SpringWell Salt Based Water Softener System Review (SS) (Updated 2023)

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SpringWell Salt Based Water Softener System Review

If you’re one of the many people suffering from hard water around the house, you already know the common problems: dry skin, frizzy hair, scale buildup, and costly damage to appliances. 

For this SpringWell Water Softener review, I installed one of the systems and sent a before and after water sample to a certified lab to see if it could treat some of the hardest water I have seen. I’ll also share its key features and how you can choose the correct sized system for your home.

Overall, I rated the system based on performance, price, maintenance, NSF certifications, and warranty. Let’s dive in!

SpringWell Salt Based Water Softener Best Overall

Completely eliminates hard water minerals
Guaranteed no drop in water pressure
Made with NSF certified components
Lifetime warranty and 6-month guarantee

How Does SpringWell Salt-based Water Softener Work?

The SpringWell Salt-based Water Softener System uses a process called ion exchange to remove the minerals (calcium and magnesium) that cause hard water. During this process, the positively charged ions of the minerals are exchanged for the negatively charged ions of the salt. This process is repeated over and over again until the minerals are removed from the water.

The system has a brine tank that stores the salt and a mineral tank that contains the media resin. The water passes through the media tank, where the minerals are removed. The treated water then goes into the brine tank, where the salt removes the minerals.

SpringWell SS Salt Based Water Softener Diagram

The tank is filled with resin that is washed in the sodium solution. The salt brine tank, which holds the sodium solution, is drawn from a pool of water known as the reservoir. The system regenerates depending on the hardness of your water and how much you use it, so it cleans the resin beads of hardness and resets them with sodium.

Lab Test Results

We took a water sample before installing the SpringWell SS Water Softener, and another sample after the installation was complete so we could send them to a certified laboratory to be analyzed. This allowed us to get an impartial performance overview from an independent source.

We chose this location (Illinois) to analyze because it has some of the hardest water in the United States. The before sample had a total hardness of 354.7 mg/l, which is classified as “extremely hard”. It also had 0.67 mg/l of iron present. The after water sample showed that the total hardness was reduced by 92.5% to only 26.46 mg/l. The iron was also completely removed by 100%.

For context, “hard” water is 75 mg/l of total hardness. So 354 mg/l is right up there with the hardest water you will see. The ability to reduce hardness by 92.5% from those elevated levels is very impressive. See the full lab test results below. Note that this test was with a well water source, but the Springwell is ideal for both city and well water.

SpringWell Water Softener Lab Test Results:

Performance Overview

The SpringWell Water Softener is a top-of-the-line water softener system that is perfect for those who have hard water problems. It is one of few systems that use NSF-certified components so it will last for 15 to 20 years if it’s well maintained. Best of all, it comes in 3 different configurations so you can get a tailored fit solution for your home.

  • SS1: The SS1 salt-based water softener is ideal for use in bathrooms with 1-3 people. The 9″ x 57″ tank provides ample space for the 32K grain capacity. The service flow rate of 11 GPM provides plenty of softened water for multiple appliances and showers running simultaneously.
  • SS4: The SS4 is a salt-based water softener that is designed for use in homes with 4-6 bathrooms. The unit features a 10 inches wide tank and a 54 inches tall tank (63 inches with head), and has a flow rate of 13 GPM.
  • SS+: The SS+ is designed for use in homes with seven or more bathrooms. The unit has a 13-inch-wide tank and a 63-inch-tall tank. It has a flow rate of 20 gallons per minute and a backwash rate of 4 gallons per minute.

The benefit of having multiple size configurations is you will get the right softener to remove your water hardness without causing a drop in water pressure! In fact, SpringWell guarantees it. We experienced no change in pressure after installing ours.

System Specifications

SS1: 1 – 3 BathroomsSS4: 4 – 6 BathroomsSS+: 7+ Bathrooms
Softener TypeIon ExchangeIon ExchangeIon Exchange
Tank Width9 Inches10 Inches13 Inches
Tank Height57 Inches63 Inches63 Inches
Flow Rate11 GPM13 GPM20 GPM
Flow DirectionUpflowUpflowUpflow
Connection Size1″1″1″
Pressure25 – 80 PSI25 – 80 PSI25 – 80 PSI
Temperature36 – 120 F36 – 120 F36 – 120 F
Ph Range6.5 – 106.5 – 106.5 – 10
Grain Size32,00048,00080,000
Brine Tank SizeW 18″ x H 33″W 18″ x H 33″W 18″ x H 33″
Backwash Rate4 GPM4 GPM4 GPM

Key Attributes of the SpringWell Water Softener System

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of the system, let’s take a look at some of the key attributes that make the SpringWell Water Softener System a great choice for those who have hard water

SpringWell Whole House Salt Water Softener System_Installation Kit
  • Bluetooth Control Head and App: When it comes to controlling the system, the Bluetooth control head and app make it easy to do so. The app allows you to monitor the system and make changes from your phone, while the control head lets you make changes at the unit itself. 
  • Polypropylene resin tank: The tank is made of polypropylene resin, which is a tough and durable material. Additionally, the tank is designed to resist corrosion, making it a great choice for those who have hard water. 
  • Brine tank: As we mentioned before, the brine tank is 18 inches wide and 33 inches tall, making it large enough to accommodate a family’s needs. And, the tank has a capacity of 200 lbs., so you won’t have to worry about running out of salt. 
  • Installation kit: The system comes with an installation kit that includes everything you need to install the unit. And, the unit is easy to install, so you won’t have to hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Finally, the system comes with a lifetime warranty and 6-month money-back guarantee so you can be sure that it will last for years to come. 

