Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

The market is full of different refrigerator styles these days. Some users prefer modern variants, while others prefer the classic ones. Sure, both of them have something unique to offer, but traditional refrigerators have been gaining a lot of steam lately. Top freezers, in particular, are high in demand these days. Sure, French door models and bottom freezers are excellent options, but top-mounted freezers are narrower, which makes them ideal for small kitchens. Despite not being as wide as other models, these refrigerators are quite spacious and can store a decent amount of food without any worries.

Are you looking for a similar refrigerator for your kitchen or as a backup in your garage? Choosing these appliances is not easy, especially for people who are new to them. However, in this article, we will provide you with a list of the seven high quality refrigerators with freezers on top, that you can choose from and one that you should avoid.

Which is the best top freezer refrigerator to buy in 2022? Our top pick is the Frigidaire 30-inch top-standing refrigerator. Its robust build and excellent storage capacity are a couple of reasons why it stands out from other appliances. It also has numerous kitchen-friendly features that allow users to prepare food and store it easily.

So without further ado, let us discuss some of the highest quality top freezer refrigerators of 2022. We’ve researched and discovered seven top-rated top freezer refrigerators, as well as one you may want to avoid.

Reviews of the 7 Best Top-Freezer Refrigerators, Plus 1 to Avoid

1. Frigidaire FFTR2022TS 30 Inch Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator Review 

Frigidaire FFTR2021TS 30 Inch Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

Frigidaire has been a prominent name in the refrigeration landscape. It is a subsidiary of a Swedish home appliance company called Electrolux. The brand has been providing people with excellent freezer refrigerator models since 1918. As each year passes, Frigidaire incorporates new technologies into its products while also maintaining the unique elements that made their freezers famous initially. The Frigidaire Top Freezer FFTR2022TS model is excellent proof of that.

Its sleek stainless steel build will leave you in awe. You can install it anywhere, and it will add a touch of class to the area. Cooking enthusiasts will love this top freezer because of its convenient features and overall aesthetic. Its narrow build ensures that you can install it in various locations like close to your counters or your sink. The device also provides efficient temperature-control features. All you have to do is swivel it’s easy-to-handle knob, and you will be good to go.

The fridge also has an icemaker, which makes it convenient for you to prepare fresh drinks and cold delicacies. Plus, it replaces LED lighting with incandescent lighting, so it doesn’t consume too much electricity. If you are looking to upgrade your household appliances, grab this product first as its demand is relatively high. It will fulfill several of your kitchen related needs.

To watch the Frigidaire FFTR2022TS 30 Inch Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Incandescent lighting
  • Comes with a dairy bin and a deli drawer
  • Reversible door
  • Optional ice maker
  • Two glass shelves


  • Excellent freezer capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Sleek design
  • Excellent for kitchens
  • Does not require frequent maintenance
  • User-friendly features


  • Slightly heavy


2. Equator-Ascoli 10.5 cu.ft.Top Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Review 

Equator-Ascoli 10.5 cu.ft.Top Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Review

Choosing a top freezer refrigerator for a high traffic kitchen can be a challenging task. You must make sure that the appliance you choose is sturdy and can withstand rough use. Fortunately, Equator-Ascoli 10.5 cu.ft. has just the top refrigerator for you. The brand is famous for its durable devices, and this model proves that Equator’s products are indeed stable. Its stainless steel finish promises longevity and very little maintenance. A monthly check-up is all you will need to prolong this fridge’s life.

The freezer and fridge have ample capacity, allowing you to store meats, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products for an extended period. You can also control the appliance’s temperature, which lets you make adjustments according to the items in your fridge. The product’s door is quite sturdy but does not cause the refrigerator to shake if you shut it down with force, an option that very few top refrigerators have. Plus, this model by Equator-Ascoli is a free-standing one, which means that installing it will not be an issue. All you will need to do is place it in your desired area and plug its wire to an outlet.

Unlike many other fridges these days, this one does not require a battery to operate. Furthermore, it comes with a one year warranty so you can replace the fridge’s faulty parts with ease.

To watch the Equator-Ascoli 10.5 cu.ft.Top Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Glass shelves
  • Does not require batteries
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Sturdy door
  • Stainless steel finish


  • Easy installation
  • Excellent for high-traffic kitchens
  • The fridge can withstand rough use without compromising its functionality
  • Temperature control feature is user-friendly


  • The glass shelves are fragile


3. LG 33-inch Top-Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel Review 

LG 33-inch Top-Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel Review

LG’s top freezers have been a mainstay in the electronic appliance world since 1947. Their recent 33-inch top freezer model has been making a lot of waves. Compared to several other similar products, this one is wider, offering more room to store food. The model’s interior features, in particular, are quite outstanding. From its bright LED lights to its gliding pantry drawer, everything is efficient and makes this fridge an ideal option for kitchen use.

