hit or is currently unavailable for various reasons. After extensive research on the chronology of their product line, the data is still a bit diluted.

Starting with the current state of the market in 2023, the most popular options still available for purchase today, include:

  • Fizzi One Touch
  • Art
  • Terra
  • Aqua Fizz
  • Jet
  • Fizzi
  • Source

The unavailable or difficult to acquire SodaStream models include:

  • Dynamo
  • Penguin
  • Genesis
  • Pure
  • Crystal
  • Play

The main commonality between each option is that they all have received predominantly positive feedback from fans and critics alike. Each of the main models can be used along with the branded SodaStream CO2 carbonator and SodaStream 1 liter or 0.5 liter carbonating bottles or SodaStream Glass Carafe. Often these can be purchased together as a starter kit, or individually in parts or as refills.

Best SodaStream Model Infographic

Key Considerations When Choosing A SodaStream Machine

Does SodaStream Use Electricity?

This is a question that came up repeatedly during our research. Providing an answer is beneficial, since it seems that most SodaStream models are labeled as not requiring electricity or batteries to operate and this perplexes many people.

So does SodaStream use electricity, or batteries; and if not, how does it work without these power supplies? and what is the difference between electrical or manual?

Some models, such as the SodaStream One Touch or Power, do use a plug to power up. This make the process automated and convenient. However, almost all other SodaStream options require a manual pump action, pressing a button repeatedly or pushing against a level of sorts. To most people, this is super easy to use and not an issue at all. However, many people opt for convenience and electric powered appliances, even if they are slightly more expensive or less environmentally friendly.

In-Stock vs Unavailable

This is one of the key factors when considering which SodaStream to buy, simply because when you begin researching, you’ll find nearly a dozen options of active and also unavailable models. It’s imperative to distinguish which of them are currently available on the market and which are essentially discontinued or hard to find. If you’re just starting out with your first purchase of a soda maker or sparkling water maker, it’s advisable to aim for a more recent model so that the parts and add ons are readily available.

Manual vs Automatic Carbonation

Most SodaStream options are labeled as eco-friendly. One main reason for this is because the majority of their sparkling water makers are carbonated through a manual pumping process. Some are one finger, whereas others require a bit more force. Compare this to options like the Power and One Touch, which rely on electricity to run the appliance. It really comes down to your level of convenience. But it’s important to know what you’re getting with whichever option you choose. It would be disappointing to expect a soda maker that works at the click of a button, but actually requires you to manually push for the carbonation.

Starter Kit Components

Nearly every sparkling water maker by SodaStream comes with an option to buy an entire starter kit. This is usually an excellent value when compared to having to buy each component separately. However, pay attention to what each kit offers. Specifically, if you opt for an older version of one of the SodaStreams, it seems the kit typically included a larger volume carbonator and sometime even sample flavor packs. It really depends from one to the next.

Price Point

The price point and range of prices in the SodaStream lineup is typically within the $50-$300. The price points between the kits is actually quite close; typically within $50 or so. If you end up buying just the sparkling water maker, without the starter kit, you likely won’t end up with the carbonator, and sometimes not a carbonating bottle either. It might be the best option for you to purchase just the appliance if you’re looking for an upgrade from an older model and already have the necessary SodaStream components in order to make a new one work straight away. If you’re just starting out, however, the starter kit really does offer the best value as an entry level home based beverage dispensing system.

CO2 Cylinder Connector Type – Quick Connect vs Original

In recent SodaStream models, the company has incorporated a “quick connect” feature. Admittedly, this is a great feature to make swapping out the CO2 tank much easier and quicker. However, the negative is that it renders third-party Co2 tanks incompatible with those SodaStream models (The SodaStream Art and SodaStream Terra).  The difference is the new quick connect essentially “locks” in vs the original C02 cylinders screwed in.  SodaStream does offer a very convenient Co2 exchange program, so overall we think the quick connect is a net positive.

Bottle Material

There are two kinds of bottle materials, glass and plastic.  It is important to ensure that the plastic bottles are BPA free.  All the SodaStream models in this review that use plastic bottles are BPA free.  It goes without saying, but bottles should be reusable and dishwasher safe.  All of which the models in this review are.

FAQs On SodaStream Machines

Does SodaStream Have A Warranty?

If available, a beneficial option to consider is a warranty for whichever of the SodaStream models you select. Although the brand is known for high quality manufacturing, it can be a wise long-term investment and insurance to purchase a warranty, if it’s an option. Once you have investigated if it’s available, along with how it may impact your budget, you will be ready to make a purchase that you can be confident will last for years ahead.

How Long Do CO2 Cylinders Last?