Do You Need A Water Softener?

The SpringWell Water Softener System is designed to remove the minerals that cause hard water, including calcium, magnesium, and iron. Hard water can cause a number of problems in your home, including:

  • Hi Hardness Levels: If you test your water and see it has high hardness levels, the SpringWell is ideal for treating both well water and city water. If you have city water and light lime scale issues, a salt-free conditioner might be a good fit.
  • Dry skin: When it’s used for showering, hard water can strip away the natural oils in your skin, leaving it feeling dry and irritated. Your skin may even become cracked and chapped.
  • Frizzy hair: Hard water can make your hair feel dry and brittle, and it can be difficult to style. And if you have color-treated hair, hard water can cause the color to fade.
  • Stained clothes: Hard water can leave your clothes looking dingy and stained. It can also make them feel stiff and scratchy. Due to the build-up of minerals, hard water can shorten the life of your clothes.
  • Dishes: Have you ever noticed a film on your dishes after they’ve been washed in hard water? That’s because the minerals in hard water can leave a residue on your dishes. And over time, that film can become etched into glass and ceramic.

The SpringWell Water Softener System can take care of all these problems by removing the minerals that cause hard water. In addition, the system is designed to be easy to install and maintain. It comes with a pre-programmed controller that makes it easy to set up, and the system doesn’t require electricity to run.

SpringWell Water Softener Installation

Installing the SpringWell Water Softener System is a relatively easy task that can be completed in a few hours. The system comes with an installation kit that includes everything you need to get the unit up and running.  For more details, see the installation guide here.

Once the unit is installed, you’ll need to add salt to the brine tank. The amount of salt you’ll need will depend on the hardness of your water. Generally, 40lbs will be sufficient to last about 2 months. To maintain the unit, you’ll simply need to add salt to the brine tank as needed. But the system has a low salt alert, so that is not a difficult task!

The total operational cost is about $20 per month. The amount of salt required is on average one 25 lb. bag of salt per month. Because the system is high efficiency, it will save hundreds of pounds of salt per year over legacy downflow water softeners.

SpringWell SS Salt Based Water Softener
Direct Discount Pricing
  • Removes hard water causing minerals
  • Includes installation kit
  • No drop in water pressure
  • Made with NSF certified components
  • Lifetime warranty
  • May need professional install help if not DIY inclined
  • Need to add salt every few weeks
  • May need to regenerate more often if you have very hard water

My Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best efficiency, functionality, and performance at one of the most affordable price points on the market, the SpringWell Water Softener is a great choice. Especially if you have elevated hardness levels, the SpringWell proved it is capable of softening even very hard water based on the testing.

Also, although it works great with both city and well water, it can also help reduce small amounts of iron for well water sources. Compared to a salt free conditioner, I would go with the salt-based model if you either have well water or have very hard water. A salt free conditioner is not effective at treating high hardness levels.

I hope this overview of the SpringWell SS Softener helped make your decision not so “hard”. Contact me with any follow up questions!

FAQs For The SpringWell Water Softener System

Are salt-based water softeners better than salt-free water conditioners?

If you have very hard water, a salt-based water softener will be the better option. Salt-free systems work best for hardness under 50 ppm. Additionally, salt-based softeners will work better with well water than a salt-free system would. But if you live in an area where ion exchange softeners are banned, then a salt free conditioner is your best option.

Does SpringWell Softener System work for private well water?

Yes, this softener system is ideal for private well water sources. Although it also works with city water, well water is notorious for harsh sediment and minerals that the SpringWell softener can remove with its ion exchange process. It can also remove small amounts of iron (less than 1 PPM) so you don’t need another well filtration system.

How long do salt based water softeners last?

The tanks and valves on the water softener have a lifetime warranty and a 6-month money-back guarantee. While the media in the tank can last over 15 years before replacing the media. It is important to protect the media with proper pre-filtration. This is especially true for city water with high chlorine, which can quickly destroy the softener media if you don’t have a catalytic carbon pre-filter.

Do I need a water filter and salt based water softener system?

If your water source has heavy contamination, it is best to pair it with a water filter and softener combo. Salt-based softeners remove hard water minerals and some iron, but they do not treat harmful water contaminants.

Where are SpringWell Water Softeners made?

The SpringWell Water Softener System is made in the United States. The company has a manufacturing facility in Florida and an assembly facility in Ohio. 

What is the Springwell water softener price?

Depending on which model you need, the price for the water softener system can start as low as $1,400. Don’t for get that Freshnss users get an exclusive 5% off with code FRESH5 too!

Why Trust Freshnss?

Ricky is the founder of Freshnss and specializes in water filtration products. For this review, he worked with our water review board of experts and with our network of industry professionals who offered water softener recommendations and the qualities that make the SpringWell stand out from the competition. He looked into SpringWell’s BBB accreditation and they have no complaints and an “A” rating. Next, he researched today’s best whole house water softener systems, considering dozens of options from various merchants and retailers. He also He rated the SpringWell Water Softener based on softening performance, water flow rate, NSF certification, warranty, and overall value.

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