Similar to most high-quality freezers, this one also comes with a stainless steel finish. You’ll be wise to grab LG 33-inch Top-Freezer Refrigerator if you have a lot of people living in your house. It can accommodate several items without letting them go bad. You can even adjust the fridge’s temperature to make sure that fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables last longer.

Considering this model’s large size, it surprisingly doesn’t consume too much energy. It’s a quality that you will notice in most products by LG. However, this one especially stands out because your monthly electricity bills with this model will be shockingly low.

To watch the LG 33-inch Top-Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Clear dairy bin
  • Wide deli drawer
  • Icemaker (factory installed)
  • Excellent freezer and refrigerator capacity
  • Stainless steel finish


  • Ideal for large households
  • Low energy consumption
  • Bright LED lights
  • Temperature control features
  • More massive than conventional top freezers


  • Not easily portable due to the large size and absence of wheels


4. Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator Review 

Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator Review

Are you looking for a spacious fridge that looks great and comes with several compartments for different items? If so, this model by Avanti would be ideal. With an overwhelming range of top refrigerators to choose from, you cannot go wrong with this one. The fridge is spacious but has the perfect build to adjust medium-sized or small places.

While Avanti offers a vast range of refrigerators, you will find it hard to come across a model as good as this one. Since the company’s thirty years of producing these products, this one stands out the most. Why? Well, it offers users a perfect blend of old school and modern features. Avanti RA7316PST interior finish is excellent, and the fridge contains several glass shelves that fit its storage containers with ease. It also comes with several drawers that you can utilize to keep your fruit, vegetables, and dairy products apart.

Few models have doors as good as this one. Opening them doesn’t require much of an effort. Plus, they also have removable shelves that you can use to stash bottles and eggs without much of a hassle. The refrigerator and freezer doors are separate, and both of them are reversible.

To watch the Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Blends old-school and modern top refrigerator technologies
  • Removable shells
  • Superb interior finish
  • Reversible doors for fridge and freezer


  • Compact design
  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple storage containers
  • Can fit in medium and small spaces


  • Interior lights are not as bright as other refrigerators


5. Danby DPF073C1BDB 7.3 Cu Ft Two Door Refrigerator Review 

Danby DPF073C1BDB 7.3 Cu Ft Two Door Refrigerator Review

You can find numerous top-mount refrigerator models these days. If you are looking for a model with modern features and an aesthetically pleasing look, opt for this one by Danby. While this company is not as famous as other ones on the list, its products are just as good. What sets this top refrigerator freezer apart from so many others is its efficient dial thermostat. You can use it to alter the temperature to your liking.

The steel doors of Danby DPF073C1BDB 7.3 Cu Ft are spotless. Therefore, you do not need to worry about fingerprints or dirt accumulating over it after some time. Wipe the dirt off with a clean and dry cloth, and your refrigerator will look as good as new. Also, you will not need to maintain this refrigerator frequently. Get a professional to check it after every 3 to 4 months and fix minimal issues, and you can prolong its life significantly.

Automated defrosting is another excellent feature in this two-door refrigerator. It eliminates the hassle you have to go through to remove the ice after switching off the appliance’s power. The interior lighting is excellent. It activates as soon as you open the door and illuminates everything inside the fridge with ease for convenient vision.

To watch the Danby DPF073C1BDB 7.3 Cu Ft Two Door Refrigerator Review on YouTube, click here.


  • The cooling device comes with a six-inch power cord
  • Reversible doors
  • There is a single wire shelf in the freezer compartment
  • Excellent dial thermostat feature


  • Spotless steel doors
  • Low-maintenance
  • Twelve months in-home warranty
  • Ample storage space
  • Automatic defrosting


  • Could use more compartments


6. Bossin 3.2 Cu Ft Compact Refrigerator 2 Door MIni Fridge Chiller and Freezer Review 

Bossin 3.2 Cu Ft Compact Refrigerator 2 Door MIni Fridge Chiller and Freezer Review

Bossin is a high-profile electrical appliance brand that is quite popular for its range of top-mounted refrigerators. You will love this model if you are looking for a fridge for your apartment, bedroom, office, dorm room, or any other small space. Its stylish two-door design will add a touch of class wherever you place it.

Despite being one of the smaller fridge models in this list, Bossin 3.2 Cu Ft Compact Refrigerator has almost all of the modern functions as the other ones do. Its automatic temperature adjustment feature, in particular, is a standout. You can also adjust the cooling manually. The fridge has three glass shelves. They are easily removable and not as fragile as most shelves that you will come across. There is ample space to organize your drinks and food inside the freezer. You can pull them out easily without worrying about other items falling off.

The refrigerator’s reversible doors offer extra convenience by allowing you to store canned beverages, more food, large bottles, and several other consumables.