SodaStream suggests that a 60 liter CO2 cylinder will be enough to carbonate approximately 60 liters of water. Of course, it depends how often you are using your SodaStrem and how much carbonation you use per drink.  If you use less carbonation, your CO2 cylinder is likely to last longer than that. For example, if you are using your SodaStream once a day, a 60 liter tank should last you approximately 60 days.  Most of the models in our recommendation list come with a 60 liter Co2 tank.

How Do I Fill My Soda Maker’s CO2 cylinder?

There are a few ways to refill your SodaStream CO2 cylinder.  Perhaps the most convenient is the SodaStream exchange service where you are able to send them your empty cylinders in exchange for a full one and it gets delivered right to your door!  This service is great for both the regular CO2 cylinders, but also the Quick Connect CO2 cylinder.

The second method to refill your CO2 cylinder is in person.  If you live by a SodaStream store, you will be able to refill your existing cylinder there.  Be sure to take good care of you cylinders for both mail and in person exchanges so you are not charged any extra fees!

The third option is to order cylinders or refills from 3rd parties.  Many retailers offer to sell the cylinders themselves and refills.  If you decide to go with a third party we would caution two things: make sure the grade of CO2 is beverage grade, and that the cylinder’s connector is compatible with your soda maker.

Can I Use A Different Company’s CO2 Cylinder With My Soda Maker?

Some SodaStreams models are compatible with third party CO2 cylinders and can be purchased from a variety of retailers like Walmart or Target.  SodaStream models like the Terra and Art use the Quick Connect CO2 cylinders and would not be compatible  with third party options.  Be especially carful when using third party equipment as there have been reports of damaging the soda making machines.

How Do You know If  The Soda Maker CO2 Cylinder Is Empty?

If you are using a 60 liter CO2 bottle daily, you should start checking it around 2 months.  One way to see if your cylinder is getting empty is by simply to feel its weight compared to another.  If it’s getting light, it may be time to think about filling it up soon. The second way to know if your cylinder is empty is if it’s no longer producing carbonation for your drinks.  Not exactly what you want in the middle of making drinks!  Thats why we recommend having a spare cylinder at your disposal.

Can You Re-carbonate A Drink That Has Gone Flat With A Soda Maker?

Yes, you can re-carbonate drinks that have gone flat, but it depends if it is water or another liquid.  If it is only water, it will be okay.  If it’s another liquid or already has flavoring added to it, ensure your soda maker is capable of doing that.  There are many soda makers are not able to carbonate liquids other than water, and they require you to add the flavorings only after the drink is carbonated.

Are SodaStreams Worth It?

Yes!  From a money standpoint, the average cost of making a bottle of sparkling water at home is about .40 cents (when you include the C02 and cost of buying an approximate $100 soda water machine).  Compare that to approximately a dollar or more to buy a bottle or can at the store. It is not really close.  But most importantly, you save a tremendous amount of waste by using a soda maker at home.  According to SodaStream, by 2025, users of SodaStreams will save up to 67 billion single-use plastic bottles from our planet!

What Is The Difference Between the Different Models Of SodaStream?

There are few subtle differences between the different SodaStream models.  The primary difference is does it use electricity or is it solely powered by co2?  The SodaStream Fizzi One Touch is the only model to use electricity, while the other models are powered by co2.  One other difference is the co2 tank itself.  Some of the new models like the SodaStream Terra or the SodaStream Art use the patented Quick Connect co2 cylinder, which is nice from an operational perspective but makes replacing the cylinders a little more difficult than traditional cylinders. The last difference between SodaStream models worth noting is what the bottles are made out of.  The Aqua Fizz model is the only model to use actual glass bottles, as opposed to BPA Free plastic bottles all other models use.

What Is The Newest SodaStream Model?

The newest SodaStream Model is the SodaStream Art.  For those wondering, what is the SodaStream Art?  Released in early 2023, The Art’s revolutionary design is appealing to the eye, and is capable of creating fantastic sparkling water drinks at home, but also craft cocktails with SodaStream’s craft cocktail mixers.  It is quickly becoming SodaStream’s most popular model due to its wide-ranging functionality.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Sodastream Model

Choosing the best SodaStream model of 2023 for your needs can be daunting.  There have been many iterations over the years, with several still available for sale today. Checking out reviews and ratings, and deciding on a budget, will help pick the right model for you.  Our quick summary on our top three picks:

The SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker is our top choice for the convience factor and ability to create fresh soda water at home with the touch of a button.

The SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker is our second choice do to its exceptional design and ability to make artisanal drinks.

The SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker is the best value due to its sleek design that enables you to bring it on the go without need for electricity.

Don’t forget to consider why you want a soda maker and what you are going to use it for.  Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be creating fizzy beverages for your family or coworkers for years to come. Your wallet, your waistline, and the environment will thank you!

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