To watch the Bossin 3.2 Cu Ft Compact Refrigerator 2 Door MIni Fridge Chiller and Freezer Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Reversible doors
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Temperature adjustment features (automatic and manual)


  • Ideal for smaller areas
  • Visually pleasing design
  • Does not consume too much energy
  • Robust glass shelves


  • The doors can get untidy quickly and require regular cleaning


7. Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer Review 

Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer Review

Mini-fridges with up-to-date features are hard to come by these days. While the market is full of compact refrigerators, very few of them offer the same satisfaction as bigger versions do. Fortunately, Euhomy is doing something about this problem, and its latest mini-fridge model is a perfect example of that. The refrigerator has most of the modern features that you will need, and its quality is excellent as well.

You will find Euhomy Mini Fridge to be ideal for your room or small apartment. Of course, it is not as spacious as more giant refrigerators, but it does the trick for people who are on a budget. Its freezing capacity is as good as other top-quality brands out there. Furthermore, its energy consumption is on the lower side, making it one of the best compact refrigerators in the market. What makes this product stand out is that it is more spacious than your average mini-fridge. It also has door storage, something that you wouldn’t expect from a refrigerator as small as this one.

To watch the Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer Review on YouTube, click here.


  • Free-standing mini-fridge
  • Bright LED lights
  • Humidity controlled drawers
  • Reversible fridge door


  • Energy-efficient
  • Ideal for small kitchens
  • Does not weight much
  • Door shelves


  • Does not have an auto-defrosting feature


Avoid – Whirlpool174 33 Inch Wide Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Optional EZ Connect Icemaker Kit Review 

Whirlpool174 33 Inch Wide Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Optional EZ Connect Icemaker Kit Review

While Whirlpool is an excellent brand for electronic appliances, this Whirlpool174 33 Inch Wide Top-Freezer Refrigerator by the company is arguably one of its worst. A significant reason why you should steer clear from this top refrigerator is its low storage capacity and weight. Kitchen users, in particular, should avoid this model. Sure, the icemaker kit that it offers may seem like an attractive feature, but it may be the only redeeming quality of this product.

Its energy efficiency is not on par with the other refrigerators in this list. Pair that with the frequent repairs that this appliance requires, and you will instantly be looking for better alternatives. Does this mean that this device does not have anything going for it? No, but if you want an excellent refrigerator that offers you great value for money, you need to look at other options.

To watch the Whirlpool174 33 Inch Wide Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Optional EZ Connect Icemaker Kit Review on YouTube, click here.


  • LED lighting
  • Comes with pre-installed icemaker kit
  • Electronic temperature control


  • Visually appealing design
  • Spacious storage compartments


  • Consumes too much electricity
  • Requires regular maintenance


Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

2022Buyers Guide to the Best Top Freezer Refrigerator

Buying a top freezer refrigerator is not as easy as it seems. You must consider several factors to make sure that you have the right product in your hands. Instead of just buying an appliance that looks appealing, think about your specific requirements before you grab your fridge.

3 Main Points to Consider:

  • Durability – There is no denying that top fridges are a hefty investment. It is essential to make sure that they last for an extended period, which is why you must choose a durable product. Go for a device made of pure stainless steel. It is capable of enduring years of rough use without deteriorating in quality. You can even prolong the fridge’s life by doing some maintenance now and then.
  • Energy Consumption – Since fridges operate throughout the day, they tend to consume a lot of electricity. Some models require more electricity in comparison to others. It would be in your best interest to choose an energy-efficient energy star certified top refrigerator. However, you must also make sure that it doesn’t compromise on cooling to make sure that your stored items remain fresh.
  • Size – Size is an important consideration that many users tend to ignore. Choose a top freezer refrigerator according to the space available in your kitchen or other areas of your house. One with a french door design may influence its size and storage capacity. Ensure that it has adequate crisper drawers space, as well. Sure, most of these appliances are narrow and can fit almost anywhere, but there are some bigger models that you may find difficulty in placing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which refrigerator type has the most freezer space?

Freezer space depends on the model you choose. Some bottom refrigerators offer more freezer space, and some top refrigerators are more spacious. Generally, however, top-mounted freezers provide more storage capacity. Some of these freezers even offer one cubic feet more space than the enormous bottom refrigerators that you’ll find in the market.

What is a better option? Top freezer or bottom freezer?

Every freezer type from undercounter freezers, to upright freezers, to fridge and freezer combos, serves a different purpose. What matters, in the end, is what suits you the most. It could be a top freezer, or it could be the bottom variant. That said, most people tend to choose top-mounted freezers because of their slender designs and high storage space. These freezers are also quite convenient for kitchen users as most of them come with modern, user-friendly features.

Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews (2022 Buyers Guide):

Final Thoughts on Buying a Top Freezer Refrigerator

Analyze what you want out of your product before choosing one without any forethought. Read about all the pros and cons of the above-mentioned top-freezer refrigerators before choosing one. More importantly, think about how much space you have in your kitchen and the fridge’s size before buying an appliance. That said, no matter which of these fine products you end up choosing, you will experience much more convenience while preparing your food, be it for freezing ingredients or getting ice for your drinks or dessert.

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